As Kevin was driving home from work on Thursday he got a text message from his Mistress reminding him that this weekend was going to be a celebration of his six month anniversary as her weekend slave.

And that she planned Audrey bitoni mackenzee pierce raise the stakes of what he would have to endure if he wished to continue serving her. While continuing his drive home to his apartment, he thought back over all the things he had already endured in his efforts Mistress and slave boy please Mistress Ruth. The pain of the repeated spankings, paddlings, and whippings, the humiliation of having his body made Mistress and slave boy below the neck, the hours spent in bondage in various positions, and the relentless list of household chores that usually she managed to find fault with no matter Mistress and slave boy perfect he thought he had done.

And then of course that tiny cock cage she had locked on him the very first weekend, forcing his six inch cock into it while Huge big bbw ass had the Mistress and slave boy evil smile on her face.

Fortunately as his imagination began to run wild as he tried to think of what else he would be made to endure for her he arrived back home. Parking the car he quickly Mistress and slave boy it and went into his apartment and tried to focus his mind on anything except what he may be facing Bella thorne zendaya lesbian strapon porn weekend.

Even after climbing into bed, the memories of having his Mistress and slave boy cunt, as she called it, violated repeatedly by her collection of strap-on dildos, the hours of pussy worship giving her numerous orgasms, and the requirement that he consume all the golden nectar she produced continued to flood his mind.

He tossed and turned throughout the night before finally hearing his alarm clock's incessant noise at 5 a. He quickly took his shower, checked to be sure there was no hair anywhere on his body that could get him in trouble, packed his weekend bag, and hurried off to work.

As he prepared for his 11 a. The memory of that event caused him to start feeling nervous as to what she might have in mind this weekend. But his traitorous cock tried to swell in its prison causing him to wince as it was constrained rather painfully. He didn't realize his discomfort was obvious to anyone else, until the Human Resources director Mistress and slave boy if anything was wrong.

As he looked toward her he noticed a sexy smile on her face and that just further Mistress and slave boy his swelling cock. Throughout the rest of his work day he worried that others might recognize his discomfort. He couldn't wait for 5 p. He thought the hour long drive would be a good chance to relax some. Finally, quitting time had arrived Mistress and slave boy Kevin quickly picked up his office and headed out to the parking lot.

Just as he reached his car, he found Laura the Human Resources Director and Claudia her secretary standing next to Claudia's car which was parked next to his.

With those disconcerting smiles they both wished him a great weekend Mistress and slave boy Laura added a remark about him being a different man by Monday. As he drove out of the parking lot he could not imagine what she meant by that remark and why Claudia laughed so hard when she made it.

Needless to say his drive to his Mistress did not provide him the relaxation he had hoped for. Upon his arrival at p. Unexpectedly the door swung open, Mistress Ruth grabbed his bag and car keys out of his hand, and demanded that he strip right there! He was left aghast as she slammed the door in his face.

Looking around he realized that he most probably would not be seen by anyone, but the step was in limited view of the road. Although the thought of disobeying went through his mind briefly, he realized she had the keys to his car, not to mention to the lock on his cock cage.

So he succumbed to her demand and soon found himself standing there stark naked save for the cock cage. As he wondered what to do next, the door reopened and Mistress grabbed his clothes, again closing the door in his face! As he stood there he could hear vehicles driving by on the roadway so he stayed facing the door thinking at least nobody would see his face. After what seemed like hours, but was likely not more than fifteen minutes, Mistress Ruth opened the door again and said "This is how you will arrive at my door from now on.

You shall not enter my house until you are naked! Now get your slave ass in here on your all fours like the owned chattel you are! Mistress Ruth reached down and roughly buckled a heavy leather collar with four big rings on Mistress and slave boy tightly around his neck. Without saying a word, she snapped Mistress and slave boy leash to the front center ring and yanked hard turning him around and headed toward the kitchen with him following along like a dog!

The menu is on the counter. I will be relaxing with a glass of wine in the living room. It seemed like an impossible task, but he knew that failure on his part would be extremely painful, so he increased his efforts all in the hope Mistress and slave boy pleasing his demanding Mistress.

With just one minute to spare he beckoned his Mistress to the dining room holding her chair for her as she was seated, then quickly served the meal. Since she said nothing about him joining her for dinner, he knelt next to her and waited for instructions. She quietly sampled everything on the plate, then smiled down at him and even gave him a few words of praise Mistress and slave boy his efforts.

But just as he was basking in Mistress and slave boy graciousness, she barked at him that her wine glass needed to be refilled and what the hell was Mistress and slave boy doing? As he scurried back in with the bottle to refill her glass, she informed him that he had committed a grave error and would suffer a suitable punishment later.

He just knew his poor ass was going to pay the price for this failure. As she finished her meal, Mistress Ruth rose and ordered him to clean up the entire kitchen and report to her in the living room when he was finished. And she cautioned him not to take too long, but also to be sure he cleaned everything properly and put it in its correct place. Although she smiled as she gave him Plum blossom bae doona nude scene movie orders, his trepidation began to rise as he knew that smile all too well, and it usually was not a good sign for him!

While he was Mistress and slave boy doing his kitchen chores, Mistress Ruth changed into something more "comfortable" as she would say, a black corset attached to Mistress and slave boy stockings and spiked heels. The corset just covered her gorgeous breasts and by leaving her divine womanhood bare, she just knew that the slave would be so surprised by her choice of attire that he would be taken Mistress and slave boy his game so to speak.

By the time he finished Mistress and slave boy reported to her in the living room, she was relaxing in her favorite chair idly stroking her clitoris and rubbing her now wet lips. As her slave entered on his hand and knees and crawled toward her, he realized how she was dressed and what she was doing.

As she had hoped, he was totally unprepared for the vision that greeted him and Mistress and slave boy stopped crawling and just stared in disbelief! You are going to tend to my needy pussy with your tongue like you have been trained. Of course, first you will have to suffer the discipline you earned for foolishly not keeping my wine glass filled.

When she had him positioned at Mistress and slave boy end of her bed, she beckoned him to stand with his hands behind his back. She quickly attached heavy leather cuffs to his wrists and ankles then demanded he bend over the end railing.

As he did so his feeling of fear started to rise again as this is never a good sign when she cuffs him and orders him to bend over. But before he had a lot of time to worry, she grabbed his wrists and cuffed them to the corner bedposts, leaving him bent over with his ass raised and his face in a pillow, a position he well feared.

Then he felt her grabbing his ankles and cuffing them to the bottom of the bedposts as well. This certainly left his ass fully exposed as well as his balls hanging down below his caged cock. You look scared!! And to enhance your suffering I am going to thoroughly oil your ass and thighs so the pain is increased for my pleasure. Why was she being so severe with him?

It was just an oversight to not refill her wine glass. His apprehension was rising to new heights as he worried Mistress and slave boy the beating he was facing. Then he felt the oil being poured on his cheeks and her hands starting to massage it in thoroughly.

All the while she chided him about how much this was going to hurt, "There now your ass is all oiled up, but here let me get those thighs as well, I might want to beat those too. Oh and Mistress and slave boy at those hanging balls, I better oil them too just in case my strop hits them, accidently of course!

Here it comes! The first four strokes bit into him like a hot Mistress and slave boy iron, leaving him wondering how he would endure the rest of the strokes. Although he wanted to scream, he knew from previous training that she expected him to take his punishment in silence.

Again he felt four more strokes, then a pause, and another four strokes. The pain was becoming unbearable, and he started to fear losing control and not remaining silent. Twelve strokes and you haven't broken down like a little boy yet. Your ass is very red already Mistress and slave boy, so I will give you the next four on the back of your thighs so your ass gets a little rest.

See how thoughtful I can be! He started to doubt his resolve to not scream out in pain, but then she switched back to his ass. The next 12 strokes came as before, in sets of four with a pause in between. He wondered why the pause, but was grateful, until he heard noises that sounded like sloshing sounds. But then the next twelve strokes were laid on even harder than before leaving him gasping and close to breaking down.

Lucky for you as I am really wet now which will make it easier for you to orally please me when I finish your punishment. It was as the next four strokes were delivered on his ass followed by four across his thighs that the slave realized the noises he heard were of his Mistress fingering herself while she beat the daylights out of him!

How humiliating to use his punishment as a sexual pleasure for herself! But these are going to be real special! I hope they hurt like hell! And then she swung the strop again, only this time bringing it vertically upward between his legs so that the end of it hit his balls.

The scream he tried to let out seemed to get caught in his throat as the pain overwhelmed Mistress and slave boy. But the second painful stroke was too much and he finally screamed in agony, much to Mistress Ruth's delight.

And that delight caused her to quickly deliver two more smacks of the nasty strop to his balls, again bringing forth some lovely cries of agony.

While he sobbed into the pillow under his face, she climbed up on the bed and slid herself down toward his face. Attaching the leash to the back of his collar she pulled his head up from the pillow and slid her dripping wet pussy directly under him.

I am so damn horny from Mistress and slave boy you like that, that I will be coming hard all over your face! When he hesitated for a few seconds, she used the razor strop to strike him on the back and demanded he get busy.

Within a couple of minutes she felt the first orgasm surge through her body. Grabbing the leash she pulled him into her pussy even harder and demanded that he not stop. And again it only took a Mistress and slave boy of minutes before she felt Mistress and slave boy second glorious surge of sexual satisfaction throughout her body, leaving her gasping for breath.

Smartly though the slave continued his oral ministrations for another ten minutes as he feared she was likely still holding that razor strop and had no desire to feel that strike him again. As she neared her third orgasm he again felt her pull very hard on the leash all but crushing his face into her womanhood.

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