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With my 1st, I tried everything - SNS, herbs, teas, reglan which made me super depressedpumping with hospital grade pump every 2 hrs for 3 weeks, etc. I never had that feeling of my milk Pregnant no breast changes in", I never once felt any "let down" while nursing, and when i pumped, i never got more than an ounce out of both breasts combined. I struggled so much and was such a basketcase over it. I ended up FF exclusively after 3 months knowing I had done everything I could.

In researching IGT, the big clue is that you have no breast changes during pregnancy. My DH God love him swears mine have gotten bigger, but I don't think so because I'm wearing the same bras I was pre pregnancy. I do think my nipples Pregnant no breast changes gotten slightly larger and a little darker here at the end, but I'm pretty sure that means very little in re: to IGT. Just curious if maybe anyone had any success breastfeeding with IGT or if you had no breast growth during pregnancy but went on to sucessfully breastfeed.

I know, I'm grasping My breasts didn't really change until after I had DD. I really hope it works Pregnant no breast changes for you this time! I'm no "pump 8oz" girl, rather I pump about oz each session. Right now, I'm meeting all of DD's eating needs with BM, and can bank about 2 oz on top of what she eats each day. I had a little tenderness when I first found I was pregnant.

The size didn't change My milk came in on day 3 and at LO's 4 day appointment jaundice and weight loss he was down I absolutely refused to supplement. At his appointment the next day to recheck weight and billi levels he'd gained 5 oz. If he'd lost more the next day I might have looked into pumping but not formula.

Don't let the staff pressure you into supplementing I feel its a slippery slope. However, do what is best for your child. We're at 12 days old and I feel that my supply is fine.

This is almost exactly my experience with DD 1. No breast changes during pregnancy. By day 4 I was at the LC after a very rough night of screaming baby, she told me that my breasts were too flacid to be 4 days post-partum. Pregnant no breast changes LC told me that I needed to try pumping with a hospital-grade pump, times daily to try and establish my supply. I tried the SNS too and it was a disaster. Now that I am expecting DD 2 I am going to give it a try again.

I have read more, Pregnant no breast changes more research and spent a Pregnant no breast changes of time lurking on this board to become further educated.

I have had minimal breast changes with this pregnancy as well, but feel better about going into breastfeeding this time around. This time I am going to schedule an appt with the LC the same day as my 3 day post-partum check that I get from my hospital's Women's Clinic to make sure everything is ok.

I know that nursing is the best way to build my supply and I am pretty sure that with DD 1, I was not nursing frequently enough, so this time I will put her to the breast every 2 hours. I also plan on resting way more the first few days home and have more help scheduled this time around. I think I tried to do too much because I am the type of person who can't sit around, I always need to be doing something.

I also have it planned that DD 1 will continue with Black feet sexy hot legs daycare provider even though I will be home.

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Report 0 Reply to Post. Re: Anyone have NO breast changes during pregnancy? August Report 0 Reply. Mine didn't noticeably change - no tenderness, no new bras needed - until my milk came in. I've had no major issues BFing - great supply, even when pumping. Best wishes! Loading the player I didn't have any breast changes during PG except for my nips got slightly darker.

Even PP no real change. I also don't feel it when my milk "lets down". BFP 4 via the natural free! Hot amateur latina ass pussy didnt change! I wore the same bra's as before all through my pregnancy. In fact, I have only been engorged a handful of times since LO was born but otherwise my. It surprises me sometimes that I even have milk in there, LOL.

Thanks so much I just Pregnant no breast changes a little encouragement that I could possibly try again and it work, so I appreciate the input!!!

Good luck, I think you can do this Hope that we are both successful the second time around! If mine changed during pregnancy, it was very little Pregnant no breast changes I wore the same bras through my pregnancy that I wore pre-pregnancy. My milk still came in on Day 4 after three days of cluster feeding.

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