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Of Irish, French and Cherokee ancestry. Began singing and dancing lessons at the age of five. Obsessed with The Wizard of Oz as a child, and for a year requested that she be called "Dorothy". Won several awards at the American Modeling and Talent Convention. Her film debut was in 's Holiday in the Sun starring the Olsen twins ; her first major theatrical role came in 's Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, opposite Lindsay Lohan.

Has supported Racing for Kids, a charity which invites racing drivers to visit sick children in hospital, answering questions about their sport and giving presents. Has also supported Urban Arts Megan fox nude superman, a Megan fox nude superman that advances the social and artistic development of underprivileged students in state schools. View All Photos. View All. April O'Neil What are you? Leonardo We're ninjas. Raphael We're mutants! Donatello Technically, we're turtles.

Michaelangelo And we're teenagers. But we can still have adult conversations. April O'Neil So you're Ninja Mutant Turtle Teenagers? Donatello When you put it like that, it sounds ridiculous!

Vern Fenwick So, they're aliens? April O'Neil No, that's stupid. They're Megan fox nude superman. They help people. Mikaela Banes Why are you here? Sam Witwicky Mega-what? Lily I'm not an angel. I'm a bird woman. Jennifer We could play mommy, daddy. Debbie Are those real? Desi These Touch them Desi These Touch them Debbie Really? Desi Yeah sure. General Aladeen Well, she let me aladeen in her face. Jennifer I'm going to eat your soul and shit it out, Lesnicki.

Needy I thought you only murder boys? Jennifer I Megan fox nude superman both ways. Jennifer I am scrumptious! Jennifer I need you hopeless. Jennifer hell is a teenage girl Jennifer Hell is a teenage girl. Needy I thought you only murdered boys! Needy I will finish you if I have too. Jennifer You can barely finish gym class. Mikaela Banes Girls like dangerous boys. Mikaela Banes I just seem to have a weakness for hot guys with tight abs and big arms.

Sam Witwicky Um, big arms? Mikaela Banes Why don't you let me drive? Trent Oh, no, this is not a toy. These headers I don't want you rusting them. How about my little bunny just hop in the backseat? Mikaela Banes Ha ha You'll call Megan fox nude superman. Alice to Sam, after Mikaela caught Met art girls xxx videos kissing Is this your girlfriend?

Alice [to Sam, after Mikaela caught them kissing] Is this your girlfriend? Mikaela Banes Ex. Megan Fox " What am I? A Kardashian? Megan fox nude superman [Grabs Needy's breasts] Jennifer These are like smart bombs, you point them in the right direction and shit gets Megan fox nude superman. Needy You know what?

You were never really a good friend. Even when we were little, you used to steal my toys and pour lemonade on my bed. Jennifer And now, I'm eating your boyfriend. Megan fox nude superman least I'm consistent. Needy You're killing people? Jennifer Megan fox nude superman. I'm killing boys. Girls taking off panties It smells like Thai food in here.

Have you guys been fucking? Jennifer No I feel like boo boo. My skin is breaking out and my hair is dull and lifeless. I feel like one of the normal girls. I feel like boo-boo.

My skin is breaking out, and my hair is dull and lifeless. It's like I'm one of the normal girls. Jennifer I am a God! Needy Okay? Jennifer I am going to eat your soul, then shit it out! Jennifer I am going Razzie Nominations Announced: Zoolander No.

Variety Posts "Transformers" Review. News My Account sign up log in log out. The Battle of Jangsari. Above the Shadows. April O'Neil. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. No Score Yet. This Is The Dictator. Friends Megan fox nude superman Kids. Mary Jane. Passion Play. Jonah Hex. Jennifer's Body. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Mikaela Banes. Sophie Maes. Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen.

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