I was home for the summer from my sophomore year of college and bored out of my mind. My college girlfriend had gone home, too. With her on the East coast and me in the Midwest, it made for a long, horny summer.

I stumbled across a website for married cougars looking for some young cock. None of the profiles had pictures so that these married cougars could maintain their anonymity until they felt the time was right to reveal themselves. The profile only contained descriptions of body type, looks, My friends hot mom cougar likes and dislikes, and what they were looking for. I had chatted up a couple of local cougars, but there was one that was quite persistent and sounded perfect to me.

It said she was years-old, 5' 8" tall, long brown hair, brown eyes, with a 38DD build. She wasn't looking for anything permanent, just some young cock to satisfy the My friends hot mom cougar her absentee husband couldn't or wouldn't satisfy. Sounded good to me. There was no exchanging of phone numbers, only chatting through the website's built in IM system.

We finally decided it was time to meet. We chose to meet for an informal dinner at a local pizza shop we both liked. My friends hot mom cougar order to make it My friends hot mom cougar to recognize each other, we told each other what we'd be wearing. She went with a red silk blouse with a cream colored skirt and matching pumps.

I told her I'd be wearing a light blue button down shirt with jeans and loafers. I arrived fashionably late. I chose this particular eatery for two reasons.

Yes, their pies are excellent. But it also has two large front windows Hot latina women nude passersby to view the entire, smallish restaurant.

I wanted to use this to my advantage. I wanted to Nude hot black girls this cougar before committing in case I decided to bail. Sure enough, I saw through the window that my target had arrived. Much to my surprise, I knew her. It was my mother! Don't get me wrong, my mom Dana is stunning. Exactly as described previously with perfect skin, long legs holding up a toned body, a great smile, and a laugh that lights up a room.

Every head turns to catch a glimpse of her when she's around. As I grew older, I came to realize just what My friends hot mom cougar stone cold fox my mom was. And my friends constantly pointed it out, even going so far as to describe what they'd like to do to her and with her.

Occasionally I would catch myself day dreaming about her. But I never thought My mind raced as I stood on the sidewalk outside the pizzeria. The angel on the other shoulder reminded me it was my mother and how wrong it would be. I My friends hot mom cougar back into the darkness. Far enough where I couldn't be seen from inside the restaurant but close enough that I could watch.

I pulled out my phone and launched the website's app. U R gorgeous! I typed. I saw her jump at the message and quickly look around. Where r u? She scanned the room again. Come sit with me.

I want to meet u. Take off ur underwear. I chuckled as I typed it. She My friends hot mom cougar again. No reply from me. R u serious? No reply again. She scanned the room. I watched as she wiggled in her seat. I watched as she slipped a red g-string into her clutch.

The bra too. No reply. I watched as she rose up out of her chair. She's had enough and she's leaving! But instead of heading towards the door, she headed towards the bathrooms and disappeared. A Free nude movie stars moments later she reappeared. It was obvious by the bounce of her 38DDs she had removed her bra. Her tits were firm but tits that large are going to bounce a little. I could even see her gumdrop-sized nipples poking through the silk material.

She took her seat at the table. Unbutton your blouse. She discreetly unbuttoned three buttons, revealing plenty of cleavage. My friends hot mom cougar paused, then unbuttoned two more.

Her shirt was unbuttoned well below her breasts now. I couldn't wipe the grin off my face. One more. I could see the frown on her face. Come sit with me! She did one more button. Her shirt was open to her flat stomach now. Good girl. My dick is hard. R u wet? Ur nipples are hard. Pinch one. It's cold in here. She scanned the room before she reached up and pinched a nipple through her My friends hot mom cougar. Reach under ur shirt and do it.

She slowly did as told. I watched her hand as it moved under the thin material and My friends hot mom cougar a nipple, a little longer this time. R you hard? Fuck yeah I am! I want to see ur cock. Let me feel it. Finger your pussy. Come sit with me first. I watched as she slid her hand past the waist of her skirt. Her body shivered at the first touch of her own hand.

She did lie. Her pussy was soaked at the excitement of it all. She had never done anything like this. The finger touched her hardened clit. She bit her lower lip and she flicked at it again and again. Without even thinking about it, soon she had two fingers sliding in and out of her slit. Her head was spinning. I watched from outside as she clenched her fist and closed Hard core sex youtube porno eyes.

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