Disclaimer Time: I don't own anything, just my OC. Star Wars belongs to Disney. Now let the story begin! Leia Organa was sitting in a prison.

Two days ago, the Rebel Alliance captured the plans of the Death Star, but now, she was imprisoned, waiting for her interrogation, and only two droids could save the Galaxy. The cell's door opened, and Darth Vader came in. Shall I begin the Prinzessin leia star wars naked Just tell me the location of the Rebel base.

Lisa, please join us. She was holding a bottle of wine in her hands. Although Leia was straight, she found her extremely beautiful. I'll leave you two alone.

Vader was nothing for her, but this woman looked like too dangerous. The door closed and Lisa kissed her. Leia was struggling for oxygen therefore she could go deeper with her tongue into Leia's mouth.

Let's see how you can resist my brainwash drug. The Princess eyes Prinzessin leia star wars naked daze therefore Lisa knew she is now ready for the brainwash. She entered Leia's mind with the Force and started to manage her memories. She deleted the good ones, friends, family, birthdays, boyfriends, lessons of Mon Mothma.

Although she kept the bad ones. Her parents arguing, when she found out her Prinzessin leia star wars naked died, the interrogations.

After that, Lisa amplified the horniness in her, she completely deleted the resistance and loyalty out of Leia. When she finished with her brain, Lisa decided to break the rest of her will. The Princess was still under the drug's spell, so she could be easily influenced. The Interrogator decided to go down on her. She was Prinzessin leia star wars naked Leia's pussy really fast. The Princess was moaning, and she was Prinzessin leia star wars naked her will. Lisa decided to break her once and for all, therefore she increased the speed of her fingers.

You will obey him, and do whatever he wants. You are nothing without the help of the Empire. Your forename is not Organa anymore, Prinzessin leia star wars naked is our property. The Princess finally cum, and her juice splattered all over Lisa. She erotically licked down the juice from her fingers.

Vader will be pleased. She finally broke down Leia, and turned her into a slave of the Empire. But there was one more thing to do. Lisa picked up the bottle wine she took in, and poured some. This drink will increase your hate, and your bond with the dark side of the Prinzessin leia star wars naked. Lisa walked out of the cell, and decided to report Vader immediately.

He was waiting for her in his chamber. I felt the disturbance in the Force. Leia is on our side. She is fully under your control. I will tell this to the Emperor. I have a plan for her. Well, how was it guys? I want to apologize for the Grammar mistakes im sure I made some but please be patient, this is my first story in English. The next story will come out in this month. Every episode will be at least words long.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Movies Star Wars. Leia gets brainwashed, and she becomes a pet of the Emperor.

And the Rebel Alliance knows nothing Rated M for sex scenes, and adult themes. Please Review, and give advices, this is my first story. Im sorry about the grammar mistakes, this is my first writing in English.

Please review guys, and give advices, ideas, I really appreciate them! Chapter 1 2. Chapter 2 3. Chapter 3 4. Chapter 4 5. Chapter 5 6. Chapter 6 7. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Your review has been posted. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. Close Working Terms of Service.

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