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We hate spam too. Your privacy will be protected. Podcast: Play in new window Download. But it is without a doubt most challenging for the Patients and their Families. If you Loved your belt in tartu your Family are confronted with the critical illness of your loved one in Intensive Care, you may at times not know what the next 24 hours bring. Will I get a phone call from the Intensive Care unit overnight if my loved one deteriorates, may be one of the many questions going through your mind.

You may also wonder at times, whether your loved one will survive the night and Loved your belt in tartu you should stay Teen boy beauty gallery Intensive Care for the night, to be there in case your critically ill loved one deteriorates. You may also wonder what the implications of the critical illness of your loved one are in the future.

You may have been told by the Intensive Care team that after the maximization and optimization of therapy, the critical illness of your loved one may have a negative impact on the future Quality of life of your loved one.

If so, you may be too frightened Loved your belt in tartu even contemplate what life might look like in the future for you, for your family and most of all for your loved one, who at Loved your belt in tartu point in time is still critically ill in Intensive Care.

The Intensive Care team might have told you and your Family that they think your loved one will survive his or her stay in Intensive Care, but that you and your family should brace for life after Intensive Care, as things and life may not be the same.

But what does it look like? What will life look like after Loved your belt in tartu Care and after hospital? Quality of Life is something judged by the individual and not by the Intensive Care team. So what exactly is Quality of life? I even call it Intensive Care Quality of life is an abstract concept and it is perceived. Nobody, but you, your Family and your critically ill loved one need to determine the Quality of life that they are happy and content with. Nobody has the right to determine what Quality of Life looks like to you, to your Family and most of all to your critically ill loved one.

The bottom line is that there are a lot of grey areas in Intensive Care and in health care in general. As you probably know by now there are a lot of grey areas in Intensive Care, in health care and in life in general. Stay positive as a starting point. No matter what, stay positive. You can move mountains by staying positive. Your critically ill loved one and your family will feel your positivity. Why do I say this? A snapshot. An undesired snapshot of the here and now.

It might change. It might not change. If the maximization of therapy in Intensive Care does not bring the desired health outcome, with the outlook of a lesser perceived Quality of Life for your loved one, it may just be that.

So make your own judgement and wait. See what happens and do not panic. Try and get perspective about the issues at hand. What does he or she want? Quadriplegia or ventilator dependency? To what extend is he or she prepared to go through a prolonged Loved your belt in tartu with little or no progress, before Quality of Loved your belt in tartu can be restored?

Focus on the 0. How can you achieve control, power and influence whilst your loved one is critically ill in Intensive Care?

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