Yeah, like, I used to big them up but now, I really am not that attracted Wives who like dildos them. No, lol. I used to like black guys more before than I now, which is what I'm trying to say. Sexual Health.

I work at a sex shop and I've noticed that most women buy inch dildos. I thought women were alright with 6 inch dildos.

Also, they always buy black dildos. So, do women secretly want big black penises? Share Facebook. Why do women Mature russian women porn buying big dildos?

Add Opinion. I don't even own one, but with dildos and toys like that, the more extra you have to hold onto, the better control you can have with it.

You need a bit to grip onto. It doesn't mean those girls are shoving the entire thing in there. And even if they were, that only represents the women YOU see who buy toys, lol, not the whole female population. Color is irrelevant. They also have neon ones and every color of the rainbow, and we'll never find a man with a penis any of THOSE colors, so it really makes no difference. That's what I would get. More realistic! It could also be because Wives who like dildos like to do it with the lights off and like to pretend they are having sex with an invisible man because they don't Wives who like dildos the black dildo in the dark.

Sign Up Now! Sort Girls First Guys First. Slowpoker Wives who like dildos 1. Wives who like dildos they feel better, they hit all the right spots and never cum to soon. A woman gets a great cock without the problems that come with Wives who like dildos real cock. Mine is bright yellow and the size of my pinky finger.

Xper 7. Because it's better to have a bit extra, especially with dildos. They can stick as much in as they want, and leave the rest out. With a penis on the other hand, it's pretty much always completely in, which is where size can be a problem. Brando Xper 3. Color doesn't matter does it? Seeing as there are purple, blue, or clear ones lol. I don't own a dildo and if I did it would not be that large and it would be orange roflmao and I don't secretly want an orange men's penis xD.

Black guys don't really turn me on anymore. I don't know why. Show All Show Less. Well, I do like the goodlooking one's, ofc. Xper 6. A longer dildo gives you something to grip Wives who like dildos you're using it. I'm fine with 6 inch penises, but with dildos if I have the option to go bigger I will. I don't have a black dildo. Because women are fairly size centric. OrangeBoy Guru. Because that's Wives who like dildos is not true lol.

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