Disclaimer: This is true story more or less names have been changed for privacy's sake. The three us of were walking back from a concert, myself, John, my then girlfriend, Cindy, and our friend who was in College girl dorm dare for the weekend, Beth.

We had just seen the University's accapella singing group perform a concert and we were College girl dorm dare back to Cindy's dorm room. I had a girl clinging to each arm, College girl dorm dare I thought kind of odd, but it was December and very cold out so I shrugged it off as nothing.

You would probably like some background information on the three of us, so here you go. My name is John, I am 6'5" about pounds. Cindy is about 5'7" and maybe pounds, I would describe her as athletic. She has straight, shoulder length, brown hair, brown eyes, and glorious College girl dorm dare D breasts. Cindy and I started dating in high school and ended up going to the same state school.

College girl dorm dare friend Beth is a little taller and a little curvier, standing at about 5'8" and maybe pounds. She has very curly, long brown hair, blue eyes, and I would guess 36 C breasts. Beth's breasts may not be as large as Cindy's, but she more than makes up for it in ass. The term "black girl ass" gets used around her a lot, and it definitely fits.

Beth went to high school with Cindy and I. She and I had made out a couple of times before I dated Cindy, but it never went anywhere serious. She went off to a private school in another part of the state, so this was the first time we had seen her since college started.

We were all 18 year old freshman finishing up our first semester. So we got back to Cindy's dorm room and I find her roommates gone, and her and one of her roommate's mattresses laid out together on the floor. I gave the girls a look, wondering if I had been set up. I was dubious to say the least. She and I sat down on one of the mattresses, I was leaning against a dresser behind me, and she was leaning against me.

Beth sat down on the other mattress, leaning against Cindy's bed. Truth or dare Beth? Clearly something was up, but I wasn't in on it yet.

Beth's face reddened, "I've given a couple blowjobs John, truth or dare? You could almost hear Beth's jaw hit the floor. What the fuck guys? Cindy glared at me for a second in silence before answering, "Well, I think it would be really hot to have a threesome College girl dorm dare a girl.

Beth responded quickly, "I know what you mean, I don't think I'd want to like, date a girl or anything, but doing stuff with her might be fun. At least one time. Beth and I our bras and panties, and John his boxers. Beth gave an uncertain look.

Not wanting to lose the moment I jumped it, "It's not really any different than if we were in swimming suits. Cindy unbuttoned her shirt and slid it off, and now I was staring at two girls in their bras. Cindy's was plain black, lifting her large breasts, I tried not to drool. Beth's however was more scandalous.

I had never seen a cup less bra before, but now I had. Beth's nice C tits were lifted, but not covered by her bright pink underwear, giving us a nice view of her small, very hard, pink nipples. Beth Black dick sucking hoes vid pic galleries, but didn't cover College girl dorm dare. The girls stood and took off their pants.

Cindy was wearing lacy, black boy shorts that matched her bra. Again, College girl dorm dare was less dressed, wearing a pink thong that completely disappeared in her big, sexy ass. I thought Cindy was going to start College girl dorm dare. Beth smiled, "If Cindy doesn't mind? Beth crawled over next to Cindy, and I stood so they could remove my pants.

Cindy worked on my belt while Beth my zipper and they began slowly sliding my jeans down my legs. As they pulled, both their faces were eye level with the outline of my now very hard cock pressed against my boxers. Now, I don't consider myself particularly attractive.

I'm not fat, but I don't have a six pack or anything, my face is pretty average, and I'm not overly muscular, but what I do have is a large penis. So if you take anything away from this story, date a tall guy.

Cindy just smiled, as if proud of what was hers. I wasn't sure how far I could push this, so I said, "I dare you to make out with one of us. Your choice.

Either way I couldn't lose here. Beth looked to Cindy for confirmation, and Cindy made a gesture saying she wanted her to kiss me. Whether Cindy wanted to watch us, or wasn't ready to make out with a girl, I'm not sure. But it worked out well for me. Beth stood, still considerably shorter than me. I leaned my head down and kissed her, wrapping my arm around her back to hold her closer.

One of her hands went to my chest and the other the back of my head. Beth was what you might call an aggressive kisser. He tongue was in my mouth in seconds, which I was more than alright with. I felt her exposed nipples pressed against me, making me even harder, if that was possible. After maybe thirty seconds, I felt someone pulling my boxers down. I looked past Beth, still kissing her, so see Cindy had stripped naked, and pulled off Beth's thong as well.

When my boxers slid free of my hard on, it snapped back up, hitting Beth in the stomach. She looked at Cindy, who nodded in approval, then grasped my cock and started slowly stroking. I was in heaven, or I thought I was until Cindy leaned in and started licking the tip. Now that was true heaven. I reached behind Beth's back and quickly undid her bra so that we were all nude. Cindy began sucking my dick in earnest while I continued to kiss Beth and started to massage her breasts.

Beth broke the kiss, gave me a wink, then sank to her knees next to Cindy. I looked down to see two gorgeous girls licking my cock, alternating sucking the shaft and the College girl dorm dare. This was one of the greatest sensations of my life, and I could barely stand from the pleasure. The girls' sucking quickly turned to them making out around my cock head. This morphed into them making out while stroking me.

I closed my eyes in pleasure, but opened them again when the hands left my shaft. I was disappointed until I looked down.

The girls had positioned themselves in a 69, Cindy on top. I slowly stroked my dick, watching and listening to the moaning, when Cindy made a beckoning gesture with her hand. I dropped to my knees, unsure of what she wanted, "Fuck me. I positioned myself behind my girlfriend, and slid into her.

Beth was enthusiastically licking both of College girl dorm dare now. I started slow, but quickly increased speed, by balls hitting Beth's face with each thrust. Between me fucking her and Beth licking her clit, she was not going to last long, "Oh fuck! I held myself inside her, letting the pleasure wash over her. Once she calmed College girl dorm dare I slowly started again. Cindy dove her head back into Beth's pussy with renewed vigor.

I could feel myself getting close, "I'm gonna come baby. Beth gave a muffled moan which to College girl dorm dare day I'm not sure was a yes or a no.

However half a dozen hard thrusts later I pulled out and stuffed College girl dorm dare cock into her mouth. She started to come, moaning while greedily sucking as I shot spurt after spurt down her throat. Cindy kept licking her, and she rode her orgasm while she sucked every drop she could out of me. A little leaked out and ran down her chin. Cindy got off of her, turned around and licked up the little dribble of come. This turned into the two making out, tasting me and each other I'm sure.

My dick didn't College girl dorm dare get a chance to soften with this sight in front of me. Cindy broke off the kiss and said, "Let's go take a shower.

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