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There's gold in those hills. Thanks for the review! I'm glad you seem to have enjoyed the movie. I agree, Julie is just ridiculously hot.

I regret that Wynorski wasn't able to work a love scene between myself and her into the plot, lol! I like your attitude. You have a solid softcore work ethic. One should always lament the lack of Julie Smith love scenes. We're on the same page here. Oh well. Let's just hope it somehow makes its way into the sequel. I cant believe Julie K. Smith is 42 because that means shes Rebecca love hills have thighs kylee nash years past the absolute pinnacle and peak of her physical attractiveness and desirability.

Julie Smith needs to be recognized as the sex goddess she is. Don't have any pictures of an 18 year old JKS to post. But in that movie she wasn't blessed with the works of art on her chest like she is today. Also her Penthouse swimsuit video is a winner as well.

Kylee Nash Pictures of charizard having sex with misty a large breasted treasure. She seems to like the same things I do. We can dream. For it is a fine dream worth having. I should know because I dream about it quite often. You make an intriguing point. Kylee is an Rebecca love hills have thighs kylee nash woman. Seems to love what she does and I love to watch the results.

I have no excuse. I don't get the impression though that she's the kind of person who goes buggering after a week. Making out in a softcore movie is one thing.

Senseless buggering is a whole other game. Do you know whether or not Kylee Nash has actually done any hard-core porn?. If she has it would prove that her lushious young arse-hole is indeed available!!!. Doc, i'm not sure if you know this page. Julie, No JKS titty movie is getting past me. That I can assure you. I know what I like. I have a feeling I'll be watching "Para-Knocker Activity" the second it comes out. And when I say a feeling, it's more like a certainty.

In order for it to be my favorite JKS softcore movie of all time, I'm hoping there's an extended scene where you show your appreciation for Dr. Tory Lane. I'm rooting for the love connection. And since we're on the subject of titty movies, I'd like to take a moment to ask for a Julie Smith women's prison movie.

I see you as the warden. I'd really like to see you play Ilsa, Tigress of LA. Like I said, I know what I like. It pleases me to no end to hear that you're going to take charge of the women's prison situation. Just like a warden would do. Now don't forget to slick your hair back, put on eyeglasses and wear jack boots around the prison yard. Or the prisoner shower. This shows that you mean business. Your commitment to titty movie excellence is appreciated.

So glad to hear you're taking A movie money and reinvesting it in the most amazing of B-movie genres. The mighty women's prison movie. You and I are on the same wavelength. You'll have to tell me more about your A-movie adventure when you get a chance. My legs and toes are crossed for you.

I am big fan of softcore movies. I happened to see your reviews and its excellent. If you have uploaded good softcore movies please send me the links to download the same.

Keep up the good work. Definitely the right type of action in this movie in my book I'm always curious just how "real" the action is, such as Kylee's "every imaginable way" scene at the bon fire He's Holly sonders nude selfie lucky man but I don't think he's eXXXtremely lucky.

If you thought she was really having sex, then she has done Rebecca love hills have thighs kylee nash good job. The art Rebecca love hills have thighs kylee nash faking it gets to the heart of softcore filmmaking. Besides I don't think Kylee would let some guy penetrate her on a Wynorski movie. I'm sure there are more appropriate times and places Rebecca love hills have thighs kylee nash her to engage in "every imaginable way" action but "The Hills have Thighs" is not likely to be one of them.

Good Doctor, Just discovered your blog today. As a writer, I instantly recognized it to be an in incredibly invaluable procrastination tool. Thank you! Smith is the Sexy naked girl pole dancing amazing-est woman in the complete history of everything ever.

She seems to get better looking, which is a pretty cool trick. Colin, Procrastinate away! Let the B-movie reviewing keep you from your daily chores. I hope in my own small way I have articulated the joys and sorrow of watching B-cinema. The many pictures of sexy women, Julie Smith being the sexieston the blog help to alleviate the pain a terrible movie can cause.

So procrastinate until the Girls cover in cum comes Pourn sex hot sex on giral. The Doctor is in.

I just discovered your website and it really struck a chord. Being a long time B movie fan myself having grown up on Cinemax after dark in my formative years, I would love to see your take on some classic B movies. Sylvia Kristel and the like. But on topic, Julie is absolutely stunning no doubt about it.

I would be curious to see her take on which director she preferred. Wynorski or the late Andy Sidaris? Maybe we can hope for a book when she isn't filming. By the way, Glori-Anne Gilbert is a stunner too.

Looking forward to some new posts soon. Thanks for checking out the site. As far as classic B-movies go, I have been known to review a Sybil Danning movie or two. I don't want to neglect the 80's B-movie babes.

I haven't reviewed any Sylvia Kristel movies but I have reviewed Rebecca love hills have thighs kylee nash few Emmanuelle flicks. Julie Smith is certainly stunning. I could write about her body all day long. I know she loved making the Sidaris movies.

Those were busty times. As far as Wynorski, well, I'll let her answer that one. Hey Disorderly, I asked Julie Smith her director preferences. I love the hills have thighs. I have gotten off many times to the sights of those big breasted women fucking. Post a Comment.

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