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When it comes to studying nude photographythere definitely seems to be a preference for shooting in black and white over colour. It is perhaps because the former allows the artists to better engage with the great contrasts and beauty of the human body.

From giants of 20th century art right through to very modern photographers, Boy youth nude art photographs artists curated here all bring something exciting to the medium. In this image the photographer Philbert offers us a vision of the two sexes in perfect harmony, two sides of the same coin, where each individual draws strength and power from the other to create a joyous whole.

The contrast achieved in terms of black and white is breathtaking, as are the positions that his models manage to strike and hold. Nude mature women photo Ukrainian photographer Natalia Mukha favours graphic explorations of nudes, often going in for some shocking and powerful imagery.

The above piece is more subdued then her usual output, but still packs a subtle punch. She ingeniously manipulates the shape of the naked male model to mirror the landscape surrounding him. When it comes to photographers capturing and idolising strong women, no one did it better and with more beauty then Helmut Newton.

He was unafraid to shoot naked women full-on, hiding nothing behind strategic lighting or mise-en-scene. Sally Mann has been a controversial figure in contemporary photography circles for many years. Her natural and softly lit shots of nude girls and boys rub some people up the wrong way, claiming they are Boy youth nude art photographs children. This view point is completely misguided though, for her photography is earthy and completely ordinary, presenting young people as they are when in the freedom of nature.

Sent up with clouds of dust, the nude dancers that he shoots present us with a vision of the pinnacle of the human body. Just like sculptures in Ancient Greece and RomeValsecchi is showcasing the potential beauty and perfection of the athletic human form, though in a more exaggerated style here.

In the art world, the name Spencer Tunick conjures up one specific image in the mind: large-scale shots of naked people, often involving hundreds of participants.

They are beautifully artistic and quietly erotic. Boy youth nude art photographs this could make a very interesting birthday cake for some young lady or gent. The artist Joel-Peter Witkin is famous for his dark photography, choosing as his favourite themes and subjects death, Boy youth nude art photographs, dwarves, transsexuals and people with deformities.

In this regard he can be viewed as a modern day Diane Arbus : Their twin obsession of photographing the seamy underbelly of society in crisp black and white images. As light falls in shadowy pools onto the elongated body of his female body, the viewer is invited to gaze and study the human form from this more unconventional angle. Follow the author and view more articles. Scene uses cookies to help deliver our website to you.

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