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Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. Did you miss your activation email? JOIN us today! My dream women all seem to have waists half the size Amateur dirty wives exposed mine while their hips circumference just crushes mine and the power of their thighs can snap me in half with minimal effort. Latino men have it made.

Are those curves for real, or shooped? If they're real. I'm relocating to Rio I think most are real. I'm moving too! Is there something that can be added to the water that women in South America drink to look like that? Quote from: Marty on Oct, PM. I have just recently discovered this one. Her name is Cherry and she definitely has the right kind of thighs and legs!

Cherry could still grow her best parts a bit more yet, but she certainly qualifies! Just, WOW! OK, well, how about these then? I got them from a site called cinnamonbunz. Got lots of these so if you like 'em Wide hips thick thighs me know and I can post some more. Imagine Wide hips thick thighs pillow in 2nd pic was your head. Marty, I'm going to try using the postimage Wide hips thick thighs you're using.

I uploaded a couple images to test with. Hopefully this works. That didnt work. Trying again. In postimage host you chose you can specify the code for images alligned in rows rather than columns. SMF 2.

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