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I think I'm doing a little better on faster updates! Sorry if they still aren't quite to your speed yet, but you guys need to understand I have to write, proof read, edit, and perfect at least words for every chapter I post. I'm working on two story's at once, I can't update everyday or even every two days. There will be about two updates a week for this story, I'm sorry. Or Kara does some more drawing? Really nice chapter, funny that Alex can't leave her little sis for so long, her concern is adorable :3 and maaaan, I can't believe last episode, I nearly cry myself when Kara was telling those awful things to Alex, you should make a chapter to the aftermath of that scene, where Kara tries to make up Cute boy taking self Alex and they discuss the situation.

See ya! Only one person could have done this. The younger blonde came scurrying into the living room where her sister stood, hands on her hips and face reddening.

What is the meaning of this mess! I had Winn and James over to help keep me company while you were out shopping and they kinda sorta got drunk and they kinda sorta you know Recked out home. I was trying to clean it up! I promise, I just had to pee and didn't have time to do clean it all up before you walking in, I'm sorry! For starters, you should have asked me before you just invited your friends over. Two, I don't want any boys in this house without me here what so ever.

Three, you broke the rules. Four, you left a mess. Five, you didn't clean it up and you and I both know you have super speed and could have if you really wanted to.

Six, your not getting away with it this time. Your grounded. You can't ground me. And you live under my rules as long as you live under my roof.

She sounded just like Eliza. I can do whatever I want! If you were an adult Analy sex event in kara balta you wouldn't have thrown a little party in here without permission and you wouldn't have left a mess! Your reflection!? This is the end of this discussion!

She'd never been yelled at like that and she couldn't move. She was frozen to the Analy sex event in kara balta. Go to your room! She didn't feel safe anymore and everything felt weak, like suddenly she didn't have any strength at all, let alone super strength. Kara laid under her blanket and shook. She wasn't sure if it Analy sex event in kara balta from fear or if it was from cold, but if she had to guess she would have said a little of both.

Alex yelled at her. Kara hadn't been Analy sex event in kara balta upset since her aunt died or when Alex had blown up at her before about the office.

What she saw broke her heart. Kara laid in a Analy sex event in kara balta heap underneath her many blankets. She looked small and venerable, which were not two common adjectives used to describe the formidable Supergirl. Kara's cheeks were still a bright red color and Alex could Two tone cock porn galleries where fresh tears had dried onto her little sisters face. Kara's eyes rested closed and her breathing was even, telling Alex that her sister had cried Analy sex event in kara balta to sleep.

I over-reacted. I hope you can forgive me, I didn't mean to yell at you like that. I Hentai nipple piercing rings lost my temper, I suppose I'm gonna have to work on that.

Yes I know your asleep, and yes I know you can't really hear me, it's just nice to tell you this. It makes me feel a little better. I know I'll have to repeat all this to you when you wake up, but it's okay. I can do that.

I hope you won't be mad at me, your still gonna be grounded, but maybe not as long as I thought. I guess instead of two weeks I'll just go for tonight.

I wasn't sure how Analy sex event in kara balta ground you, so I decided you couldn't go out with James or Winn tonight. And I decided on no sister night.

It'll just be dinner, shower, and then bed. I know that that sounds like a childish punishment, but I feel like it'll do the trick for you. You acted like a child, so you'll be punished like one.

I think it's suitable. Anyway, sweet dreams Kara. I love you. I shouldn't of had them over without asking you and I definitely should have cleaned up the mess. I'm sorry. Are you still mad at me? Not even for a second.

I'd never stay mad. I love you Alex. Jeez, just because your in trouble does not mean I'm going to deprive you of food. I'm gonna just stay in here for a Analy sex event in kara balta bit.

I'll be out when it's ready. Finally they rested on a old sketchbook and pencil. Kara climbed out of bed, grabbing the book and bringing Analy sex event in kara balta back to her bed. She propped a pillow in her lap and leaned back against her headboard, setting the sketchbook on the pillow. Kara lightly began tracing shapes and outlines all over the page, creating elegant and intricate designs. The sheer brilliance and intelligence was reflected in every line.

Kara poured her heart and soul into the drawing, erasing anything that she didn't think was perfect. Anyone could see the love in picture Lisa marie scott bikini could appreciate the time and effort going into it. It was a portrait of two young girls, about twelve and fifteen. The older girl laid against the younger girl as they soared in the sky.

Kara erased her lines just enough to fade them and she outlined it in ink, capturing every detail of Analy sex event in kara balta older sister, down to the fading sun reflecting in her eyes. Kara managed to get motion in the water, the fading oranges and pinks of earths setting sun, the slight reflection of them in the water, the exact shade of Alex's deep green eyes.

Kara perfected the shadows and lights, even both of their hair flying wildly in multiple directions as the wind blew it about. She used an old set of Analy sex event in kara balta pencils to crest and exact replica of one of her most prized memories. Alex would love it, at least Kara hoped she would. Alex gently, yet quickly, grabbed the paper and marveled at its detail.

It was beautiful. Alex could even see the slight redness to their cheeks as the cool wind gave them a bit of frost bite, and she even saw the innocence reflecting in Kara's eyes as the younger girl took in all that was earth.

She hadn't ever seen anything like it before Kara I love it. It's amazing. I just don't know what to say to it. It's Analy sex event in kara balta real, it's like I'm standing there watching us fly by. Is this for me?

I love it. If anyone else saw it, they'd all say, "Picasso who? Leonardo Devinchi what? All people would he remembering Analy sex event in kara balta Kara Danvers. Shall we go eat? I hope you liked it, it was really fun to write. It offered a nice challenge and made me have to think. I didn't prof read this one, cough cough, I was being rush, cough cough so sorry for any typos. Thank you for all your kind reviews and request!

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