Extras: For many of you new to the pleasures of Sunny Leone, the minute bonus scene from Sunny Loves Matt will be the best extra, the scene not appearing to be edited from what I could tell. Sunny and Monique Alexander double teamed Sunny's then-boyfriend and any limitations in performances by a single member of the trio were covered up by the strengths of the others. There was also a minute Behind the Scenes feature showing the cast and crew at work, Trina Michaels getting more screen time than Sunny.

Then came the photogallery, some trailers, and spam, the "positions menu" hidden yet again in the scene selection area for my aged Free amatuer porn tube that is still the only one that cares about it. While not his most visually Richmond street stripper salon work of late this was shot in earlyit had a straightforward look to it that worked in some ways for the thematic material here, though some technical polishing up probably kept it in the vaults for a lot longer than usual, editor R.

Rolande handling those chores well enough. The composition of the camera angles was fairly optimal this time, the director balancing his usual dedication to plot over sex with the strokable aspects this time. The fleshtones Sunny leone with tommy gunn generally accurate though but the DVD mastering was well done if only in a bitrate hovering around 3.

There was also a company watermark that I wasn't too keen on but most of the camera work seemed to keep this in mind, keeping the majority of action far away from the lower right hand corner. The audio was presented in a 2. The Sunny leone with tommy gunn side was that the vocals were not captured consistently well, Sunny leone with tommy gunn too low to hear the performers clearly. Body of Review: Paul Thomas has been in the porn industry pretty much since it became an industry back in the 's, his years of work as a contract director Sunny leone with tommy gunn Vivid helping him polish his craft.

Alternately titled Sunny's Big Adventurethe movie showcased lovely Sunny Leone in 3 and a half scenes in a light comedy that was complete with pop up balloons for some of the dialogue and sound effects.

I know that already sounds kind of lame but I gave it a chance to win me over, and surprisingly enough, it did. Sunny actually worked with men and women here, the condoms not a major factor for me here. To top it all off, Sunny seemed to enjoy herself in most of the scenes, proving that she has the potential to do better work with her own company, something that has not been experienced in her Sunny leone with tommy gunn releases for it to date.

Now, for the first time, the raven haired beauty takes one strange cock and then another On the porno set with her co-star and director, at the gym with her trainer, and with two of porn's hottest cocksman, Tommy Gunn and Voodoo, Sunny shows that she loves to fuck men as much as eat pussy. Get ready for an adventure in your pants. Sunny's Big Adventure, only from Vivid. It was very short and not truly a full scene but it added to the fun and her basic pink vibrator was handled well enough so I tossed in a description of it.

Daisy Marie and Sunny Leone Voodoo in the background. Scene One: Sunny Sunny leone with tommy gunn, the attractive young lady featured on the front cover, was up next in her satin pink dress, using her feminine wiles to entice Tommy Gunn out of a painting in his Soho Art Gallery.

As her dress crept up her body, Sexy panis hd photo pink thong revealed itself, Tommy sucking her titties and the couple making out.

Unlike Sunny leone with tommy gunn male partners Sunny has engaged in recently, he knew what he was doing so the trade off of less chemistry for a better male Sunny leone with tommy gunn fair, Sunny appearing to appreciate his skillful touch as he diddled her on a couch. He went down on her too, Sunny leone with tommy gunn her pussy juices that were flowing so well, Sunny reciprocating with a fair blowjob displaying her oral limits when this was shot almost two years ago.

The vaginal penetration was another case where Sunny leone with tommy gunn male drove the majority of the scene, Tommy aggressively plowing her while Sunny leone with tommy gunn passively took it, Sunny gyrating her hips a bit in the cowgirl variations to enhance the condom-clad ride.

The scene ended when he unleashed his wad of genetic juice on her chest, Sunny smiling as she ran to her picture. Scene Two: Trina Michaels, Claire Dames, and Alex Gonz, were up next, the ladies making themselves at home with Sunny leone with tommy gunn other orally as a really enjoyable song played in the background.

The ladies were in a parking garage, soon adjusting their dresses when Alex pulled up, joining him on the elevator. The gals pawed each other to give him a show, making it clear Black girl african nude xxx he was invited to participate without a word spoken, soon moving inside to a loft where the trio got it on together.

Claire made her advance first but both ladies were slobbing his knob in no time at all, showing him a great oral time as they inhaled his cock enthusiastically just as he went down on them in turn. The active vaginal riding led to some anal too, both ladies proving to be better performers than the feature, with Trina allowed to do the majority of penetrative sex thanks to her anal skills.

There was a lot of taste testing here and the ending load of population pudding was sprayed all over Trina's torso, the gals licking it up and sharing it though Claire tried sucking some out of the tap post coitally. Karlie was the videographer they approached, the scenario laid out for her to Sunny leone with tommy gunn in once things got heated between the two initially on a courtroom set but moving to a bed. The Sunny leone with tommy gunn fight was cute but lacking a camera made it all seem goofy until Karlie picked one up, the device quickly getting lost in the shuffle.

Their skimpy outfits came off soon enough and their sheer thongs were no impediment to hands and tongues that started probing each other with the ladies taking turns being the center of attention. Some toys were used here but the scene was a boilerplate, by the numbers, lipstick lesbian scene for the most part, certainly appreciated by fans of the gals in a limited manner but hardly even close to their better works over the years.

Scene Four: Daisey Marie, Sunny Leone, and Voodoo were up last as the ladies worked off their tension in a gym, some kick boxing training proving they were in no position to fight him except for his drunken state of mind. They wrestled him to the mat and their clothing started showing signs of sweat, nipples poking through their tops leading to some lesbian antics as they broke it off with Voodoo who went to work the heavy bag instead. The gals made more of a show of it in the boxing ring though, Daisy showing some passion for Sunny and Sunny wanting to blow Voodoo lightly as ordered by her girlfriend.

Sexually, the scene was not even close to the advertised quote on the cover from "Swank" magazine, but Sunny did passively take Voodoo's condom clad cock while Daisy assisted and when it was her turn, Daisy did not go as far as she usually does in an effort to refrain from upstaging her pal. There was a lot more oral than usual and some dirty talk to make things hotter, both gals sharing the semen rushing out of his pecker before the camera faded out weak camera work on this scene though.

Bonus Scene: Sunny Loves Matt : Sunny Leone, in a yellow patterned bikini out by the pool with hotty Monique Alexander, who was wearing a pink satin bikini, frolicked playfully for the last 40 minutes of the movie. The home movie approach as an introduction worked to add something for me, perhaps memories of bygone times I had myself years ago, lucky Matt Erickson getting a bird's eye view of the two beauties. The ladies were putting on a show to get him worked up, succeeding with me as a home viewer equally as well in the process of their removing clothing.

The trio went inside after the lesbian action to go all the way, the ladies sucking him silly before taking turns mounting him. Sunny went first as she gyrated her hips and pumped on the chump while Monique Sunny leone with tommy gunn her breasts from behind.

They spoke to one another in Sexy nude mom ass form of verbal coaxing that I appreciated as maintaining an open line of communication for what they wanted to do too, Monique's brand new wrist tattoo healing it was a week old.

Monique was a more energetic rider this time but both of them were in their zone regarding how well they impaled themselves on his rod. My only real complaint for the scene was how Sunny masturbated instead of keeping some form of contact with her two partners when they were screwing as Monique had done though; perhaps her voyeuristic tendencies getting the better of her.

The gals took turns getting the cock though and Matt got in some intermittent oral as well, the ending load going to Sunny's mouth and dripping onto Monique's biscuit before they both gave him some last minute head. Of note as well was how much Sunny looked like another major hotty at the company, Lanny Barby, during most of her missionary positions, whether on purpose or not irrelevant since I find both of them so fetching.

Skow's camera antics, earning a healthy Recommended for the mount of fuck for the buck, strokability, and replay value it provided. I've seen almost all of her scenes and it is evident that all of Sunny Leone's best work has come from Vivid, be it the inspired scenes by B.

Skow or the experienced hands of Paul Thomas. Miranda lambert n u d e Our Sponsor:. Privacy Policy - Terms of Use - 18 U. Popular Searches:. XCritic's Advice: Recommended. Featured Reviews.

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