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And another Shadowrun Character Portrait. Concussion, the hotshot Elf Burnout Adept. Lets break some stuff. Taro is the grandson of a now dead high-ranking yakuza.

They become shadowrunners and on their first cluster-fuck of a run things escalated quickly. Long story short, Taro earned his bloodlust and love of explosives one instance there was a security guard booth that just ended up getting blown to bits with a guard inside. Pen and paper with photoshop clean up, background, and smoke.

Null Vector captured Ronin taking down a Spirit of Man a few months prior. Quick sketch done while playing a session haha. Time for more Rigger 5. Shadowrun is a little complex at first so these are all really handy.

I ran that as my introductory mission so I could get a feel for the group. Via AJ Carrington :. Sure Lisa. Miss Lonelyhearts takes not present her stockings plus poses lay bare Sexy ebony whit fat harry pussy Beautiful brunette with big natural tits taking a shower. Source: Hot young traps tumblr. While the previous illustrations were fantastically, well, flashy, I love the subtlety on this one.

There are so many questions bursting out Hot young traps tumblr this scene, drawing your mind in half a dozen different great directions. If you use the point build system for Hot young traps tumblr 3rd Edition, you can Make a Troll with 20 Strength at start.

Granted, this is a starting character. Once you begin earning karma, it gets more insane. Start with Body Hot young traps tumblr, Strength 6.

Adding bioware gets you even higher. Once the troll is in play, they can attempt to reach the Attribute Maximum, which is 1. Ethan is doing some amazing Shadowrun work. My Shadowrun OC, Malin. Gilda Roberts doing a hard head job for horny guy Miss Lonelyhearts takes not Hot young traps tumblr her stockings plus poses lay bare Sexy ebony whit fat harry pussy Beautiful brunette with big natural tits taking a shower Ive Been So Stressed Lately Studying For Midterms; But Thankfully.

So basically only rolling 6s and having all the right cybertech and Biotech would theoretically save you from being insta-geeked. Granted, this Troll would basically be a one-trick pony. But man. What a trick. Add racial modifications—Body 11, Strength Add a cybertorso, two cyberarms, and two cyberlimbs— Body 16, Strength Increase cyberlimb strength—Body 16, Strength Base punching damage is now 22M. GoshI miss SR3 sometimes.

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