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Boat Cartoon A man in a row boat in a huge bottle washes ashore on an island with a castaway. License this toon for use in presentations, web pages, ads, etc. I'll change the caption for free. Wine Cartoon A man stranded on a desert island says of to a woman who's found a case of red wine washed up on shore, "Oh great. All we've got to eat are fish. Desert island cartoon sex Cartoon A TV commercial says, "Nine out of ten doctors recommend that you not get stranded on a desert island.

AND it's all true. To learn more about cults and the book, go to Holy Rollers. The New Yorkerof course Hundreds of others have, from the Saturday Evening Post to The Oregonian to large publishing houses to small trade journals. Let me draw a few cartoons for you. No matter what, Desert island cartoon sex hope you get a few laughs as you go through my site. Events can't be called true events unless they have official T-shirts, and t-shirts with personalized cartoons on them are the T-shirts preferred by Desert island cartoon sex out of 10 people stranded on a desert island.

Personalized Cartoons: An Desert island cartoon sex of anyone can be Photoshopped into any cartoon on the mchumor. The perfect "gift from the gang" at retirement or Desert island cartoon sex away parties is an original cartoon of the guest of honor.

The Komica Graphic Novel in the Making. Contact me. I, a techno moron, first designed it on an ancient, but much-loved circa Macintosh. Many assume images found on the web can be used for free and are in the public domain. Many are not. I've spent years drawing these cartoons and I support my family selling them online so please contact me before using any. All work on this page is copyright protected. Reproduction via all means and all use is strictly prohibited without written permission of the artist.

If you wouldn't steal a newspaper from a blind vendor just because you could get away with it, please don't use a cartoon without permission just because you think you can get away with it. If you would steal a newspaper from a blind vendor, well, I hope you die laughing before Desert island cartoon sex have a chance to steal my work. The unauthorized reproduction or distribution Desert island cartoon sex a copyrighted work is illegal.

Criminal copyright infringement, including infringement without monetary gain, is investigated by the Desert island cartoon sex and is punishable by fines and federal imprisonment. Now some legalese my attorney insists I should include: All cartoons throughout this website and the entirety of its content are copyrighted by Theresa T- McCracken.

All rights reserved. The cartoons are protected by copyright laws. You may not, except with my express written permission, reproduce, distribute or commercially exploit the content via any means and all use is strictly prohibited without written Desert island cartoon sex of the artist.

Nor may you transmit it or store it in any other website Desert island cartoon sex other form of electronic retrieval system without the prior written permission of mchumor.

Any redistribution or reproduction of part or all of the contents in any form is prohibited unless you purchase the cartoon s or are granted permission to license a specific cartoon first. IP addresses can be recorded and copyright violators are pursued by CartoonStock Enforcement.

Drug Cartoon A man stranded on an island saying to a woman picking a crate of Acme Miracle Pills out of the water, "Throw them back They're not what nine out of ten doctor's recommend for a headache when stranded on a desert island.

Pirate Cartoon A doctor stranded on an island with a pirate as a patient looking at another doctor in a raft rowing up says, "What luck!

Just the prosthetist I was going to refer you to. With print on demand you can have cartoons printed on just about anything. Visit my two online stores. Magazines I've drawn for? Cartoons Recently Rejected by the New Yorker. Calendars With McHumor Cartoons. Use Cartoons in Presentations. Public Speakers, even when speaking on serious topics, Desert island cartoon sex the ice with a joke.

Cartoons do the same thing--and you can't "tell a cartoon wrong. Use Cartoons on T-shirts. Copyright by T. McCracken All work on this page is copyright protected.

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