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The Bulova Accutron Vintage accutron bulova watch a truly revolutionary product. In fact, it cost as much as a Rolex. The Vintage accutron bulova watch famous Accutron model was the Spaceview which had no dial, with the watches innards completely on show. Like Vintage accutron bulova watch lot of things in life, it came about completely by accident and was never actually intended for sale.

You see, keen to create excitement and explain how the new technology powered the Accutron, display models were sent to Bulova dealers with the tuning fork movement on display. The public were immediately drawn to these strange and Vintage accutron bulova watch timepieces in the shop window, so rather than wanting to buy one with Vintage accutron bulova watch dial, they asked the salesman for the unusual watch on display.

Soon, dealers everywhere were contacting Bulova asking for more Accutrons with no dials. Dealers even resorted to removing the dials from the ordinary Accutrons that they had in stock as they struggled to keep up with demand from the public, keen to show it off to their friends. While the original Accutrons came in a 14k gold watch case, the new models were produced in cheaper stainless steel and filled gold. The new purpose-built Spaceviews also came with a chapter ring a built-in metal minute scale running around the inside of the watch face and the crystal had the Accutron name and tuning fork logo printed straight onto it.

That honor goes to Hamilton, with their Ventura model. Elvis wearing a Hamilton Ventura watch. Buy One on ebay. Bulova can claim a first though as the Accutron was the first electronic watch to be controlled by a transistor. When the Accutron was released to much fanfare inthe most accurate mechanical watches watches that Vintage accutron bulova watch wind-uphad a frequency of 2Hz beats a second. In comparison, the Accutron had a frequency of Hz, which quite frankly, was astonishing technology.

The undoubted star of the Accutron was the tiny tuning fork. Two small electric coils, visible at the top of the Spaceview, were placed on either side, which in turn created an electric field that made the tuning fork vibrate. The vibration then moved a ratchet which pushed the watch hands forward.

I absolutely love the look of the early Bulova Accutron models. If possible, I would love to have two versions — one with a dial such as the Railroad Approved and the more futuristic looking Spaceview. What immediately made the Accutron s stand out anyway, regardless of dial preference, was the lack of the crown at the side of the watch. This gave the watch a perfectly smooth shape, which I personally find very pleasing on the eye. The crown, which adjusts the time of Vintage accutron bulova watch watch, was actually hidden at the back, along with a battery port.

This was clever design work by Bulova. To adjust the time of the watch, you would use a finger nail or a coin the watch actually came with a special Bulova coin to lift up the setting handle. You would then simply turn the handle to change the time. As well as exploiting television and radio, Bulova also produced some of the most iconic print advertisements of the time. The scene is a monologue by ad-man, Freddy Rumsen, who is running through a new Bulova pitch for Peggy Olson.

Although Bulova is now owned by Japanese brand, Citizen, Bulova was once a solid American Vintage accutron bulova watch company that Americans were proud to own. Vintage Bulova Accutrons with the tuning fork movement was made from tobridging the gap between mechanical and automatic watches to the domination of quartz.

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