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We could go through the great dramatic moments in the history of cinema, or list the best cinematography or musical scores yawn …. He offers her fifty dollars for a towel to perform a test with his cleaning product. Then, quite unexpectedly, Johnny literally rips off her clothes and chases after her like a mad rapist.

Insert audience laughter. Basically, the entire premise of Zapped! Eventually, the entire dance turns into something out of Carriebut with boobs instead of blood.

In this s television commercial we learn how vital Dunlop products are when they begin to disappear. Boots, tires, beds, etc. At the end, a tennis player has her outfit disappear. In a particularly memorable scene from this Kurt Russell film, a woman in a live TV advert gets her clothes caught in the Women clothes ripped off comic of a car… which surprise is completely yanked off when the trunk lid opens.

Thus, boobs are broadcast to the masses, and comedy ensues. In this scene, a pianist has the clothes sucked off her body by a cosmic vortex Women clothes ripped off comic is catapulted naked from a chimney.

In an effort to help two men clinging for dear life to a pole on a building ledge, Wendy King disrobes to offer her pals a lifeline.

A shocked crowd watches the now-topless Wendy from below. Oh, the hilarity! Watch it for yourself — the scene in question starts around Women clothes ripped off comic which the loveable retard, Jerry Lewis, accidentally disrobes a glamourous celeb as she deplanes. The best part is when Jerry rolls the poor humiliated women in the red carpet. The clothes ripping gag was Women clothes ripped off comic a trend in Jerry Lewis films.

Another naughty vacuum cleaner popped up on a Dick Emery sketch. A woman pulls into the station and another improbably powerful vacuum manages to pull her clothes right off. The poor girl Blonde rumer willis nude Susie Silvey, who was actually the skating silhouette in the opening title sequence of Octopussy. Watch the Emery sketch below. Stella Stevens spends a goodly portion of The Silencers in revealing attire a bikini, rain soaked, lingerie, etc.

The undisputed king of the disrobement for comedic effect is Benny Hill. The number of times he used this gag is uncountable, but it just never stops being funny. The scene begins with a leggy girl taking a ride on the back of a motorcycle. Then the couple stops and enters into an argument. Big… except where it counts! Subsequently, the cyclist drives off, taking her clothes with him. This whole tawdry scenario starts at about the minute mark.

The scene starts at around The NSFW bit lasts a few seconds. The UK game show Generation Game was thoughtful enough Women clothes ripped off comic include a comedic skit amid the competition. Cut to Melanie wearing a dress and it tearing off as she steps away from the target. The scheming sorority girl, Babs Martha Smith who hates the guys at Delta Tau Chi Fraternity gets her comeuppance at the end of the film.

Virginia Madsen is the socialite who gets her shirt torn open by Andrew McCarthy. Guests, Rob Lowe and John Cusack laugh uncontrollably as the exposed debutante runs away. Never has attempted rape been portrayed so comedically. Penelope Natalie Wood is asked to stay after class by her professor Jonathan Winters. Things are going about innocently until the professor, instantaneously transforms into a slobbering, groping, raping madman.

It would be a shockingly uncomfortable scene were it not for the cartoonish expressions and mannerisms which clearly spell-out that this is all in fun. In which a policeman tears off the habit of a woman Francine Walker disguised as Topless debby ryan animated pussy nun.

Take note that so often, when the clothes are unexpectedly yanked, the lady is decked out in stunning garters and lace. The clothes ripping gag is so overplayed, so long-standing, that it was only a matter of time before it was parodied. See for yourself. Sign up now. Shop Fleshbak About Our Shop. But Women clothes ripped off comic is voluntary disrobing. Watch the episode on YouTube. The scene starts around New In The Flashbak Shop.

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