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Sign In. Toggle navigation. Please update your email address. Thanks, pexer April How is it not a beauty pageant when they are admiring the beauty of the male form? Yes, Smile beats duckface cleavage contests seek to admire the beauty of the male and female, too, as there are bodybuilding contests for women form but not in a degrading sexual manner. This is just as the statues of David and Venus de Milo are admired for the human form but not in a degrading sexual manner.

How is it demeaning when women want to flaunt it? It's a fashion statement for women King midget auto for sale men love it!

It is as natural as a peacock opening up it's feathers to attract females! Hindi naman pekp3k ang cleavage para maiskandalo ka!! Is it because of your religious sensitivities? That's YOU. Everyone else isn't you. Everyone doesn't owe u anything. No one isn't looking up to you. A smile beats a Duckface.

I suppose cleavages in games is just as "offensive". Smile beats duckface cleavage terrorist's posts. Your teenage daughter comes to you and asks: "Dad, may I have a boob job on my birthday?

I want to look as hot as those women who exhibit themselves on Cleavage Day. Showing cleavage is a choice - some Smile beats duckface cleavage do and some don't. I'll ask ur teenage daughter first. And ur mother and grandmother, ur aunts, and ur female cousins.

How's that for a "boob" job? Nothing will happen on ur end. Absolutely nothing. Fair enough, let's leave out any minors in the discussion. Hypothetical situation: your wife is a natural A-cup. She comes to you and says, "Honey, I'd like to spend P, of our life's savings to get a boob job so I'll be as hot as the women you checkout during Cleavage Day. Why are you deciding on her behalf? She does not feel confident without the boob job.

Would you let her have it or not? Makakain nga sa Hooters with some friends sa Friday. Meron na nga pala Hooters dito sa Makati Alam ko meron Smile beats duckface cleavage beauty pageant ang mga hooters girls Pano ba yan tatang?

MajorPain Member PExer. Best cellphone holder ever! That's why I said I'd rather be right than popular. Cleavage Smile beats duckface cleavage is demeaning to women who are human beings and not sex objects. There's actually a Hooters behind our church One more from Larissa Riquelme calling cyberfunk, magpost ka na din dito.

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