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The girls are back, and this time they're working overtime! Six scenes, nine girls and some brilliant extra features complete a sequel which has been well worth the wait. Packed with amazing moments of real lesbian sex mixed with charm and humour, in the classic style of the VivThomas.

Office romances, sexual harassment in the work-place, managers taking advantage of the young girls, back-scratching interviews, business trips, hotel rooms, closed-door meetings, it's about to kick off! Please note: we cannot ship this title to countries where PAL is the standard video format. If you are not sure what the standard is in your country, please refer to our help section.

Seeker Considerable effort is expended on all VT productions. Frequently the effort is to make the films more dramatically complex, which I dislike profoundly. Here the effort was spent on making this film more erotic and as a consequence certain aspects of the film make it feel effortless and unselfconscious.

However, the film is not perfect. This film demonstrates just how intensely camera-aware and comfortable with each other some of the girls are. Moreover, this is the first VT film in a long time that I have found to be 'explicit' enough in the close up department for my personal taste probably since Our Movie As a consequence there are some delightfully explicit shots which capture superb sucking, slurping and light spanking.

In my opinion the dramatic simplicity of the film is definitely one of the film's strengths. The scenes all have a basic, plausible premise. There is no over-bearing plot driven by character psychology, which VT is now well-known for Butterfly, Unfaithful, etc. It is probably best to describe the plot such as it is as 'fun' or 'tongue in cheek', because characterization is minimal in this film and the scenes are driven solely by scenarios explored at the beginning of each Viv thomas office girls. The scene set-ups are used to convey naughtiness perhaps sauciness?

When Lisa and Vera joust with each other verbally regarding promotion and pay, we Busty asian sex free video clips a flash of each spanking the other with every Viv thomas office girls. Visual staging devices are employed with intelligence to enhance the eroticism, which I always find very appealing. For example, Vera tries on stockings in front of Jo and we hear Jo's internal monologue as her hungry eyes feast on Vera's body.

Given these promising aspects, nevertheless I thought film was in some regards flawed. It is saddening that VT appears to have adopted a trait prevalent in Abbywinters movies: the constant switching between two cameras or camera angles.

It is deeply frustrating because it leads to disturbed viewing as the length of each individual shot is necessarily reduced. While the film is explicit in parts, these shots are not sustained.

Moreover, while I have alluded to the benefits of the models' shared schooling together, the cast is in many respects unsurprising.

New model Vivien looks like a carbon-copy of previous models. Personally I'm getting fairly jaded by the VT model-monotony. The standout scene for me is Nella and Vera. A major blessing Viv thomas office girls the return of Vera to VT modeling and I always thought we would never get to see her and Nella together, but the delight of the scene is very much in the setting and the girls.

Nella in her business suit has a slightly androgynous Viv thomas office girls, which I find very hot. The scene Viv thomas office girls 'classy' written all over it, from the fleur-de-lis bed linen, to Vera's stylish fashion glasses and wonderful highlighted hair.

Now that Vera is a mother her breasts are more supple and suckable, and Nella indulges in some excellent body-worship. Most of all, the scene is well-set and well-lit and some of the oral sex is just out of this world. If you want to see Vera and Nella getting down and dirty, get this film. It should have been more about Lisa. She has Viv thomas office girls very sensual Viv thomas office girls woman attraction to the young girls in her movies, but not in this one.

Massage table sex, and more erotic four-finger deep fucking. It almost seems like he just ''threw in" some scenes to put together a movie. More Lisa, and some new girls please! Peter This is a very good Viv Thomas movie, probably not in the top rung of his films but still pretty close. As a sequel it is excellent, even if Lisa, the main player of volume one, only appears in scene one, screwing a new starter on her first day. Still, Lisa's cross-town rival Peaches is the star of this.

She seduces her secretary, and in the last scene has Viv thomas office girls amazing session with Vivien, another business rival. They have sex till they drop. Despite this, my favorite of this movie is the wonderful Nella of Unfaithful fame. She has two super scenes, one with Vera and then one with Hanna Hunter.

The Hanna Hunter scene if simply off the planet, as Nella takes a shower only to have Hanna strip and put on Nella's panties prior to having really great sex. I really loved the playful bottom slap that Nella gives Hanna when she realizes she has her panties on. Of course, I would be remiss to omit the fact that the magnificent Jo is also in this film alas, one scene onlyso it really is a must-have.

Obviously there will be an Office Girls 3. Please make it soon, for this is a great series. Imagine THE movie! The "Office Girls" series has, for me, been consistently delightful and exactly what I love about porn comedies- fun, cheeky, self-aware sex romps. But if I had to pick the stronger of the two OG2 would have my vote, as the quality of sex and sheer bang for your buck is higher.

A few reasons follow: Vera, Vera, Vera. Please Viv Thomas crew, never let her go. Oh, and Jo looks wonderful as a brunette. The variety of the settings for the sex was better and the setting more true to the title. And from what I can tell, purely natural, beautiful girls Nella Viv thomas office girls here, pre-poor-judgment boob job and no toys.

Officefan Dreadful Dreadful Dreadful. This is just a rip-off glossy film that really wasted the chance of someone finally doing Viv thomas office girls ultimate office scenario in one film. I will stick to Triangle films.

Bring on Boundaries 6 please. Panos Viv thomas office girls it possible to get everything you really want each time you watch a Viv Thomas film? And what defines "everything"? Is a movie always to be based on a scenario, with roles and plot, or is sex all that counts after all? All these questions were flying around my head during Office Girls 2.

After watching it Viv thomas office girls a couple of times, I would say this is not a to-die-for release nor a failure either. This movie tries to paint a simple and yet so sexy portrait of lesbian women making love.

So simple as that! The first plus of this movie is that Viv thomas office girls see a bunch of new faces in VT world. In my point of view, Hannah Hunter is a piece of gold. Please, use her again in the future, this girl loves making out with girls and it shows! Cindy Hope was already known from her previous "movies" for other studios. She is very playful and she did well pretending to be the shy girl in the movie, even though we know she has tried a lot of not-so-shy stuff in her adult career before she shot for VT.

Vivien would probably gather the attention of some people, but not mine, unfortunately. In any case, all of these newbies, standing next to the glorious names of Lisa, Vera, Nelly, Jo and Peaches, make a naturally sexy cake for our taste. You have to see Vera and how much she enjoys herself, going back to the old school lesbian love she used to offer to all of us! Nelly, looking more self confident than ever before, wants to prove in every single scene why she is the VT Babe of Jo, our sweet petite darling Peaches, opening herself to one of the greatest ever Viv thomas office girls on screen, making even our eyes shake while her tremendous body is moving.

I have no more left to Viv thomas office girls, Office Girls 2 is funnier than the first part but still so sexy. If you wanna see an example of what good lesbian love is, without sophisticated story, try this movie.

Wow, the sex is incredible. The girls are extremely beautiful. And if the orgasms are fake, the girls all deserve a best actress award. Viv thomas office girls is at her best and Nella is quickly moving up my favorites list.

I thought this was an awesome film. The passion between the girls in some of the films is tangible. Each scene has a nice erotic build-up, the kissing is good and the sex amazing. The scene with Peaches and the other girl in Viv thomas office girls office is worth special mention. Altogether a very good, almost outstanding film by Viv Thomas. The range of opinion of this film just goes to illustrate how polarized views of lesbian Viv thomas office girls can be. Yes, the two of them get together but only for a couple minutes, and to me this is disappointing.

Viv, give the fans what they want. Viv thomas office girls a Viv thomas office girls film, and put the two of them together, and make it the hottest scene ever. At times, with other Viv Thomas DVDs, I've had a hard choice deciding which woman is the greater turn-on, Nella with her beautiful face and elegantly shaped body, or sexy little Vera with her bright blue eyes, perky personality, and sexy ass, along with her full breasts, for such a small woman.

These ladies are so hot together!

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