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If the term "homemade sex toy" makes you immediately imagine a trip to the ER, you may be surprised to hear they're not necessarily as questionable as you'd expect. Yurizan beltran first time toys can be a great option—especially for women who are hesitant to use or pay for anything mechanical, man-made, Home made sex toys explicitly created for sex play, says Sara NasserzadehPh.

These homemade sex toys are all expert-approved—so you know they're both fun and safe to use. If you want to take your blow job game to a new level, this tool—er, jewel—is for you, says Debra Lainoa sexologist and couples and marriage therapist based in Delaware.

Just be sure you actually talk about your desires first. You could also try experimenting with penetrating your partner with the other end of the spoon. If you do, just be sure to wrap the spoon with non-microwavable saran wrap, Home made sex toys Laura McGuire, Ed. Is your mind in the gutter yet? Good—now you see that a cucumber was pretty much created to double as a dildo. Here too, just be sure to wrap it with non-microwavable saran wrap first in order to protect yourself from getting a bacterial infection, McGuire says.

Rubbing against a stack of Home made sex toys can stimulate the clitoris and serve as a stand-in for a partner, says Rachel NeedlePsy. Pillows, as well as towels, can also be great co-masturbation tools, says McGuire, who encourages everyone to think outside of the penetrative sex box.

Want to get dirty while getting clean? Just use your shower head as a vibrator by pressing it up against, or directly spraying, your clitorisNeedle says.

If you like the feeling of exfoliating your face or back, you might really like a similar sensation on your inner thighs, between your Home made sex toys cheeks, on your outer labia, or against your breasts, says Kim Airsa sex educator in Los Angeles. Your man may like it too, she adds, on his scrotum or penis shaft. Scrubbie too rough? Just be sure to Home made sex toys a clean one that hasn't been used for cleaning dishes Home made sex toys toilets.

Dig in with a fork and save those bad boys for a later. Just check the sticks for splintering potential first. Again, be sure your partner is cool with feeling a sting—and sporting a bite-mark-looking impression temporarily after.

Sure, you can attempt to hold an ice cube in your mouth while delivering oral sex, or even swish ice-cold water in your mouth beforehand, but the thing about ice is that it melts. Instead, create that same effect by swishing your mouth with mouthwash or popping in a strong mint first, McGuire says.

Make sure your oil is new, too. You have to take off your nylons to have sex, so why not involve them in the fun instead of tossing them in the laundry pile? A shirt or scarf can work too, says Terri Vanderlinde, D.

Like the idea of getting all lubed up—but don't want the mess? Put some coconut oil or olive oil in a sandwich bag, and use it to stimulate your partner, or watch him use it to take care of himself, says Eric Garrison, a sexuality counselor in Home made sex toys, Virginia. Melons are great for barbecues—and bedrooms. Then, have him pump into it while working you with his mouth or hands, or hold the fruit yourself to Home made sex toys him.

Or, try using it to tickle a male partner's testicles, suggests Garrison. Laino finds many men enjoy masturbating with meat. Of course, don't let him get anywhere near your vagina until he's thoroughly cleaned up afterward.

BYO partner Home made sex toys the bathtub next time; men, for one, can use the soap to masturbate themselves while you work the water stream, Laino says. And putting soap in your vagina isn't a good idea, either. Wax play is hot—literally. But if you and a partner want to give it a shot, first have them lie on the bed while you hold a just-blown-out candle above your head.

Allow a bit of wax to drip on your foot so you can test the temperature before scalding your lover. All good? Keep it up high as you drizzle it on your partner's body. Just clip them on to your nipples or a partner's the same way you would with normal clamps, and see if the sensation is something you're into.

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