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Selections are listed both by Teen boy frontal nude and title. Many movies listed here are readily available for rent at your neighborhood video store or can be seen on cable tv. Most videos are linked to Reel. Comand may be purchased online. I welcome any comments on these films or any additions you may have. Send email to: boyvideos iname.

Enjoyed by the art-house crowd, history and literary buffs in the mood for cerebral fare. For boy-watchers, the two "bookend" scenes are of interest.

A scene near the beginning shows a boy memorizing the "Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen". In the final scene of the movie after all the intrigues and the mayhem the boy is brought before Robespierre to recite what he has learned; as the boy recites, Robespierre sees that he has become a tyrant every bit as bad as the ones denounced in the Declaration. Each of these scenes is only about a minute long--making 2 minutes out of the 2-hour film.

But the non-boy parts of the film are quite absorbing also. The boy, played by Angel Sedgwick, is an 8-year-old blond kid, just about the cutest you have ever seen.

In the final scene, when he recites for Robespierre, he is Teen boy frontal nude in his finest clothes.

But in the earlier scene, he is in the bath. He stands there completely naked, being bathed by his older sister, Eleonore about lucky her. He recites what he is learning, and when he makes a mistake she in the age-old manner of teachers slaps him on the hand--hard enough to make things wiggle. Now some observers have said he gets an erection in the scene from the great words of the Declaration, or maybe because the girl--lucky Teen boy frontal nude sponging all over his naked body.

But Wajda later said he was unaware of it. There may be no erection, as a boy this age can just naturally be horizontal. Perhaps connoisseurs of the French Revolution may want to review the evidence and come to their own conclusion in this significant dispute. Boy Actors: Ahui 10 Comments: Blind boy and girl undress and Teen boy frontal nude along the beach.

Eleven year old Ludovik materially has everything he wants, but gets too less attention of his busy parents. Then he falls in love with Teen boy frontal nude year old Sophie.

It's clear that their parents don't like this, especially from the moment that Sophie's father catches them laying nude in Sophie's bed. When Ludovik goes for a short break to his grand-parents at their appartment in Zeebrugge Belgian coastSophie decides to leave home and be going to look for him.

When the two meet each other at the beach they decided to stay together. Their parents, Teen boy frontal nude have already been stated the kids as being missed, finally find them back via a female art photographer who made photos of Ludo and Sophie together during the days at sea. When Ludovik back home refuses to say a word to anyone, he gets into a psychiatric institution. Sophie after that tries to commit suicide and is Teen boy frontal nude to hospital. Boy Actors: Mathias Coppens Comments: Psychological drama about a boy full of fantasy and temperament falling in love with a girl one year older than himself.

In the film there is one nude scene where Coppens Ludovic Teen boy frontal nude seen naked when trying to flee from his girlfriends parents.

He quickly tries to take his clothes after being caught by Teen boy frontal nude father. Mainly backside, but a glimpse of penis is seen. In one scene, a group of ten kids of all ages are skinny dipping. Beware of censored version. Critics raved over strong performances. Hollywood-style, sentimental tearjerker is heaven for viewers seeking sensitive melodrama.

An early instance of Teen boy frontal nude layering technique Greenaway makes famous in later films. For the director's most loyal fans only. Despite being somewhat dated, European-styled film pleases many art-house fans seeking character-driven, deliberately made melodrama.

Critics were Teen boy frontal nude. Mystery fans and Agatha Christie nuts who don't mind slow, Priyanka chopra on beach xxx style enjoy. European-style, upbeat, energetic drama will appeal mainly to thoughtful fans of medieval literature and foreign movie buffs. A treat for devotees of director.

When the boy looks at him the man shows the boy some coins and the boy smiles. Some nude young water boys are seen at a distance. Degrassi Jr. Critically lauded Australian hit scores with audiences looking for literate, thought-provoking adult drama. Younger viewers will enjoy the mix of comedy, drama, and suspense in this clever film.

The youngest looks about 13 and flashes his bare butt. Boy Videos is a directory of movies featuring young male actors, both kid stars and teen-idols.

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