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No matter if you love the woman or hate her, nobody ever grows tired of hearing what "The Walking Riot" Missy Hyatt has to say. And, on April 27,Missy joined the Figure 4 Daily audio show at www. She says she moved back to New York. She now has 2 Jack Russell dogs but no longer is a foster mom for dogs.

Missy is still doing shows from time to time. She just did a show at for NCW in Pennsylvania. As for her school, she is still going. Missy jokes that yes she has been going to college for 7 years and has acquired 2 degrees already.

Her current schooling is to get a degree in teaching - Anyone else starting to hum "Hot for Teacher" right about now? Despite going for a teaching degree currently, she still wants to study nuclear physics. Missy has 2 web sites. They are www. The concept behind www.

Missy explains, "You can always get an 8x10 photo. But, to get a painting painted by Missy Hyatt is pretty cool! The other site is "the fun site" Missy explains. Despite a few others coming along since, Missy is the first to do online reality style web videos on a Missy hyatt and friends nude site in the wrestling business. She says her Jordana brewster nude porn are really reality.

They film it and however it turns out, it goes up regardless Naked girl group showers she screws up or not. Some things to see on there are Missy reviewing adult films, shoot interviews, and various other goodies sent to her by the fans of the site. She even discusses reviewing the infamous Chyna porno. When asked what she Missy hyatt and friends nude of it, Missy says both she and Francine were very impressed at what Chyna could do.

The host runs down the list of girls who are on the site including Francine, Tammy, Shannon Tear off a stripetc. Missy says it is all in good fun and that there is no Missy hyatt and friends nude to be naked. Believe it or not, Baby Doll will be doing some shoots for the web site soon. Missy says that Baby Doll is hotter than ever. Missy says she does nude shoots and so do a lot of the girls Again, that's www.

It is an awesome site if I must say so myself! Wrestling Vixxxens is brought up. Missy goes through the story about how she and Tammy got ripped off. And now, despite a long time of not being close, Missy and Tammy are friends again. Missy says she wishes she knew then what she knows now about running a site. She then puts over her webmistress DJ saying she couldn't do Hot muscle man big ass without her.

The question is posed about appearing on legends shows, if it makes you feel "old". Missy says she was doing a convention once and was talking to the promoter suggesting they do an "old timers" show. The promoter looked back and said, "That's what this is!

An old appearance from Wrestling Observer Live is brought up where Missy said she wanted Bret Hart's sperm for an offspring. She says after having thought about it, "he's either not smart or has had too many concussions! Missy says Missy hyatt and friends nude immediately after they did that show about the sperm she'd like, Vince McMahon started using the Missy hyatt and friends nude "genetic jackhammer" and talking about such things in his promo.

Except I'd run from his sperm! The baby would come out with on his hand Whoops, did I just say that? She thinks maybe John Cena but she is waiting to see how he turns out as he's still young. The host asks if Missy believes what John Cena claims - He's never taken steroids and his structure was always that large. Missy laughs and says, "Yeah! And my boobs are real! She also puts over his "big gun". She says she once had the idea of doing a photo shoot with his police car but she found pictures taken for a Girls Gone Wild on his phone with girls with their shirts up and she didn't want to do it anymore.

Missy says that if her boyfriend had Missy hyatt and friends nude choose saving her or Dave Melzer from falling off a cliff, she thinks he'd save Dave.

Missy then puts over the Wrestling Observer back in the day being Missy hyatt and friends nude Star Magazine and having the inside story on wrestling that even people in the business read to get dirt.

What is Missy's current opinion of Eric Bischoff? Bischoff jokes about pushing him off a cliff and breaking every bone in his body and then setting him on fire only to flush his Old fat granny lesbian porn down the toilet Missy says the story about her in Eric Bischoff's book is a total lie.

She quotes the line, "The bitch will probably sue me" and fires Missy hyatt and friends nude by saying, "I probably should! She says she thinks that was done so she would scream at him in a public place. They then discuss her brief run as The Barbarian's manager. Missy says he was one of the nicest guys she Missy hyatt and friends nude managed. Missy says she doesn't understand how some people get so bitter about the business. Missy says her days in the business were the best of her life.

Missy says she doesn't think any of the girls in the WWE today know who she is. She says seeing the Sportatorium getting torn down was emotional. Missy says World Class was one of the most professional environments she was ever in. She says what was crazy back then was the way the fans reacted.

She says she wishes fans still believed because they were more passionate. Missy was asked if something as real as that could work today. The WWE had a real life story fall in their laps that everyone knew about Missy hyatt and friends nude cared about and instead of letting real life become a work they decided to do stupid stuff with it and it faded quick.

Missy says there is no excuse for not making a ton of money off that feud. Missy says she loves Paul Heyman. Missy says, once and for all, the story is this. She promised Paul Varelans sex to tap out to Taz, he did and Missy said no. A few years later, Paul was at the same hotel as her and followed Missy hyatt and friends nude around the pool hoping she'd give in then.

She never did. Missy says she loves doing her web sites, www. She has some home video from the 80's up with John Tatum at her parents house for those who like the old school stuff. Hot women, reality video, and the chance to talk in real time to the "First Lady of Wrestling" Missy Hyatt all at www. What could be better than that?

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