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Plus he was practically shirtless the entire movie. Super misunderstood! SO HOT. Always in my heart forever. Like, where have you been? Bae is waiting. They were confusing times.

He was sweet, adorkable, and funny. And when he sang that Powerline song? Whoaaa, baby. Hot AF. My 'type' for non-animated is dark hair, blue eyes, on the pale side, and snarky as Hot naked disney cartoon characters get out. I think the fact that the entire soundtrack was Phil Collins made me fall in love with him as well.

Brett S. Aladdin — Aladdin. Trent Lane — Daria. The original bad boy you lusted for as a child. Submitted by troubleddulcinea. Dimitri — Anastasia. Shang — Mulan. He'll surely make a man or woman out of you.

Submitted by kmhands Prince Naveen — The Princess and the Frog. Kovu — The Lion King 2. Goku — Dragonball-Z. Cartoon Network. Prince Eric — The Little Mermaid. Tuxedo Mask — Sailor Moon. Howl — Howl's Moving Castle. Cale — Titan A. Peter Pan — Peter Pan. You can tinker my bell, Peter Pan. Submitted by daniellecarmen. Gambit — X-Men. Let's get X-rated with X-Men. Submitted by elizabethg Ron Stoppable — Kim Possible.

Max Goof — Hot naked disney cartoon characters Goofy Movie. Danny Phantom — Danny Phantom. Simon — Alvin and the Chipmunks. I had a thing for guys in glasses. Inuyasha — Inuyasha. Viz Media. Sinbad — Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas. Zuko — Avatar: The Last Airbender. John Smith — Pocahontas. That hair! That bum! I was obsessed. Trunks — Dragonball-Z.

Kamaehamae call me. Submitted by Maria Fc, Facebook. Gaston — Beauty and the Beast. Tarzan — Tarzan. Johnny Bravo — Johnny Bravo. Jim Hawkins — Treasure Planet. Those eyes just pierce into your soul. Submitted by emilype. Flynn Rider — Tangled. Robin Hood — Robin Hood. Hercules — Hercules. Prince Adam Beast — Beauty and the Beast. And of course Simba — The Lion King. Admit it. Hot naked disney cartoon characters by maddyg41ff.

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