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The all-nude fight scene has been a staple of literature since Eve asked Adam to bite into the fruit of knowledge and Adam said, "Make me. We like nudity, AND we like fighting. Back in the really old days, when the Youtube was called "actual Roman gladiators," naked fighting was literally the "bread" in "bread and circuses.

What matters is that a snarling knock-down-drag-out is better when the delicate goodies are in play, and never more so than when superpowers are involved. RULE 1: No adult comics. RULE Nude in marvel comics Only one nudie shot per customer.

Wolverine, for example, can pop it out of his pants as often as he pops them out of his knuckles. If we don't impose the limit, the whole list becomes about Logan's dangly bits. RULE 3: The appearance of nudity isn't good enough. The character must have actual genitalia.

Sorry, Howard the Duck and Silver Surfer. As a millionaire playa, Tony Stark was always willing to slip out of the Armani suit for the hunnies, and as a drunken gutter dweller Nude misty may dawn was willing to step out of the Iron Man suit and give it to his pal Rhodey.

The suit, I mean. With nothing but his "little Iron Man" to help Nude in marvel comics, and a few well-remembered "training sessions" with Steve Rogers, Tony Stark smoothly kicks butt while his own is dancing in the breeze. The things I do naked in front of my cats would get me arrested if I were doing them in front of say, the neighbors, tied up in my shower. Watchmen is the greatest superhero comic book of all time, so it has to be on all lists that Nude in marvel comics the words "greatest" and "superhero".

Luckily for us, the naked fight scene between Rorschach and Doc Manhattan in Issue 12 is a keeper! And it follows memorable naked quantum-physics scenes and naked menage-a-doppelganger scenes that changed my dating ambitions forever. The sociopolitical implications of Alan Moore's narrative and the intricate mechanism of this novel have been discussed endlessly by greater critics than I, so I'll just leave you with two thoughts:.

If ever there was a reason to avoid calling him "the bucket-headed superhero," this issue is it. After being Nude in marvel comics with "fiber-melting herbs" by the hippie supervillain Doc Natural, Hoverboy is forced to fight crime in the nude.

He learns to avoid shame by reading the first part of Genesis over and over and eventually smacking anyone in the face who looks at him "down there.

If you're into the twin aesthetics of decorative baroque and boys' pink bums, you can't do better than Burne Hogarth's Tarzan graphic novel, published in by Watson-Guptill.

Freed of the comics code, Tarzan is naked for the first hundred pages But oh, those glistening backside orbs were Nude in marvel comics full display—page after page—bulbously leaping from tree to tree in a cascade of male glute flesh rarely seen outside a clergyman's rectory. And when Tublat Tarzan's gorilla father starts messing with Kala Tarzan's gorilla motherwe're treated to the second-bloodiest naked superhero fight scene on the list. I dare you to fight someone while your mom is watching nude.

If you didn't want to see an "in the buff" teen-Aquaman fighting a grown man in rubber pants, then why have you read this far? Some self-examination is in order.

Okay, I get that Aquaman's origin story was kinda like "Tarzan of the Fish," and if his dolphin pals weren't ashamed of their blowholes, why should he be? But Nude in marvel comics scene goes that extra special mile for its entertainment dollar.

It involves rubber pants, choking, punching, animal noises and a young lad tied starkers and spread in a chair. That's at least three-fifty downtown, but the comic Nude in marvel comics for two dollars, quite a bang for your buck in You always wondered why Aquaman has such a devoted following—it's not just because he can breathe Nude in marvel comics. I wasn't kidding about how often Logan goes sans pants.

They even have a special term to alert the students at the X-Mansion when Wolverine is "sunnin' the package": It's called "midafternoon". But of all the nudie Wolverine fights, this is the Nude in marvel comics against which all others are measured. And Tall slim brunette nude you're Old fat granny lesbian porn with a yardstick, you're already impressing me.

The zenith of Logan's multi-issue birthday-suit wood romp comes when he fights the equally unclothed and competitively hirsute wolves in MCP: Weapon X 77, and bathes in their mighty blood when it's all done. The most badass moment in comics is suitably bare-assed and has been referenced again and again. Millar and Hitch's Nude in marvel comics run was a leader in the naked-fight-scene genre, with an average of one naked fight per 3. One of the most important aspects of a man-to-man fight is the ability to look your opponent in the eye and say belittling things to him.

And Cap hands Hank the beat-down that he had coming all the same. THAT'S why you salute the man with the shield. This can't be a coincidence. There's no way that the editor was unaware that the first two words in this naked fight scene are "swish" and "Dick.?

Someone had to be spying on me. And the second page of this memorable sequence begins with another unfortunately worded balloon that I'm not going to type up, in case I enjoy it more than I should. Just read it yourself And it all ends with a spread-eagle boy wonder, and naked Bruce looking down on him, again saying "Dick Follow Bruce's stare.

Go check, I'll wait. It was as though the editorial team at DC had decided to give in to the fan Nude in marvel comics they'd been getting from "that anti-Wertham" Nude in marvel comics, and just let them have one issue to call their own. I think the story had something to do with mind control, and Hugo Strange, and something like that.

Did anyone read the other 18 pages in this issue when people were wearing clothes? My copy won't open. This is special in so many ways. First off, the Ultimate Hulk was a walking naked fight scene from the word go. That Nude in marvel comics his raison d'etre, his meaning in life, his chewy center. He doesn't Nude in marvel comics if he defeats the Leader, or the Abomination This Annual is nothing more than a big, long, extended, full-length and blood-engorged naked fight scene that ends in a punch to the cojones Nude in marvel comics was visible from space.

And the subject matter of the fight? Some chick named Zarda gets hired by Captain America to make the Hulk wear pants. She attacks his Hulklings until he agrees, and then they go to a motel and snuggle like very bad bunnies who are not married to each other, and might not even be considering a formal engagement. No wonder comics are considered literature nowadays. When the end comes, and the world is crumbling around me due to nuclear devastation or social upheaval, Nude in marvel comics is the comic Nude in marvel comics take with me to the escape shelter.

Full respect to Fabian Nicieza and Kevin Maguire for making this objet d'art for us to enjoy. The story has something Mom and son get naked together do with Catwoman stealing something, and running into an all-nude fetish club to escape Batgirl chasing her Good god, I'm heterosexual, how am I supposed to remember the plot?

But THIS This is naked fighting, folks, Nude in marvel comics naked prancing. You want naked prancing, Nude in marvel comics your congressman.

There are other naked Extreme cum shots xxx scenes in comics. I seem to remember Magneto fighting for his life in the shower. Ah, those memories I can't seem to purge. If you've got a naked fight scene you think we should know about, please let us know. We're always willing to look at naked people smacking at each other, whether they're flying through the air or not.

Update your browser for more security and the best experience on this site. Skip to main content. Latest Stories. Tag: Movies. Tag: TV. Tag: Fangrrls. Tag: Podcast. Ty Templeton. Dec 14, Share This Post. Tag: Batman. Tag: Iron Man. Tag: Wolverine. And now, without further ado, Nude in marvel comics further use of the phrase "dangly bits" Issue 12 Watchmen is the greatest superhero comic book of all time, so it has to be on all lists that include the words "greatest" and "superhero".

The sociopolitical implications of Alan Moore's narrative and the intricate mechanism of this novel have been discussed endlessly by greater critics than I, so I'll just leave you with two thoughts: 1 It's bad enough being killed by a friend, but killed by one waving his little blue weenie at you is insulting.

Hoverboy vs. Doc How to self fuck for woman If ever there was a reason to avoid calling him "the bucket-headed superhero," this issue is it. Except every week in your inbox. Your email. Sign in to comment:. Sign out:.

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