My name is Mike and I'm a 18yo sophomore in high school and live with my sixty year old widowed mom. Dad died Sex stories at church years ago of a heart attack and my mom became even more active in our church. My moms name is Pat and shes still very attractive with shoulder length hair a petite plump body with nice tits and a perfect round buble butt that jiggles when she walks.

Mom wears very thick glasses that make her look oh so innocent. I had started puberty before my dad died and I was interested in Sex stories at church sexual including their sex life. My room was next to theirs so whenever they had sex, I knew. Even at their age, they were fucking two or three times a week and I was jacking off in the next room with them. I guess they didn't know they were that loud or that I could hear almost every thing they said.

Mom would talk very nasty to my dad and I couldn't believe it was my sweet church loving mother talking like that. In the heat of their love making, I've heard her say "God I love your big fat cock " or "do you want to fuck my big fat ass daddy" and then there's my favorite, "do you want momma to take her teeth out and suck your big cock baby".

I'd seen my dads big cock soft on occasion in public bathrooms Sex stories at church mine was getting nearly as big. Mine is 6 inches soft and a fat 9 inches hard with big full low hanging balls that need to be drained at least twice a day.

I jack off so much that my mom has walked Sex stories at church and caught me at least 10 times. All she ever says is "I know your at that age honey" or "put that big thing away for now dear", you'd think she would learn to knock. Me and mom go to church Wednesday nights, Sunday mornings and Sunday nights and we never miss.

Everybody calls our preacher "Pastor Bob" and he's a very nice man. His wife passed away of cancer about a year ago so him and my mom have that in common.

Many in the church including my mom, believe God talks directly to Pastor Bob. Deacon Ed is a big man in his early fities who is widowed, Deacon Ray is in his early fifties and his wife is in a nursing home and Deacon Tom is a large dark skinned black man that is single.

My mom does extra work around the church, she teaches Sunday school and holds Bible studies on Wednesday nights and cleans the church on Monday evenings and Thursday nights. Last Sunday after church, mom told me to take the car and go home because she had to stay and talk to Pastor Bob.

Sex stories at church an hour later, Pastor Bob pulled up and dropped mom off. Mom said that they had prayed and everything was going to be alright but she wouldn't tell me what the problem was. We went to church on Wednesday night and Pastor Bob asked all the Deacons to stay after for a meeting to support one of our members who was having a problem.

About an hour after we got home, mom got a call from Pastor Bob and I heard her say "ok I'll be there, thank you". Mom didn't tell me what it was all about but I was already curious. The next evening, mom was getting ready to go clean the church and she seemed nervous. At about six she drove to the church and as soon as she left, I saw the keys to the Sex stories at church laying on the counter.

To save her a trip, I grabbed her keys and rode my bike to church. When I got there I saw the Sex stories at church and all the deacons cars parked next to moms by the side door. I figured they had all gone inside so I tried the door but it was locked. I figured this was the meeting mom had agreed to and was very curious as to what Sex stories at church problem was. I didn't know if mom was ill or if we were having financial problems or what. Thats when I decided to use her key and sneek inside and see what was going on.

I knew they probably wouldn't talk about it in front of me so I let myself in and crept down the dimly lit hallway toward a lit room. It was the smaller kids nap room and I could hear voices inside. When I got to the door, it was locked but I knew it opened into a small Sex stories at church which led to the larger nap room.

I heard Pastor Bob say "let us pray" as he began to ask God for guidance about tonight's meeting, I knew they would be holding hands in a circle with their eyes closed so I unlocked the door and crawled into the office. I peeked out into the nap room that was dimly lit and saw them all in the middle of the room with there heads bowed in prayer. Pastor Bob's voice allowed me to crawl into a dark corner closet with a good veiw. I could see and hear clearly but I was sitting in complete darkness.

As I listened, Pastor Bob said "Lord were here tonight because you brought a lady to me with a heavy heart, she told me how she lusted after her own son Lord and asked for your help.

We pray you guide us as I do your will Lord". My mom was sobbing hysterically and Pastor Bob was holding her. He told her that God had told him what to do and everything was going to be alright. He said God told him that there was more than one need in his church.

He said that his deacons were without wives and lonely and lusting also and that he himself had asked God to help him with his loneliness and lustfulness. Pastor Bob said that God told him that the same need was in all of them and that a sexual union of this group of his children would be acceptable in his eyes.

My mom looked confused and asked "what does it mean". Pastor Bob said "simply put Pat, God told me that we should fulfill each others sexual needs so our lives can get back to normal and that your incestual lusting for your son will deminish as your sexual needs are met.

Mom was still crying as Pastor Bob kissed her quickly on the lips and said "you undress me and I'll undress you" and then he began to unbutton her blouse. To my surprise, my mom started with the pastors pants, she undid his belt and then the snap and zipper and his pants just dropped. Pastor Bob was now standing in his tighty whities with an obvious erection.

When pastor Bob removed my moms blouse, deacon Ed unsnapped her Sex stories at church and she lowered her arms and let it drop. Moms hand went straight down pastor Bobs shorts and began to stroke his big cock as she used her other hand to rub Sex stories at church balls. The deacons were all naked and pulling on moms remaining clothes until they were all naked. Here's Sex stories at church I saw, Pastor Bob a big man with huge balls and a 7 or 8 inch fat cock with a big purple knob that was drooling precum.

Deacon Ed a big man with Sex stories at church balls and a thick 7 inch cock with a long fat head on it, it also curved heavily upward and to the left. Deacon Ray an average sized man with a large jerking cock and big balls also making lots of precum.

Deacon Tom a huge black man with a huge black cock thats at least 10 inches long with big black balls. His cock has a nice sized head on it but his cock gets thicker and thicker as it nears his belly. My moms as beautiful as I thought with big slightly sagging tits, a nice big round bubble butt and thick black hair all over her abdomen. By now, I've got my own cock out and I'm loving this orgy. My mom dropped to her knees and began sucking pastor Bobs big cock. I could hear familiar slurping sounds and could now see her making Sex stories at church. Junior high girls with big butts Ed and Tom are on either side of my mom and shes stroking both of them as she sucks the pastor.

Ever now and then my mom will lean over and suck the other two guys for a while paying extra attention to the big black one. When mom sucks Toms big black one, her face Kenya sugar mummies breast nude turned toward me and I can see her looking up at him admiringly.

Deacon Ray pulls my mom by the hips to his waiting, drooling big cock and slides it up her in one hard thrust. My mom grunts loudly as she has to stop sucking and absorb her first big cock in two years. Deacon Ray begins to fuck her furiously and I can hear slurping sloshing noises comimg from moms pussy. Deacon Rays belly and balls are making loud slapping noises on my moms big sweaty Sex stories at church as she begins to push hard Sex stories at church at him.

When deacon Ray takes hold of her hips and says "I bet you wish this was your sons cock you were fucking dont'cha Patty, my mom started jerking on his big cock. At the same time Ray rammed his cock deep in her and said "and I bet you wish this was him cumin in you dont'cha Patty" and you could tell by the way he was jerking that he was filling my moms pussy full of strange cum. As Ray tried to pull out, my mom strained backward to keep his cock in her.

As soon as Ray Sex stories at church loose, pastor Bob mounted her Sex stories at church said "I've wanted this pussy for a long time" and just rammed her with his big dick. Mom recovered a little as pastor Bob fucked Sex stories at church relentlessly and began to take turns sucking Ed and Toms cocks. The second time she went down on Ed, he grabbed her by her hair and said "suck that cock you incestous whore and swallow my big hot load" and you could see his hips flexing everytime he pumped a fresh load down my slutty moms mouth.

Mom was looking up at him lovingly as My friends hot mom cougar throat moved up and down, swallowing her first big load in two Sex stories at church. Just as Ed was shooting the last of his cum down my moms throat, I heard Pastor Bob say "get ready Patty, I'm pumpin you full of hot cum baby just like you wanted your son to do".

I could hear Pastor Bobs cum blowing back as his big cock pistoned into my moms old hairy pussy. When he was done, mom just rolled over onto her back and said are you ready for me Tom.

Her old hairy pussy was gaped wide open with fresh white cum oozing out and running down into the black hairs in the crack of her ass. Moms pussy hair was shiny with cum and sweat and the ones nearest her pussy had droplets of cum clinging to the tips. Tom just stood over her and said "So Pastor Bob said you liked to walk in and catch your boy jackin off and he said you even walk in while he's pissin so you can see his dick, well look at this" and then deacon Tom began to piss right on my moms belly, then her tits and when he got to her face my mom opened her mouth and Tom filled it with piss until it was full and then he just squirted the rest on her pretty face and glasses.

Mom was rubbing Toms piss all over her body when he entered her. I heard her moan and she had a hurt look on Sex stories at church face as Sex stories at church mumbled "god its big, please take it easy" but Deacon Tom buried it in her and continued to bury it in her again and again until she was fucking her old used pussy back at her attacker. As they fucked like two wild animals, grunting, matching each others thrusts and trying to fuck deeper I heard my mom wail as her pussy and body began to spasm on deacon Toms big cock.

Moms arms were locked around the deacons neck and she was holding him close, trying to slow him down because her pussy had gotten very tender after her orgasm but Tom kept up his pace until he started grunting like a bull and pumped my poor old moms pussy full of his hot bull cum. As they all started talking about their first meeting, I slipped back out the way I had Sex stories at church and made my way home. It was 8 o'clock when I got Sex stories at church so I just sat in our dark living room waiting for mom to come home.

I was so turned on thinking about my mom wanting to fuck me and I wondered if they were still fucking and if mom would get cleaned up or if she would try to sneak in "fresh fucked". My questions were answered at past my bedtime when I heard mom opening the kitchen door.

I heard her lock the door without turning on a light so I figured she might still be messy. She was tip-toeing by me when I turned the table lamp on, she nearly jumped out of her skin. As soon as the light came on, I felt sorry for her, she obviously didn't know how nasty she looked. I asked "are you alright mom" and she said yes,I'm alright, the church was just pretty messy tonight". I stood up and said "your hairs a mess and theirs stuff in it" as I pulled a big glob of cum out of it with my fingers.

I said "its sticky, whatever it is and you've got more on your face and is that your bra and panties hanging out of your purse".

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