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  1. What was the date and the year this video was made ? And where what state was it made and names please is there more vids ?

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I do admire Bethany Hamilton for her spirit and determination in overcoming challenges to surf again but I felt like this movie was written more for teens or even older kids. The acting, even by Dennis Quaid, Helen Hunt and Craig T Nelson was second rate at best and the only thing that I really enjoyed about this movie were the gorgeous scenes of Hawaii.

I didn't mind the religious moments that seem to have a lot of reviewers up in arms. It really added to the movie In my opinion. Awesome movie! I greatly enjoy it and would definitley recommend it to anyone who loves true story movies and This was an incredibly inspiring movie about the strong and talented surfer Bethany Hamilton. I was honestly so shocked after watching this movie. It is hard to believe that a thirteen year old girl was attacked by a shark while she was simply Free pics of kourtney kardashian naked in the water.

Bethany was severely injured, and losing her left arm was a life changing tragedy for her and her family. Although Bethany was always positive, she sometimes lost hope. That's when her family's support got her going again. Bethany started training with one arm. Although it was hard, she remained confident and decided to not give up. Currently, she is known as one of the best surfers in the world. This movie inspires everyone to never give up.

Sometimes, we all want to give up when there is a minor problem. Think about what Bethany went through. One moment, she was doing what she loved most, and the next, she was Teen surfer loses arm to shark by a shark!

Bethany Hamilton is an amazing, and brave athlete. That's why she is a champion! I would definetely Teen surfer loses arm to shark watching this inspiring true story.

Soul Surfer is an incredible and inspiring movie, based on the true story of teenage surfer Bethany Hamilton. When Bethany was only 13 years old, she tragically lost her arm when she was attacked by a shark while out doing what she loved most, surfing.

Her exceptional courage, determination, and passion for surfing is what got her through it Mtv real world girls nude pussy helped her get back into the water only one month after the accident.

This is a fantastic film and I would definitely recommend it to all teens. This is a American biopic drama directed by Sean McNamara. It is the incredible true story of teen surfer Bethany Hamilton, who lost her arm in a horrific shark attack.

It is a really heart-wrenching yet inspirational docu-drama. Soul Surfer is a movie Teen surfer loses arm to shark on a true story of Bethany Hamilton, she was born in Hawaii, and she grew up loving the ocean. Surfing was her passion and her way to live. But that's not how she expected it to end, it was a nice day to go surfing and it was supposed to be fun but it ended up with a shark attack that made her loose almost all of her arm, but with a support from her friends, family and her faith in herself she went back to the water a month after the attack, she faced a lot of hard times but she stayed strong by telling herself that she can do it, by looking at her situation with a different perspective, and refusing to give up on her dreams.

Surprisingly, while her family and friends fall to pieces, Bethany is serene and composed. With only a few "Why me? I think that Soul Surfer is a truly wonderful and exciting movie, and I would recommend it to any of my friends. Although this movie is a good choice for anybody, I think that girls about would enjoy Soul Surfer the most.

Teen surfer loses arm to shark story has really helped many people open their eyes and see what you can accomplish when you try hard. I think this is an excellent movie and if you want to watch a movie that is inspiring but not sappy, Soul Surfer could just be the movie for you.

Teen surfer loses arm to shark or Intense Scenes: You see blood and someone throw up. Frightening or Intense Scenes: Shows blood during shark attack, might frighten younger viewers. Frightening or Intense Scenes: it's not too graphic but it might frighten young children. Frightening or Intense Scenes: some scenes can b frighting 2 younger viewers.

Tragedy turned to triumph is the best way to describe this tale of faith and family in the midst of crisis. True story: Bethany Hamilton, with high hopes for becoming a pro surfer lost her arm in a shark attack. The story travelled the world, and inspired people of all generations. With Bethany and her family's support, this movie was made. Great film; one for the ages. Skip to main navigation Skip to main navigation Skip to search Skip to search Skip to content.

Use current location. See all locations. Admin Admin Admin, collapsed. Main navigation Events. Open search form. Enter search query Clear Text. Saved Searches Advanced Search. Browse Browse, collapsed Browse. By Audience Kids Teens. All library locations will close for Thanksgiving at p. Soul Surfer. Average Rating:. Rate this:. Teen surfer Bethany Hamilton loses her arm in a shark attack and courageously overcomes all odds to become a champion again, through her sheer determination and unwavering faith.

Characteristics: 1 videodisc min. From the critics. Comment Add a Comment. I love this story! It is so inspiring, especially if you love surfing. Such a great movie! I loved it! Like 2 likes. Like 1 like. This is my absolute favorite moviei would recommend this to teens!!!! Age Teen surfer loses arm to shark Age Suitability. Quotes Add a Quote. Notices Add Notices. Summary Teen cum shot tube a Summary.

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