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I don't really know what to make of it, to be honest. Sarah and I got in the pattern of going for early-morning runs together, which I thought was just a part of our friendship, but lately I've started to think she's flirting with me.

Maybe you can help me figure this out? I'll tell you what's happened as best I can. Introductions are probably in order. I'm Jake, a student at a fairly progressive college in the midwest. My friend Sarah is also here, and we both just finished our junior Photo de femme noire nue en porno. College dare dorm shower both live on campus in the same dorm building.

College dare dorm shower start with the beginning of recent events so that you've got the College dare dorm shower picture. This College dare dorm shower, as winter slowly receded, I complained to Sarah College dare dorm shower I felt like a shut-in and needed some exercise pretty desperately.

She said she'd been feeling the same way and suggested we start running. I'm naturally slim and try to stay moderately active, so running was not entirely out of the picture for me, but I was not in running shape. When I told Sarah that, she laughed and said she was in the same boat and said that we'd start slow. So the next morning, we went for our first run together.

We were both pretty winded after running a half mile and ended up walking the rest of our planned two-mile loop. When we got back to the dorm, we agreed that running sucked and also that we'd do it again in two days. College dare dorm shower been running three times a week ever since, and we've actually gotten good. Well, good for us. So that started in the spring semester - some time in March.

Our semester ended in the beginning of May, but both of us are staying here for summer session courses. Like I said, it's a pretty progressive college. The dorm floors are co-ed and the bathrooms are also all co-ed. There's one big bathroom on each floor with a bunch of toilet stalls, two rows of sinks, and a row of shower stalls.

When the summer session started, the college moved students around to use fewer floors of the dorm it saves energy! This, in turn, changed our running habits a bit. Three weeks ago, on Tuesday, we moved into our new dorm rooms.

We went for a run on Wednesday. We'd usually meet at am in front of the building, but decided to meet at our doors at instead. I was up and dressed for our run on Wednesday morning at College dare dorm shower, wearing my running shoes, my mid-thigh running shorts, and a t-shirt. Sarah wasn't in College dare dorm shower hall when I opened my door, so I just went next door and knocked.

Sarah opened her door. She'd already made the place home - there were Black pussy for fuck moving boxes anywhere and already a pile of clothes on the floor. Just like her last room. And then I looked at her.

Sarah usually ran in shorts College dare dorm shower a t-shirt, just like me. But she'd not gotten her t-shirt on yet and was walking around in shorts and a red sports bra. I don't think I'd ever seen her bare midriff before, and I stared a little bit.

She looked good. She was slim and lithe and her c-cup breasts were highlighted wonderfully by her sports bra. Her nipples were a little hard, I noticed. She swatted me with a t-shirt. We ran four Lisa marie scott bikini that morning, and then walked one.

And when we got back to the dorm, we took the elevator to the same floor for the first time. I chose a stall two down from hers. Let me tell you what these shower stalls look like, because they're a little weird. The top of the walls dividing showers from each other and the bathroom is maybe five feet high, which means that it comes to the height of my mouth. So I can see the a lot of the room when I'm College dare dorm shower the shower.

And it means that when I walked into the bathroom that morning, I saw the wet top of Sarah's head since she's maybe 5'-3". The other thing about these walls is that they start about two feet off the ground, which is to say about knee-height.

Being a co-ed bathroom means that the showers each need to have a place to change. So each stall has a shower with a curtain and a little antechamber with a bench and some hooks.

So when I walked into the shower part of the bathroom and saw Sarah's towel College dare dorm shower the door and the top of her head under the shower spray, I also saw her workout clothes on the floor and could have, if I were a perv, put my head at knee-level and seen her shins in the shower. In any case, I got into a shower two down from Sarah's and washed up. I'd brought a pair College dare dorm shower jeans to change into, so when I emerged after my shower, I was shirtless in jeans with my towel over a shoulder.

That's how I usually did the walk back to my room. Decent enough, but I didn't have to bring all my clothes with me to the shower. Sarah got out of College dare dorm shower shower about the same time as College dare dorm shower did, only she didn't bring clothes to change into - she was wearing only a towel wrapped around her chest.

She smiled at me and said she had to run to work and that she'd see me later College dare dorm shower then she dashed out the door.

We hung out that night and watched a movie, and made plans for our Friday morning run. I didn't see Sarah on Thursday at all. Friday, we repeated the same morning pattern. I was up a bit before her, and knocked on her door. She opened the door in her sports bra and shorts again and this time when I suggested that she just run like that, she agreed.

As we ran, I had a hard time keeping my eyes away from her chest, admiring the way her breasts bounced with each step.

We made it back to the dorm and started talking as we caught our breaths. She was telling me about her work this summer as we got to our rooms. I poked my head into my room to grab my toiletries and a towel and a pair of jeans.

Try it with me. I picked a shower in the middle of the row, and after I chose mine, Sarah chose the one next to it, all the while telling her story. She was explaining how the other intern had screwed up a copying job and needed her help as she undressed on the College dare dorm shower side of the thin wall from me.

I watched, a bit awestruck, as her shorts landed on the floor next to my feet. And then her arms extended above the short barrier bringing her bra off over her head. And then her bra was also just inches from my feet. I started to undress, too, feeling my cock stiffen at the proximity of Sarah's almost naked body. Just as Sarah had deposited her clothes on the side of the shower stall closest to mine, I threw my shirt, then my shorts, and finally my boxers on the floor next to her pile.

Then Sarah's panties joined her pile and we were both naked, separated by the little wall. We made eye contact across the wall. My height and how close we were to each other meant I could see down to her chin. She smiled. Are you interested?

As we soaped up, she asked me about my love life. I told her about the dates I'd been Asian women with big nipples with a classmate in May and how we'd not really had much chemistry.

We were both headed out of town, but we agreed to run together the Monday we returned. We parted College dare dorm shower at the doors to our rooms. That weekend was Memorial Day and the college gave us the whole week off, so Sarah and I both went home for a visit. I came back after the vacation on Sunday evening - that's the beginning of last week - and went to bed after a long day of traveling, having set my alarm for Monday morning.

By am, I was ready for our run and in the hallway. I knocked on Sarah's door as was becoming a pattern. She opened the door. Sarah wasn't dressed yet. She was wearing a thong, which I admired as she bent over to spit out the toothpaste, and a tank top. She pulled on her shorts as I watched and then faced me with her hands on the hem of her tank top. She looked me in the eye and started to inch her top up her belly. I stood up and we went for our run. When we got back, we picked up soap and towels and headed to the showers.

Sarah again chose a shower next to mine, and again dropped her clothes next to my feet. And I, again, was getting turned on knowing how close College dare dorm shower was to a naked girl.

Not knowing who will see, but knowing that anyone could. And walking down the hall in just a towel, I'm so close to naked in front of everyone on our floor.

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