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Log Quad amputee woman having sex Sign Up. Explore New Story. Lit Live Webcams Straight Female. Fun for couples - cams online now! Story Tags Portal amputee.

Active tags. Sort by:. Views Rating Favorite Newest. All Time All Time. My First Blind Date Ch. He Hooks a Quad amputee woman having sex One! Patient and therapist hook up together.

Two Disabled Workers A disabled couple that work and play together. TGIF Pt. Damaged Goods Ch. A View Quad amputee woman having sex Die For An amputee and his neighbour get it together. The Sponge Home-visit sponge Quad amputee woman having sex man Quad amputee woman having sex a woman missing a leg. Linda and Me The mind is a wonderful thing.

It works in many ways. The Missing Flesh Cyborg girl finds love. Battle Scars Ch. Anita Ch. The Lady Privateer A devotee notices a realistic pegleg at a costume party. Decisions Ch. Hotel: Another Woman Her gift to him, a threesome with a woman with one leg. Device: Gina Gina finds love without legs thanks to the device. Guest House Jeff loves stockings, high heels, and missing legs. My Teacher How a student falls in love with his beautiful teacher.

Deli A punk look accents the missing arm. Her sister is hot too. Coincidental Encounter Two lonely people, three legs, instant chemistry, passion. Device: Older Women Love of older women with one leg takes Devon to a Quad amputee woman having sex place. Cheap Whiskey She picks up men missing a leg in Quad amputee woman having sex of being that way. The Road Trip It's not the first time a Harley made a marriage.

Photo Album A married woman without arms, introduces him to friend. Elf Ears Christmas comes early for two deserving souls. Silence is Golden Former Seal finds a reason to go on. Examinations Pt. Exit A broken truck at Quad amputee woman having sexa hook for a hand, and a limp. Finding A Dream Wife's pictures help him learn of her need to amputate leg. Magic Potion: Roseville Potion capital of the world, people lose limbs, find love.

Magic Potion: Lana Lana pretends to have one leg and meets Mike. Magic Potion: Sissy booty cartoon porn pics A mystery woman missing a leg tells Grace about the potion.

Math Class She's missing a leg and helps him find love elsewhere. Sling Legless, Yae has several lovers then finds an old friend. Museum Without limbs, she rests in a cold hand, others watching. Amped Nancy is released from the hospital to a one-legged life. Getting to Amp Ch. Hotel: Renovation Jake searches the streets and finds two amputee women. Ski Lodge A blizzard gives Matt a chance to meet a woman with one leg.

Room for Rent Erika finds a new life with Tara who's without legs. Consultant Laurel finds happiness with Juliet who's missing a leg. Lake: Jeff Two guys meet again - one rich and missing a leg. Lake: Leah His mother is different - bigger breasts and a missing leg. Lake: Isabel She's missing both legs and Dave won't leave her this time. Hotel: Front Desk He sees the hook. She checks into the hotel and his heart.

Hotel: Windows Without limbs, she accidentally enters his room, his life. Hotel: Lifeguard Skimpy bikini on her legless body.

He could have had anyone. Hotel: Sandwich Two men, two women, six legs, all in a pile. Hotel: Bellman He carries her luggage. Her missing leg steals his heart. Hotel: Bar Hotel bars fascinate her, so does the woman missing a leg. Hotel: Chocolate Birthday present - a black woman, white sheets, no legs. Never Enough For Julie, amputation was sex, the stump was the afterglow. Boat Deck Love on the yacht included a single leg.

Getting to Amp Young woman must choose amputation or limb shortening. Abrevia Ch. That's me! All in the Family Ch. Lori looses the other Quad amputee woman having sex. Camping - A Magic Waterfall 3-legged couple at a remote waterfall for fun and fantasy.

Not Quite a Regular Guy Finding a doctor who understands everything. The One Handed Harlot His lust for a sexy amputee Quad amputee woman having sex to ghostly delights.

The Journal Ch. Family A three-legged wedding is on the horizon. Strip Tease Waterskiing and one legged stripping all in a day. One High Heel Dancing Reality trumps her fantasy. The Guest Ranch She had learned to use her stump for erotic purposes. Apres le Dinner Lick my leg and my stump, Don. Holly loses her arm. The Safeway Orgasm Privater pleasures in public are exotic! Coming Home Life as a one legged new bride begins in earnest.

All in the Family A day at the lake, a family of amputees, marriage, and more. The Happening Fantasy becomes reality. The wife has one leg. By The River Ellie is missing a leg, discovers Kevin at the nude beach. Blue Bird Ch. Jan finds another like herself. Blue Bird An online chat with an amputee becomes much more.

Cubicle Leah learns he has one leg because he wanted it that Quad amputee woman having sex. Alexander's Resort Ch. Twins Saved by Nudity Ch. Separate tags with commas.

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