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  1. Wtf is wrong with her knee at 2:00, looks like someone tried to fill her up with buckshot, maybe that's what fueled this transformation lol someone hiding who they really are possibly

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Fiction Spike tortures buffy adult fanfiction Rating All stories are archived with the author's permission. Spike tortures buffy adult fanfiction you Spike tortures buffy adult fanfiction questions about abbreviations or terminology, check the glossary. Spike tortures buffy adult fanfiction by Ginmar May contain spoilers for 'Dead Things' and beyond; if you're under 17, definitely do not read this.

Afterglow by HarmonyFB Season 6 beneath the surface; bittersweet and beautiful, torrid and tragic. Love among the Scoobies. Alive by Amanda About six years into the future. Somehow they defeated the First.

Everyone's moved on, except Buffy. But they're still here. Luckily, Spike's back in town and has just the stuff she needs. Inspired in part by the Buffy X-Box Game.

Challenge response. All Wrong by Herself She can't go on, she'll go on. Spike and Buffy meet again, post Wrecked. And the Next by WesleysGirl A sequel to One Daysince a couple of people asked for one, and also sort of an answer to Fic Challenge 5, "Something gets uncovered in Angel's shower," in a slightly convoluted way.

Angels of the Silences by Annie Sewell-Jennings Three years down the road, Buffy and Spike try to find happiness amidst all the broken glass. Apology by Chris The missing epilogue to Dead Things. Ars moriendi by wiseacress The follow-up story to Modus Vivendi.

Probably not, but what the hell. Let's pretend. Avatar by Mint Witch This is a wishful thinking S7. She does something about it. Backward Glances by HarmonyFB 30 years down the road, Spike is still struggling with his indentity and his soul. Behind Blue Eyes by Onondata In a world where Rupert Giles never reconciled with the Watcher's Council after his Spike tortures buffy adult fanfiction youth, the Ripper comes to play a very different role in the heirarchy of the Hellmouth.

Spike's relationship to the Ripper is quite different as well. But their demons get in the way. Wackiness, lust, and various other nonsense ensues. Bloody by Jane St Clair Spike on basements and bruises. This time it goes a little Spike tortures buffy adult fanfiction. Crosses over with AtS. During Who Are You? Self-contained, but follows 'Painted Eggs'. Don't you wanna go? For some reason it made me think of Xander, Cleveland, and a day job for Spike. Captivated by NautiBitz After Lover's Walk, Spike and Buffy get cuffed buck-naked to a bed, and someone thinks it's just plain unsanitary.

Smutty fun. A pop icon brings her concert tour to Sunnydale and is she just looking for box office receipts or something else?

Something in Buffy's favorite vampires' pasts. Clean Hands by Mer Spike has a surprising encounter with Wesley. And she wants him to one day love her back.

Compromises by Te Willow goes looking for a way out of her head. Countdown by Elsa Frohman Countdown is a series of 25 stand-alone Spike tortures buffy adult fanfiction that are counting down the days until the Season 7 Buffy the Vampire Slayer premiere.

Wesley lets go. Not for the faint-of-heart. The Dance by Jonesie "You think we're dancing? Buffy and Spike are alone with each other and their past history. Will they dance one last dance? Daybreak by ascian She still dreams about him. Delight Becomes Pictorial by glossolalia Yet another stunt, another round of discipline for Angelus and Spike tortures buffy adult fanfiction. Disenchantment by Herself Magic wasn't through with her yet. Done to Death by Anne Hedonia "You could always leave Tara unattended, without much worry about her catching anything on fire - except tonight.

Dreams, sex, and the what-if's. Early Days by Indri William had to learn somehow. Electrical Storm by jodyorjen Buffy's tentative detente with Spike takes a turn for the unexpected when she takes the time to reflect on their past and consider their future.

Elysium by Dana Woods A few months after the fight with Glory, a group of demons come to the Hellmouth for Willow's magic, despite her being dead. When Tara heads out to find a way to stop them, Spike goes after her. Enough by Chris What if Buffy discovered her feelings before Smashed? Equal Opportunities by Ariana Buffy and Spike have sex.

The house falls down. Everything Fades by Fit of Pique Xander freaks out. A lot. Spike tortures buffy adult fanfiction He Needs by Zyre Spike needs something, but he's not sure what it is. Add to that a dimensional tear. Stir and serve. Spoilers for season 6, takes place right after Wrecked. Lesley writes Spike. Magpie writes Wesley. Lori writes Giles. Set in an AU Angel season 5, no specific spoilers, other than the obvious one.

They don't call Spread wide open pussy shaved The Brothers Grimm for no reason. The FaNged Four in Spike tortures buffy adult fanfiction their dysfunctional, bloody glory.

With smut. Rated NC Fascination by jodyorjen Willow finds that she's being followed by Spike- and is surprised to discover why. First Time by Herself "You Spike tortures buffy adult fanfiction pretend you were in love with me back when. A PWP set, perhaps, some time after "Lovingkindness. Completed November This one offers different tracks things could have gone for Spike fromEntropy, Bargaining, Chosen, and ATS S5 - regular casting spoiler only, speculation only - but didn't.

Flaw by thisveryinstant Buffy S2, post 'Passion. For the Sleepwalkers by Lara Dean-Brierley A visit in the darkness, the surrender of sight, the gift of a lie. Forgive Me by Herself Will he? Will she? There's plenty to forgive on both sides. But I can't love. Spoilers through "Smashed" in season 6, only, and for all previous Bittersweets stories.

Alternate explanation of what the Troika's up to, involving a diamond with a sinister Spike tortures buffy adult fanfiction, Xander, and a nod to the French Revolution. Also, Buffy and Spike get busy. Chapter Fifteen is up!

Reviews most welcome. Spike deserved to have sex with someone who was always nice to him. This fic is about getting the two of them those just desserts. Everyone else gets along No holds barred. Very NC Angst warning. Hating Spike by astraea Season 6, possibly not long before Dead Things. Post-Spuffy sex, Spike is in a surprisingly good mood.

Healing Touch by Ariana Safe in the Summers house with all the Slayers in Training, Spike is still suffering from the aftermath of his torture at the hands of the First. But Buffy knows how to cure him.

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