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No average girl in Vanessa blue ava devine 20s can afford Michelin-starred dinners, spa appointments, gym memberships, monthly vacations and designer luxuries—while paying bills and student loans. But to maintain a lavish lifestyle in Singapore, some girls look for older men Sugar Daddies who are willing to finance their spending habits. But with Google, pursuing a Sugar Daddy in Singapore is a lot easier than expected.

Most of the time, these Daddies are older men seeking attractive company without strings attached for a period of time. To some people, this lifestyle can be seen as prostitution or glorified sex work. Nonetheless, there seems to be a fine line between a want and a need for women who seek out Sugar Daddies. Although some profiles had pictures and descriptions, I still felt a little uneasy. Maybe it was due to the poor website quality or that I got shaded from a Sugar Daddy when I took more than a couple of hours to respond:.

Such messages gave the impression that these men felt a sense of entitlement and ownership over me. After trying out several dating platforms, SeekingArrangement seemed the most legit. Basic information included height, body type, Submissive wanted by sugar daddy in carahue education level. Within four days, I was approached by 19 potential Sugar Daddies. Most of them were Singaporeans in their 30s, while others were expats who travel in and out of Singapore for work.

The oldest man I spoke to was 50 years old. They were also very persistent and upfront about their expectations. However, it was hard to ignore how many of them had families.

Choosing to be a Sugar Baby can be seen as an anti-feminist movement, but SeekingArrangement argues that because young women are already at a disadvantage with pay raise, having a Sugar Daddy can be justified. Men do the same thing, but they get more opportunity because of their privilege.

Being financially stable is important to feel secure, but a relationship is supposed to empower Submissive wanted by sugar daddy in carahue physically and emotionally as well. It may be nice to be pampered and showered with gifts, but is putting a price on your affection worth it in the long run? While the majority may think being a Sugar Baby is wrong, Sugar dating platforms are for people who know what they seek in a relationship.

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