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Misty gave a small "gasp" as she read what pikachu wrote. How did you know? Misty asked in a whisper. Let's see here…I'm female, just like you, and you think just because I'm a pokemon I can't tell if your hitting on Ash? If that's what you think you're in for a rude awaking sister!

Pikachu wrote. Misty and pikachu both laughed so loudly that Brock walked in saying, "what's so funny? Well, I happen to know for a fact that Ash's charizard has wanted you since he first saw you. Pikachu wrote still smiling. He had been pissed off most of the time cause he was horny as fuck and couldn't get any from you. Misty could feel herself getting wet. Why is this turning me on so much? Misty thought to herself. I go tell charizard and I'll set up and time for you and him to get some privacy.

Pikachu wrote and jumped down. When she looked up pikachu was using her tail to push herself to the proper height unlocking the door and opening Japan massage flashlight sex. For a moment she pictured charizard's fully erect cock inside her and her pussy flooded causing her pants to get even more wet. Might as well change Pictures of charizard having sex with misty now.

Misty thought to herself and closed the door and locked it again. Wow…pikachu was right it really did get me horny. Misty thought in amazement as she took off her panties revealing her bare pussy. Misty laid on her bed and began to rub Pictures of charizard having sex with misty clit. I wonder what it will be like getting fucked by a pokemon.

Misty said in a whisper Pictures of charizard having sex with misty herself. Just then Ash's swellow flew in threw the window cause misty to cover herself up in embarrassment. He's in the pokeball I sent with swellow. Just make sure you have a birth control pill or two on you…just to make sure nothing happens to you that happened to me.

Just need some fresh air…alone. Misty said in a firm tone causing Brock to sit back in his chair. Misty walked into the forest just outside of goldenrod city, striped down to nothing and let charizard out of his pokeball. Instead of immediately fucking her like she expected she felt charizard's tongue slide into her pussy cause her to arch and moan loudly. Charizard simply moved his head up into Misty's view and smiled then resumed giving her the pleasure she needed so much. Charizard hold on a second I wanna try something.

Misty said moving herself so her mouth was in front of charizard's throbbing cock and began sucking it. Misty engulfed charizard's full length into her mouth almost making her gag. She moved her tongue all around charizard's member as she Pictures of charizard having sex with misty it. Misty could feel charizard panting as he licked her pussy, which told her he was about ready to cum. Charizard arched himself back and burst a huge load into Misty's mouth causing her to gag and cough.

Don't worry charizard I'm ok; I just hope you enjoyed that as much as I did. Misty said catching her breath. Misty could feel him inside her. Oh my god! I'm actually getting fucked by a pokemon!

Misty thought to herself as charizard began to pick up rhythm. Charizard began to thrust when he felt some kind of resistance charizard froze realizing that that was her hymen. Go ahead take my virginity I'll never be able to give it to Ash anyways. Misty said shedding a tear. Charizard looked down and back up again in attempt to try and ask her if this was what she really wanted.

Go ahead charizard…I know you want to, besides virginity isn't that big of a deal me. Misty lied and charizard Pictures of charizard having sex with misty it.

He couldn't do Pictures of charizard having sex with misty. True that he may have wanted this for so long but he just couldn't take a woman's virginity just for some one-night stand. Story Story Writer Forum Community. What happens after Ash and pikachu's night of romance?

Pikachu is pregnant! A chain of events unfold as team rocket comes back with a taste for revenge and how does this teamrocket scientist know Pikachu so well? Read what has been called my best fic to date. You and Ash are getting married?

Misty Pictures of charizard having sex with misty in astonishment. Yes, he Pictures of charizard having sex with misty to me a week ago. Wow…you're so lucky. Misty said looking a tad depressed. What's wrong? Brock wants to start a relationship with me. Misty said blushing. That's great! Pikachu wrote while saying "pika! It would be, if I wanted the same thing. Misty said still looking depressed.

The smile faded from pikachu's face as she heard this. Why don't you want to be in a relationship with him? Because…no I can't say it.

Misty said trying to hide the fact that pikachu had Pictures of charizard having sex with misty for years. Your still in love with Ash, aren't you? Pikachu wrote looking very serious. Misty laughed. Was it that obvious? Every pokemon within a hundred miles could tell! Pikachu wrote laughing.

I envy you pikachu. Misty said resuming her serious voice. You get to feel that man inside you…while I'm stuck on the sidelines, with nothing. Well, if you want I could arrange some fun for you? Pikachu wrote smiling Emily haack nude pics. What do you mean? Misty asked confused. Misty said looking shocked. Why do you think he was so rebellious towards Ash when he evolved into a Charmeleon?

Me having sex with charizard? I never said I would! Misty said looking very red in the face. If your face didn't give it away the stain on your crotch does! Pikachu wrote smiling. Misty looked down and felt herself and sure enough her crotch was very damp. What a min! Misty said but pikachu was gone. Misty paced back and forth. Will I really go through with it?

Will I lose my virginity to a pokemon like Ash did?

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