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Dear Straight Talk: Our dad and mom believe in casual nudity in the home. They think Nude family beach teen girl of walking Nude family beach teen girl naked.

We think opposite-sex nudity is not appropriate once you reach puberty. Opposite sex nudity is inappropriate once you reach Nude family beach teen girl certain age.

You should never have to feel like a prisoner in your home. Talk to them. Nicole, 22, Santa Rosa: If you feel uncomfortable, things must change. Express to your parents how you feel. Christina, 20, Marysville: I agree with you completely! I would talk to your mom first.

He always walked around nude, even in the back yard. For me it was no big deal, but my sister had a hard time when she hit puberty.

She kept her privacy by locking the door and telling Dad straight up that he should put some clothes on — not that he ever did. Jessie, 20, Eugene, Oregon: Of course this would be uncomfortable! Ask them bluntly to at least wear basic underwear. Remind them that in eight short years you all will be moved out and they can revert to nudity. Either way, continue locking your door. Colin, 18, Sacramento: Essentially the only reason public nudity is looked down on is because of sexual attraction.

This sexual factor is removed in the case of immediate family. Freud would have a lot to say about this. Dear Cindy: Your parents sound innocent but completely forgetful. We get lots of Nude family beach teen girl from boys who suffer horribly from clueless mothers and sisters parading around nude.

Note to parents: See that bathrobe? The dream parent automatically starts using it as their kids approach puberty. If you happen to have brave kids that do ask, do them a favor and just reach for the bathrobe. It is quite normal.

I would however, in a safe and confidential moment, inquire about sexual abuse, just in case. If Colin got you wondering what Freud would think, Freud was right: Sex rules our lives.

And we want our sex lives to be healthy. Unhealthy sexual acting-out has been exposed among the most apparently upstanding individuals — in our churches, ashrams, clubs, camps, locker rooms, and homes. It is a tragedy for the children and adolescents involved.

Many families are relaxed about nudity and the vast majority of these situations are completely innocent and natural. Please support it. More in Opinion. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

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