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It had been almost three months since losing that bet with my hubby. My wager was for a five-day cruise to Mexico, while hubby simply wagered an unstated sexual fantasy of his choosing. I figured it was a win win for me, win or lose, so I took the bet. Half the pub heard the bet and the cheering and applause was tremendous. It was all great fun. Though taunted by our friends, hubby would not let on what exactly he had chosen as his fantasy.

Then one lazy Saturday, in early Fall, hubby said it was time to make good on our bet. I had almost forgotten about the wager, but hubby was quick to refresh my memory. He also indicated that we would be doing a little hiking on this adventure. With no clue what to expect, I pulled on a pair of hiking shorts, a simple button-down blouse, and my hiking boots. As we drove along, I asked hubby what he had in store for me. He replied that he had this long-time fantasy involving one of our favorite hiking trails, but refused to provide any details.

Soon we arrived at a familiar trailhead. We had both enjoyed this particular trail over the years, so it was not really surprising to me that hubby had selected this particular trail for his fantasy. As is often the case, our car was the only one in the parking area, indicative that we would be alone on the trail.

As hubby grabbed his daypack from the trunk of the car, he told me I should leave my clothes in the trunk for safekeeping. I asked him if he expected me to go naked and he just smiled and nodded his head.

The thought of walking our favorite trail in the nude was quite stimulating to me, but I objected to leaving all my clothes at the car. I begged to have him carry my clothes in his backpack, but he was adamant about leaving everything behind. I finally relented, and stepped to the back of the car to disrobe. I looked carefully up and down Nude women tied to trees road and, seeing no hint of anyone else around the area, slipped quickly out of my clothes.

It Nude women tied to trees about P. Hubby closed the trunk leaving me Nude women tied to trees there completely naked except for my shoes and socks. I could Sex big ass kenyan women he was quite pleased with himself. As we proceeded down Nude women tied to trees trail, I felt more and more comfortable with my situation.

I was guessing that we would make our way to our favorite little meadow where hubby would no doubt bed me down in the grass as he had done so many times in the past.

As we walked along, a light breeze rattled the leaves, calling my nipples to attention, and leaving me hornier with every new step. I was surprised when we just kept on walking. I asked hubby where we were going and he pointed up ahead to a lightly wooded knoll about another half mile farther on.

We had explored this area too, over the years. The knoll looked over some of the back-waters of San Francisco Bay, and the view from there was always very nice. As the trail approached the top of the knoll, hubby and I veered off, making our way overland towards higher ground and a more dense Nude women tied to trees of the woods.

As we continued to walk, I noticed hubby studying the area around us, as though looking for something in particular. Finally, hubby declared that we had arrived at the perfect spot. Dropping his backpack, he pulled out a large blanket and spread it out on the ground.

He plopped down on the blanket and beckoned me to join him. Reaching back into his sack, he pulled out a bottle of wine and two glasses. For the next hour, we enjoyed our bottle of wine and the magnificent view before us.

I was a little nervous, sitting so close to the trail without a stitch of clothing to wear. But as the wine began to take its effect on me, I grew less and less concerned about someone barging in on us. As a matter of fact, I was actually getting turned on by the entire event.

Little did I know what hubby really had in mind. After checking his watch, hubby said it was time to execute his fantasy. I had thought watching me hike naked with him to be his fantasy, so I was a little shocked when he pulled out a long nylon strap and asked me to stand next to the tree Nude women tied to trees our blanket. Dutifully, I stood at the tree wondering what was on his mind. He told me he wanted to tie me to the Nude women tied to trees and blindfold me.

He Nude women tied to trees that he wanted to play Nude women tied to trees a little rape fantasy that he had thought about for some time now. I pointed out to him that we were still very close to the trail, close enough that anyone walking along would easily see me.

He said that exposing me to anyone walking the trail was part of his fantasy and that he was hoping to do just that. After securing me to the tree, he pulled out a dark blue bandana and blindfolded me. I tugged at the straps to confirm that I was in fact securely tied and subject to whatever hubby had in mind. Standing there naked and helpless, I asked hubby what he Nude women tied to trees to do.

He said that he was going to wander off a bit so he could just watch, should anyone happen down the trail. He assured Nude women tied to trees that he would be close enough to intervene if anything went wrong. With that said, I could hear him walk off, the leaves cracking under the weight of his footsteps.

I stood there for what seemed an eternity, listening to every sound around me and trying to anticipate the approach of any strangers. For the longest time, all I could hear was the breeze rustling through the trees and the occasional chirp of a bird.

I felt strangely turned on by my situation, standing in the open, completely naked for anyone to see. I could feel the juices leaking out from my bushy red-haired pussy and trickling down the inside of my thighs. Each new breeze made me quiver a bit as the fresh air kept my nipples hard and erect. I wondered just how far away hubby had wandered. I began to detect distant footsteps, suggestive that someone was approaching down the trail.

I knew it had to be hubby returning to play out his rape fantasy. As I listened, I could hear the steps growing closer and closer, until I could sense that someone hubby? I called out his name, but received no reply. Was this Nude women tied to trees I Nude women tied to trees startled a bit when I felt two hands grab my breasts, pinching my nipples between their fingers. The sensation was incredible. I was fairly sure it was Nude women tied to trees massaging my tits, but there was that lingering doubt in my mind.

The slight Nude women tied to trees I was experiencing only heightened my senses as I could feel the juices pouring out of my pussy. After a moment, one of the hands shifted from my breast to my pussy.

I could feel the hand massaging my pussy and an occasional slip of a finger between my already moistened pussy lips. Each time his finger would slide over my clitoris, I could feel my knees buckling as my body quivered in lust. I could only contain myself for a short while before I achieved an incredible orgasm.

My emotions ran in all directions — from embarrassment for cumming with what might be a total stranger, who was probing away at my pussy with at least two fingers, to unrepentant lust for what more this stranger if it was a stranger might be planning to do with me.

I complied immediately, Nude women tied to trees myself to my knees. As I knelt before him, I could feel him rub his cock across my face. It was at that moment that I knew I was being ravaged by a stranger. Hubby has a nice sized cock, but this monster had to be at least two inches longer. I started Nude women tied to trees panic, but my Nude women tied to trees quickly turned to anger.

Hubby was out there allowing all this to occur, enjoying me squirm before this total stranger. Nude women tied to trees decided that I would be the slut that he obviously wanted me to be.

As the stranger slid his enormous cock over my lips, I opened my mouth and sucked down what I thought to be eight inches of throbbing meat. I slowly slid my head back, letting the cock ease out between my lips. As the very tip of his cock slipped out of my mouth, I lunged forward again, taking it all the way in. The Nude women tied to trees placed his hands on my head, and began steadily pumping his dick in and out of my mouth.

I tried to visualize what this might look like to my hubby, his naked wife tied to a tree, deep-throating a total stranger. He seemed to quicken the pace when suddenly he plunged his cock deep inside my mouth and shot his load into the back of my throat. I swallowed it all without hesitation, as I slowly rocked back and forth, milking every last drop of cum from his cock. I was incredibly horny as the stranger pulled his dick out of my Nude women tied to trees for Nude women tied to trees last time.

It was then that I heard another set of footsteps approaching. Was this yet another stranger? Before I could say anything, I could feel the blindfold being untied. Andy had been in the pub the afternoon that I had made my bet with hubby, and here he was, his huge wet cock glistening in the sun. Andy thanked me for the adventure, and apologized for taking advantage of me.

I looked at hubby, then back at Andy, and said that if someone would take off the damn tie-downs, I might be inclined to have a little more fun. Stay tuned for the rest of the story. Report Story. Title your feedback:.

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