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Well, Smith, no stranger to lewd conduct and losing jobsmay have a point there. In fact, there are four Burgess brothers, all rugby players, all Ruan thai massage gratis sexvideo hot.

Happy Friday, kids. Shame it closed down a couple of years ago. This boy has nothing to be ashamed of. He is gorgeous! My ex was one of four boys in a family, two of George burgess rugby nude were gay. The guy was head and shoulders above anyone, and ran straight over me twice, despite me being older and at the time physically bigger.

It was known at the time he was the best prospect in the school ranks. He has great proportion. Notice how his quads are as well defined as his upper body. If he wants to take pictures of himself nude or having fun, who does it hurt? Give the guy some room to breathe! Texasteacher : Tell me about it. American boys, particularly straight ones could take a page out of Aussie boy workout book. Gorgeous face, gorgeous upper body, chopstick legs.

I see this a lot in gyms all over the US; all chest, no legs, all arms, no back. I grew up around a lot Aussie, Kiwi and British boys and I recall many of us who were even in the slightest athletically inclined, having pretty well developed legs. I think it came from the fact that we walked, ran or biked to school routinely.

Meanwhile, back at my 24 Fitness gym, Mr. Uber-Macho Stick George burgess rugby nude has just walked by, chest puffed out, guns George burgess rugby nude. Just googled them and saved them.

However generous Mother Nature is to us in these areas, Father Time eventually shows up, jealously wanting those gifts back. There is nothing this STUD should be ashamed of!! He should just run with the rest of the rugby player flock and pose for the Deux du Stade calendar.

Lots of perfect men showing of their schlongs and asses. I wish I had one of these for my birthday. George burgess rugby nude birthday present everrrr…. In the interest of human kind, he should not be allowed to wear clothing…every.

All that being said…George and his brother are quite gifted men…I will George burgess rugby nude one of each…Monday…Tuesday etc. Now, if I were a fat slob who did not care about how he looks and does not eat properly, I guess I would want to cover up the mess with clothing, too.

Dang it! I George burgess rugby nude made a hookup with him online for this afternoon — guess I was fooled! One good thing about all this is his willy will be getting bigger on the internet as time goes by — stay tuned.

And this is newsworthy why? A good looking guy who happens to play sport took some naked pics. Now he is in trouble? What a load of shit, get over it people. This country is becoming so conservative, it sickens me.

People should focus on real problems. This is really news? Do they do not look at their own bodies. Is very disturbing the comment by the news caster that his career in Rugby might be over and why make a gay reference. We are all humans and People that make comment like this do not like themselves in a front of a mirror. I think is very silly. So what he has nothing to be ashamed off and no one has the right to Judge him.

And I am sure he meant for this Picture to be private. I agree with Peter Comment Peter : This is an average looking guy?? Not in NYC where I live. The real story here should be the homophobia and prudery inherent in the George burgess rugby nude announcers assumptions that a nude photo would end his rugby George burgess rugby nude and that his only career option would be working in a Gay bar.

George burgess rugby nude is simply no real scandal in nudity and we all have to get over it. I agree with sfsilver. There will be another one soon, and many more in George burgess rugby nude future. Does he think dancers and strippers and sex-workers are the lowest rung of society? News-flash Mr. Does he have something that no one else has? Do the photos show any disgusting or questionable activity? Do they show any activity that is immoral or disgusting?

Do they show anything that that has not been seen before elsewhere on the Internet? Get over it! I dont know what the fuss is all about! He is 21 and drop dead gorgeous with a big dick! If it bothers anyone, dont look! Change the channel. Big time! It makes him in touch with his physical perfection and in a good place to be admired by George burgess rugby nude takers. Being on the receiving end of that is very affirming for some men.

As I mentioned several times before, what is it about Australian men that makes so many of them Hunks!? Notice, many George burgess rugby nude the top movie actors are Aussies, and add to that these sport hunks! Is it the water? Homophobe probably has had more balls off his chin then the legendary catcher Pete Rose. He could easily have a huge career here.

Do you think this was a Freudian slip or is he inferring something? I love the Burgess brothers. I have a huge boner because of them. I wonder if they wrestle? Probably great jo matterial. I find nothing wrong with George burgess rugby nude male nude physique.

Does anybody have any idea how to contact them? Search for:. Get Queerty Daily Subscribe to Queerty for a daily dose of burgessbrothers georgeburgess georgeburgessnaked stories and more. BritAus and there are no gay bars in Kensington …. Jake This boy has nothing to be ashamed of. Harley Just discovered cum is hard to get off my iPad George burgess rugby nude. Derek Williams and my phone number is….

Nikkidane Wow! Marry me!!! Homophile Jake : Agree with you completely. B Damion Jesus! Polaro In the interest of human kind, he should not be allowed to wear clothing…every. Now move on. Jackhoffsky I am NOT into Drunk passed out sleeping or brothers.

NateB79 balehead : Jesus. DarthKitsune wow, all four of them make me go from six to twelve in a second! Red Meat He has a bunch of new fans… he will learn, in time, that this was a good thing…. Peter And this is newsworthy why? Jared MacBride Peter : This is an average George burgess rugby nude guy?? Sfmanlvr I dont know what the fuss is all about!

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