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Robyn and I had discovered the joys of teenage fucking in my last chapter. The next day I anxiously headed towards the treehouse. I was ready for some more of her hot blonde pussy. My 14 year old cock throbbed excitedly. I climbed the ladder quickly; I opened the door to Asstr aunt slit licked tree house and there sat Robyn. Suddenly I noticed that Asstr aunt slit licked 12 year old sister Jackie was also there.

I was kind of disappointed, my dreams of another hot day were shot to hell. I sat down between the 2 sisters and we began talking. Robyn unzipped my jeans and pulled my cock out. She began stroking it while her little sister watched. My cock soon grew to its full length. Robyn Hot ebony bbw fuck taking her clothes off. I looked at her beautiful blonde bush that was beginning to develop.

Jackie stared in fascination as she stroked my hard dick. She watched the clear precum that was oozing from the swollen head. Robyn began playing with herself. Her fingers stroked her wet slit. I watched as she spread her pretty pink pussy lips apart. I could see how moist she was. She rubbed her swollen clit.

Jackie continued to stroke me off. Robyn pulled my jeans completely off. She straddled me and began sliding her hot, tight pussy onto my erect cock. Robyn moaned as I slid very deeply into her Asstr aunt slit licked pussy.

Jackie pulled her cotton shorts and white cotton panties off. She spread her young legs apart widely. I stared at her hairless pussy. Her Asstr aunt slit licked clit was very big and swollen. She began rubbing herself while her sister Asstr aunt slit licked my hard cock. Jackie spread her Asstr aunt slit licked lips widely apart. Asstr aunt slit licked asked her to straddle my face so I could look more closely at it. Jackie stood above me with her little cunt inches from my face.

I watched as her little fingers spread the wet lips apart. Jackie lowered her pretty pre teen pussy on to my face. I slid my wet tongue deep inside of her. She groaned as I wiggled my tongue around inside of her tight, hairless Asstr aunt slit licked. Robyn continued sliding her hot, tight pussy up and down my hard cock. She Asstr aunt slit licked so good. I licked her wet slit up and down. I noticed her tiny butt hole as she squatted above me.

I slipped my tongue against it, and thrust it inside. Jackie giggled. Her fingers were rubbing her juicy pussy. I began sucking on her swollen clit, and she thrust a finger inside of herself. She moaned as I licked and sucked her pretty little clit. Her body began shaking, and she climaxed. Her juices poured from her hot pussy. My mouth hungrily sucked up all of her sweet pussy nectar. I felt my balls begin to tingle, and Sexy thick naked women spreading yelled to Robyn that I was going to shoot.

Robyn Asstr aunt slit licked pulled herself from my throbbing cock. Jackie climbed off of my face and joined her sister between Most popular bdsm stories legs.

Robyn began stroking my cock. My cock was very wet and slick from her pussy juices, and she moved her fist up and down with quick hard strokes. My hips began to jerk. Jackie leaned her head close to my cock so she could get a good look. Suddenly, I shot my wad. My cum erupted like a volcano. She put her young mouth on my throbbing cock as her sister continued to stroke me. She swallowed it, and continued sucking me. As I recuperated from my Asstr aunt slit licked orgasm. I watched as both girls began to play with themselves.

Robyn began moaning. My cock was so hard. I began jacking off. She stuck her little ass high in the air for me.

I rubbed my big hard cock up and down the wet lips of her tiny pussy. Jackie eagerly thrust herself against me. My big cock slid partially inside of her hot, pink pussy. She wiggled her firm little ass around until my entire cock head was inside of her.

I began to push and slowly entered her extremely tight pussy. I continued to push and finally got myself all the way inside of her. It felt incredible. She moaned and wiggled her little ass wildly. She begged me to do it harder. I increased my thrusts. I was fucking her virgin pussy doggy style. Robyn was holding her pussy lips apart as her sister hungrily sucked her swollen clit. Jackie squealed as my hot cum splashed inside of her tight, hot pussy.

Her Asstr aunt slit licked shook, and she came with me. Robyn began moaning, Asstr aunt slit licked I could hear Jackie slurping on her pussy. She held her sister by the hair and ground her pussy against her young face. This was incredible.

My cum poured from her open hole. Robyn pushed Jackie to her back, and hungrily dove between her young legs. Jackie moaned as her sister slid her tongue inside of her pussy. Jackie came quickly. I was still hard, and was stroking Black booty pussy spread cock, watching the 2 girls.

They both took turns licking my long hard shaft with their wet tongues. I soon rewarded them with some more cum. They both shared my hot cum with each Asstr aunt slit licked. God, what a day I was having. Believe it or not, I fucked them both again that day. These 2 sisters were hot, and everyday as soon as we would enter the tree house, they would strip their clothes off, and we would fuck and suck each other.

My entire summer was so wonderful. It really broke my heart when their father got another job and they moved away. But, there are always memories. You must be logged in to post a comment. Share this story:. If you enjoyed this story, share it!

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