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Another post containing some more fascinating anecdotes, this time from Tony Klinger who first met Ian Hendry during the filming of Repulsion [] and then again, on the set of Get Carter in !

The novel starkly portrays a Yurizan beltran first time of society living on the borderline between crime and respectability; and was a major influence on the noir school of English crime fiction. When I first arrived in Hong Kong to start work, back inI was introduced to the Directors at my new company. They were a few years older than me, British expats who had already been based there for some time.

Two Scotsmen Piss holes in the snow a Welshman. Dave Allen could probably have told you a joke about that encounter. To their surprise, I mentioned that he was, or had been, my uncle. And the first thing they said to me in reply was:. The history of film is often recalled through the famous lines and passages of dialogue that reminds us of a memorable moment or defines the essence of the story.

At times it can feel like a mirror is being held up to our own lives. Sometimes, however, it is just a simple case of everyday language being taken and used in a film, to reflect the era and the society in which it is set. But some of you may want to get to the key answers straight away, so here are some quick page jump links that you can use Piss holes in the snow get to the relevant sections:. A year or so ago, I carried out a study of the racecourse scene in Get Carter [].

I was intrigued by the cinematography and the way that the tension gradually builds as the scene unfolds. Get Carter — The Racecourse Scene Piss holes in the snow. But the other factor that drew me to this scene was undoubtedly the dialogue and THAT famous line.

To really appreciate Piss holes in the snow, though, I suggest you watch the whole scene to see and hear the build-up and context in which it was delivered:. Then the classic line! His father, Michael Klingerwas the producer and the driving force behind what many regard as the greatest British Gangster film of all time, Get Carter.

Ian Hendry had first met both Michael and Tony a few years earlier, during the filming of Repulsion [], directed by Roman Polanski. On their website they mention that:.

Klinger and Tenser were both highly ambitious, but culturally divergent. Although Repulsion in particular had been financially successful, and both films won awards at the Berlin Film Festival that conferred welcome prestige on Tekli, Tenser, always happier to stay with proven box-office material, sex films and period horror, saw Polanski as at best a distraction and Piss holes in the snow worse a liability. These differences led to the break-up of the partnership in October In his excellent interview with Cinema JamTony explained:.

In his interview with Cinema Jam, Tony retells some wonderful tales about his life in show -business and gives some tremendous insights into his father, The following extract is from the interview in Cinema Jam:. It was an incredible experience.

The timeline is impressive. Euan Lloyd was not the same type of man as my father. He also could pick talent and nurture it. It was shot in Newcastle and I was up there for two weeks. When it was first screened on BBC they cut it telling us they were doing the filmmakers a favour. An interesting footnote to the film is that in the climactic scene, there is a ship in the background. I asked Tony if he remembered Ian and if he had any recollections from being on the set of Repulsion.

His answer was candid and made me smile; it seems that he did remember meeting Ian, but at Piss holes in the snow time his main focus was elsewhere! That plus his love Piss holes in the snow a little something to drink and his penchant for speaking his mind, meant he was a triple threat. But yes I knew and liked him from the set, but in Repulsion I have to admit that even as a kid I Piss holes in the snow had eyes for Catherine Deneuve!

And I can understand how you might have been distracted a bit by Catherine Deneuve! Were you on location for the duration of the filming of Repulsion and Get Carter? And have you Big ass all stars about those experiences and, if so, could you share where? Suffice it to say I Judy davis star porn star on the set for a week or so while I was filming my own documentary called Extremes in the same wonderful city of Newcastle.

We were very busy having a great time. I was about 19 at the time and was easily distracted. Besides which our financier and distributor and executive producer thought we were in Glasgow.

On Repulsion I was about 14 or 15 and was purely a visitor. I shared a few more picture with Piss holes in the snow of Ian with his father, Michael. They seemed to get on very well:. Just before he set off on his last trip across the Atlantic — he died in New York aged 39 — he wrote a comic, caustic account of the U. And, twittering all over, old before their time, with eyes like rissoles in the sandthey are helped up the gangway of the home-bound liner by kind bosom friends and all kinds and bosoms who boister Piss holes in the snow on the Piss holes in the snow, pick them up again, thrust bottles, sonnets, cigars, addresses, into their pockets, have a farewell party in their cabin, pick them up again, and snickering and yelping, are gone: to wait at the dockside for another boat from Europe and another batch of fresh, green lecturers.

So perhaps Dylan Thomas was referring to the eyes as being reddened and dry, as opposed to having any resemblance to pastry?! So here is a clear reference to a similar phrase, which describes feeling and looking unwell.

And piss-holes was used, not rissoles! What is not clear is whether Thomas had created this phrase himself or whether he was merely repeating one that was in common use at that time.

This theme and a Piss holes in the snow is is returned to again below. Some have suggested that the phrase may have a military origin. That was certainly the view of one comment I saw on a forum online:. Others have suggested that it was a British street-culture adaptation of a WWII expression that got picked up by writers and introduced into mainstream media. Thomas mentioned this phrase in a letter, so it seems unlikely that he created it and that it then entered into everyday use; his letters were only published many years later.

It seems more likely that he took a phrase which was in everyday use at the time to describe his own condition. Given that Dylan Thomas was using it c. Not the best choice of venue for that particular production and one day worth at least one chapter in my memoirs.

His memoirs will undoubtedly be fascinating and compelling reading. Ian Hendry Tribute Piss holes in the snow Twitter Page. Save Save. By Neil Hendry, Editor. Prev Next. Send this to a friend Your email Recipient email Send Cancel.

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