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Log in. I was looking around and found a bunch of lists of Best Celebrity Legs or Sexiest Celebs Legs that are waaaaaaaaaaay off. I mean seriously off! They have to have shape. I believe this is the reason why so many Best Celebrity Legs lists are so badly executed.

For that matter, any legs list. So, what constitutes a shapely leg? It has to have a muscular calf. Pure and Brunette milf shay fox. For instance….

Sorry fellas. Talk about lack of shape. But I digress. That means something going on in the calf muscle area in order to balance out the thighs. Hehe, I can always do an update. Please forgive me for my ignorance, and Please feel free to leave me a message in the comments about whomever is worthy of the list that I Lisa marie scott bikini. There was so many great legs women to choose from.

This is it, the tops of the tops, the number one pair of Best Celebrity Legs. Very much like our model Elena where her calves are as thick as her thighs. I hope you enjoyed this little list. As I wrote earlier, I had to do it. Thought it was high time a Legaphile created one. Just drop it in the comments. Denise Faye who featured in Son and mom xxx story movie Chicago and as one of the you go we go girls in American Pie 2.

I remember her having beautiful thighs. Yes, I agree. And yes, she could be higher, but it was sooooooo close. Heck, you could argue for Britney to be 1. Especially if you throw in the availability of legs shots of her. Let me provide you with a sleeper. Kelly osbourne. Thick strong legs. No, no. Kelly Osbourne has developed some seriously big beautiful calf muscles.

Lisa marie scott bikini incredibly well. If I had thought of her, she very well might have made my decision process tougher. Def, honorable mention. Now I need some good images of those legs. I remember her doing a show, it was an odd ball show with Jack. She was wearing a mini-skirt and good gawd, mind blown. Great article! I agree that long and skinny legs does not equal great legs.

I would not have put Britney Spears so high, however. I think I remember Penelope Ann Miller having a Lisa marie scott bikini set of stems too. Oh hell yeah!! Lisa marie scott bikini forgot about Penelope. Yes she did. Great calves. Thanks for your kind words!! Rachel Mc Adams!!!! Its so nice to see her here! I always loved her legs!

Incredible and sculpted! Great post guys! Thank You Herc for the kind words. Such a shame. Personally, I think Jessica Simpson should be on this list. Admittedly, I forgot about Jessica. Jess and Brit have very different legs.

For me, it might Lisa marie scott bikini hard to get Jessica on the list based on her legs type. Britney fits a different type Lisa marie scott bikini leg, where as I feel a couple of the others on the list have similar legs to Jessica. Does that make sense? Very nice! Beautiful yes, best in the world? Not in the discussion.

Maisie Williams!! Haha Definitely a consideration for 2. Some real stunners on here?? Thank You Ever So Much for the kind words! Time to do a Google search. Oh, yeah! I saw an image of her on a talk show. Looking forward to seeing what she does next.

Hopefully get more leggy eye-candy from her. Had you seen this? Rachel McAdams and Sandra Bullock are great choices! Never heard of Michelle Ryan before this list, but I really liked what I saw!!

Only wish she showed more above the knee! She was stunningly hot in that one, and was plenty leggy back then. And of course there are a handful of models from this site who would be in my all time legs top10! Thanks for commenting. Again, nice job, Breztky! Thanks for the new hotties Virginia homemade amateur porn look for.

Selma Hayek is amazing!!! Thank You for the kind words. Finally someone voices what needed to be said about Rachel McAdams! Nope, not Jennifer…. But as far as a Sexiest Celebrities List…. You would be hard pressed to find another actress sexier. Great list. Thanks for the kind words. Seriously overlooked, but the legs list will always be up for debate. How about Kate Beckinsale? Definitely a hottie for sure with those sexy legs. No african american women neither?

As for being criticized for not being diverse…I will not and nor will I ever Lisa marie scott bikini on a quota system. Quota systems do not work. Two things ring true here…. But that argument is not for this blog.

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