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Blake was in his cell with his Prisoners in jail naked penis passing Prisoners in jail naked penis day away. His cell almost looked more like the inside of a space capsule than the traditional cage depicted in movies. There was nothing to do. He had already done his exercises and taken his daily shower.

Because of his good behavior, he was allowed to check up to five books a week from the prison library. A decent library for a prison but there still wasn't as much Prisoners in jail naked penis he'd like. He was bored with his books and had nothing to talk to his cellmate about. And then there was the knock. Where are we going? Blake was walked down through a few hallways to an older part of the prison. He soon found himself in a large room with four other inmates and half a dozen guards.

There were doors to more traditional, unoccupied cells in the background of the Prisoners in jail naked penis. And for those of you who've done this before, let it be a refresher," began the lead guard.

Blake wondered what this could possibly be. It was so unfair to have to go through any of it at all, he thought. He hadn't committed a crime.

He had been framed. He was a cashier at a drug store, and his boss had stolen money from his drawer and successfully pinned it on him. Fortunately the judge had reduced it to a misdemeanor, but it still meant losing his Prisoners in jail naked penis and spending time in prison. Now he was standing in a line with four other prisoners waiting to see what happened next. Blake was surprised but complied. The guards took their jumpsuits into another room, leaving the five men in their prison issued boxers.

We've already taken showers for the day. Maybe some type of mass physical? Do not cause any trouble, and you'll be free men sooner than you have been expecting," instructed the guard.

His answer was soon to come. A door was opened and a group of twenty to twenty-five college aged girls walked in. The other men were silent, obviously having done this before. These young women are here for part of a criminal studies course at their college. You are to spend several minutes nude for these fine ladies," informed the lead guard. I will not repeat that again. Now remove your boxers," instructed the guard. Blake complied. The girls started giggling, staring, and covering their mouths with their hands as they laughed.

A few pointed at the men's genitals in the hilarity. Are they allowed to do this? That pantsuit gave her an authoritative look, even if it wasn't as attractive as what the younger girls were wearing. Most of the girls were wearing jeans and tight fitting shirts, with a few midriffs showing. A couple were wearing shirts and some had shinny makeup.

None of them were wearing very formal clothes Prisoners in jail naked penis than the professor. Prisoners in jail naked penis they were all women and clothed while he was there naked. Blake wondered what they could possibly be learning by look at him naked. Well no guy is ever going to see my vagina because I did something wrong," taunted the girl. Blake was in fact quite embarrassed having so many college girls looking at his bare arms, stomach, scrotum, and penis, all while knowing he would never see any of them in so much as a bikini.

The ordeal ended with the guard calling time, and the girls exited the room, giggling and looking back as they exited the room.

The prisoners were given their clothes back and returned to their cells. Blake asked to see his lawyer. Prisoners in jail naked penis the meeting he informed him there was nothing he could do. Studies have shown that men who are forced to be naked in front of clothed women are less aggressive and more Prisoners in jail naked penis informed his lawyer. Report Story. Title your feedback:. If you would like a response, enter your email address in this box:.

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