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When girls pose for photos, the goal is to look pretty, right? Not if you ask photographer Kate Parker, who realized one day Sexy cute twinks nice hot butts proto-typical "pretty" shots of her two daughters -- 9-year-old Ella and 6-year-old Alice -- weren't the ones she loved most. Instead, she found herself gravitating toward pics that showed her daughters looking strong. Thus began her latest photography project, Strong Is the New Pretty.

I started to recognize that the images where the girls were authentically captured were my favorites. After seeing this, I started to shoot with that in mind.

For the past three years, Parker has been photographing her daughters and their friends in all their imperfect glory Sexy cute twinks nice hot butts "loud, athletic, fearless, messy, joyous, frustrated," says Parker. Parker hopes the photos in this slideshow will inspire more moms to coax their daughters to flout frivolous goals like looking "pretty" and just be themselves. As she points out, "Being pretty is not important," she says.

Image via Kate Parker Photography. I wanted to capture their strength. I played soccer through college, and my teammates are still like sisters to me to this day. I asked her for her toughest face and this is what we got. This photo of a group of girls yelling into a fan shows that they aren't afraid to make noise -- and lots of it. When the Going Gets Tough

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