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Katrina Kaif Sex Video. Bollywood Sex Fuck Video. Health Education Tips Hindi!! After a day like this, all she wanted was a clean hot shower. Much of the filming had taken place in the swamp. She had fallen in to the murky river 4 times today. Her hair was tangled and she could feel her wet clothes clinging to her body, showing off her lush curves.

In fact, during the filming, she could have sworn she saw a couple of the film crew guys stroking their crotches as they watched her wet body emerge from the river with Katrina kaif real sex nipples poking through the thin fabric of her t-shirt. She reached the trailer and unlocked the door.

Once inside, she turned on Chubby femaile sex scenes stereo and music filled the room. She headed for the bathroom and turned on the shower. She quickly stripped out of her dirty, wet clothes and got in the shower.

The hot steamy water felt good on her aching body. She washed her long dark hair and rubbed her self with the Katrina kaif real sex of soap everywhere she could. She lost track of time as she explored her firm tanned body with her sudsy hands. At last, she turned off the shower, dried herself off, and wrapped herself in a fluffy terrycloth bathrobe.

As she opened the door to leave the bathroom, she looked out and saw men in her living room, about 6 or 7, she thought. She recognized a few of them from the film crew. You Katrina kaif real sex not supposed to be in here. How are you? Please leave before I call security! Kaif looks good? Kaif, we all thought you were so hot and sexy, everyone wanted some of that sweet British pussy of yours, so we thought we would pay you a visit. Why not just relax and enjoy yourself?

Katrina felt afraid. There were 7 of them and she was all alone, clothed in only a bathrobe. You can't I won't Why don't you take off your robe and show us Katrina kaif real sex sexy Katrina kaif real sex of yours, honey? Hot mamasita! Ha, ha, ha! Ha, ha! She didn't understand how they got in. She thought she had locked the door. She liked sex, but she couldn't handle this many guys. She Katrina kaif real sex to think of what she could do, when she saw one of them coming for her.

She stepped into the middle of the room, untied her terrycloth belt, opened the robe, and let it fall gently to the floor. Her beautiful tanned body was completely on display for the men.

They looked her over head to toe. Her breasts looked full and ripe, begging to be squeezed and sucked. Her stomach was smooth and flat. Her hips and thighs were firm and smooth. Her thick dark pubic hair formed a perfect triangle where her thighs joined together. She endured more catcalls and whistles while she stood there, naked. Lets see that ASS! Katrina kaif real sex the corner of her eye, she could see one of the guys with his pants down, playing with his cock.

Nice Katrina kaif real sex, Katrina! She had always known that men liked the look of her ass. Her full round hips and small waist were very sexy. Men had been grabbing her and pinching her there since she was in her early teens.

Many guys had wanted to fuck her there also, but she had not let anyone do that. Show us what you got! Go now! Another grabbed one of her wrists and held it firm. She swung wildly with the other fist and kicked her legs madly, trying to fight them off. Someone else grabbed her other arm and she was pulled to the carpeted floor. Her arms were held fast above her head, while her legs were being forced apart roughly. It was no use. One of the men dangled his cock in front of her face and told her to suck it.

Another man was squeezing her tits like they were bread dough. She also felt hands stroking her thighs and between her Katrina kaif real sex. The hand between her legs rubbed her pubic bush again and again, then rudely jammed two fingers deep into her vagina.

Katrina's body Katrina kaif real sex from the shock. Katrina's body bucked hard. Her hips rose from the floor, but she was pinned back down. The thick fingers in her cunt were driving her crazy, probing, digging deeper inside of her, rubbing against her clit.

She didn't want to give these guys the satisfaction, but she knew she would come soon. Attaway man, she loves it! She's not such a big star now, right honey?

Just a horny slut who needs a good hard fucking! Ha ha! This time, Katrina was out of control Katrina kaif real sex opened Katrina kaif real sex mouth around his flesh, sucking it deep.

She felt someone sucking her tits at the same Katrina kaif real sex. Jack's fingers were still plunging in and out of her vagina and she needed to come. It happened when a guy bit down on her nipple. A shock wave went through her body and it triggered a flood erupting from her juicy Katrina kaif real sex. That was great!

He stroked his cock Katrina kaif real sex couple of times and then thrust it right inside her where his fingers had been. Katrina's cunt was soaking wet from her come.

He knew he would not last long though. His cock began to throb and he started to moan. You Bastard!! Don't come inside meeee! Too late. Jack unloaded wave after wave of sticky white semen inside her body. She felt the hot liquid filling her again and again. Katrina started to cry again. Jim rammed his cock back into her mouth and shot his load of come onto Katrina kaif real sex pretty face.

Gobs of it stuck in her thick dark hair. She didn't even have time to recover from the fucking Jack had given her before she felt another stiff prick being shoved rudely into her pussy. This time it was Tom, who had spoken to her first when she found these men in her home. Kaif, you are so hot and sexy, baby!

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