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My wife B has a naughty side that she does not realise i know about. She does flirt and does push the limits but often does not know i am watching. B is slim and average height and very attractive. She does draw attention from men easily. One evening in summer we were at our neighbors house for a party.

Our neighbors were new so we knew no one there. My wife and i were mingling in different circles on the night so were getting to know people. Later in the evening once darkness fell, i noticed my wife speaking to a guy seemingly younger. I made sure not to let on i was watching.

My wife was dressed in a shortish summer dress, very silky and sexy indeed. He seemed to be very close in his chatting and she was not standing back. Her responses even included plenty of touching his arm as he spoke. I reposition to allow myself to observe in such a way that they would not be aware of me watching.

I could see now him occasionally whispering in her ear which had her smiling in response. This continued for some time. It was then that they both went to get a drink and then moved to another place where now they were more in an area away from the light. Now was when he would whisper, she would smile and he would brush his hand down her hip gently.

She did not seem to object. This moved to him now shifting from hip to leg below the line of her dress. Again she had no objection. My wife really had no reason to feel nervous. She had long known that her flirting turned me on. I had frequently told her i was ok with it. She would Wife has fun with friend, what if they were to try to go further?

I would simply respond with a smile and say, "its up to you how far it goes". Now i could view that he was now seated with her in a secluded area of the party. Somewhat facing one another, i moved again to where i could observe. As i watched, i could see him talking to her, smiling but could now see his hand on her knee, sliding slowly back and forth.

And again he would whisper and now move his hand further. His hand had now slid under her dress line, her face was now in a trance. I moved again for a better angle. By this time his hand was well under her dress, her eyes closed briefly with satisfaction and i could tell he was satisfying her. It was easy to see his hand working her hard. B was now moving her hips with his rubbing between her legs.

As i observed B, she pushed his hand out then without making it obvious, reached under her dress and slid off her silk white panties and placed them in her purse. She now lent back, spread her Madison chandler bangbros ass slightly, grabbed his hand, placed it back under her dress and continued to enjoy.

Her hips started to go back and forth to a point that was clear she was almost squirting her cum. She then reached to his obviously hard cock and rubbed it. This continued for another 5 minutes and being that they were in a darkened area, no one took any notice. Expecting it to Wife has fun with friend, i got a drink. Upon returning i noticed they Wife has fun with friend walking to Wife has fun with friend area behind the house.

I followed quietly and was able get to a position in amongst garden trees that all allowed me to observe without being seen.

B had her hands on his now bare cock with his pants down. He was kissing her neck and rubbing her arse. She grabbed his hand and directed it to her anus. I could hear her say, " put your fingers in first, then your cock" He made her gasp as he did with his fingers. This briefly stopped as she bent down and began sucking his cock. She then stood up, turned around and directed his cock straight into her arse.

Now in she pushed her hips back and forth. He just started to fuck her harder. He pulled out and she bent over further to allow him to fuck her pussy. Now she just kept telling him to fuck her, fuck her hard. He asked B "do you like being fucked by strangers at a party? She said "before i was in the bathroom and Wife has fun with friend couple fucked me, she licked me out, he fucked me then came in my mouth.

My cock was close to cumming. He just fucked her Wife has fun with friend. B told him "fuck me, fuck me, i want you to cum inside me" B was now about to orgasm, he pushed inside her hard and then cummed hard. At that moment she came Audrey bitoni mackenzee pierce i could see and hear her cum squirting Wife has fun with friend the ground.

She turned, lent down and licked clean his cock. She returned to the party. He left shortly after. Report Story. Title of your comment:.

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