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Hi tzdfhhykiz Readers — Had to share this response Nudist families girls panties the posts below this one, about Virgin Air making a man move because he was seated next to two unaccompanied minors. Dear Free-Range Kids: This just seems outrageous to me.

I would like to share a story from my childhood which has left a lasting impression on not only myself, but my mother as well. When I was about 4 my very young single mother was travelling across the country via a Greyhound bus with my 4 year old self and my 1 year old sister. Mum was given some bad information at the start of the Nudist families girls panties and found halfway through the trip that she would have to buy and extra ticket for my toddler ticket and would run out of funds before we would reach our destination.

At some point when we had to change buses the bus driver told my mother that each of the children would have to sit in their own seat. As the bus only had paired seats she had to put either my sister or myself in a seat next to a stranger.

As I was the oldest and presumably the more responsible, she seated me a few rows ahead of her in an available seat next to a US military member travelling in uniform. OMG, she took money from a stranger! While there are some bad people out there, most people are good and most bad people can only be bad in certain circumstances.

What a wonderful story exemplifying just that. I bet that the serviceman had a nice respite from his military world by opening himself up to this young girl, just as she enjoyed his company. Oh, look — everyone wins! What a close call. The Free Range aspect, the generosity of the stranger, the honorability of the service member… so much to choose from. What has changed is the reporting of bad news.

Before mass media news, if a kid was kidnapped in some town the only people who heard about it were the people in that general Nudist families girls panties. Now everyone around the country hears about every very rare kidnapping, making it seem like there are more.

I think that TrespassersW put that in quotes because it was sarcasm. Nudist families girls panties would note that in contrast to the airline matter, this child was with her mother. Aww…I got tears in my eyes just reading that. What a wonderful man to do that. SKL — Actually mom put her child in what appears to be the closest available seat because most people realize that it is not okay to ask people to move based on your own prejudices and you have to live with what you have.

Turns out that the empty seat was next to a very nice guy. The nice guy part is not unusual. I flew BY MYSELF across country when I was four-almost-five, and can still see the faces of the poor, unsuspecting men I sat next to the guy on the way out had a black mustache and an accent, the one on the way back was a blondie named Alan.

Actually, I think the airlines should probably apologize Nudist families girls panties THEM for the disruption to their otherwise peaceful flights by an overly-chatty Nudist families girls panties little girl! My 5, 7, and 9 year old boys now make regular international, overnight flights as unaccompanied minors well, the 5 year old now for the first time.

Apparently, he was very nice and amused according to the flight attendants. Proof that not all airlines Nudist families girls panties idiotic. What a beautiful story and a reminder that we all are required to rely on the kindness of strangers at some point. I had a lot of freedom as a young child, at a lot of sleepovers, and traveled alone from the age of The great majority of adults, men and women, were kind and helpful, caring.

The few bad ones? I met some but was never in danger because I knew how to find the safe adults to watch over me. Not the outgoing child who makes friends with strangers, children and adults alike.

I Nudist families girls panties travel by train alone, and unless the train is sold out, the seat next to me is usually empty. For a little while, anyway. I am also fond of the little Amish kids. I speak German, and am well familiar with Plattdeutsch. Train travelers are…different.

We have a ball! I like to think that train travelers are Free Rangers! When I lived in Brisbane Queensland, Aust our eldest only young. When she was four marginally over a decade ago, we would let her sit with men and women.

She talked their ears off. After reading most of the comments, the policy should be adults be aware of chatty and friendly children. I remember my daughter and I ended up being booked into seperate seats due to arriving late at the airport on a Virgin airline flight.

My seat was at the front of the plane and my daughter ended up sitting in the middle of the plane between 2 men. The airline staff would Nudist families girls panties move anyone.

When I did speak to the men they said it was one of the most entertaining trips they ever had, and knew everyting about our family. I think that this outcome is great BUT it is important to remember that there are very real dangers in the world. As a child I was a victim of sexual abuse: including from a neighbor whom were family friends. I was almost kidnapped in 6th grade, a disabled woman ran to my rescue.

When I was around 5th or 6th grade, I rode a greyhound bus and had to sit next to gentleman who did not keep his hands to himself. He fled off the bus before the driver could stop him and avoided the police who were waiting on the bus to arrive. While I do believe in the free range philosophy I think it is important to speak with kids about what to do in certain situations. I allow my children a pretty broad range of freedom but I also educate them and empower them to feel comfortable and confident in their situations and what Nudist families girls panties do if they feel they are in a potentially uncomfortable situation.

A week or so ago I Nudist families girls panties making the three hour trip home from my moms house with my two month old girl. About halfway there she woke up and was very Nudist families girls panties so we stopped at a rest stop.

I took her up to the Nudist families girls panties and changed her diaper and let her nice around for a while. Then I discovered a problem. I needed to use the restroom but I had nowhere to put the baby. As I was Nudist families girls panties back to the car an older woman and her husband were getting out of their car. So Landing strip pubic photos only results of leaving my baby with a stranger was that I got a quick break and we made an old lady happy.

One of my favorite memories of France is on the subway, when we were seated a couple rows behind a very sour-faced older Frenchman. Amelia my 4 year old daughter went Nudist families girls panties sat by this man, and casually worked her arm up around his neck. Maggie, above, when my son was Nudist families girls panties than 10 days old, I let the staff at a restaurant take him and walk him around.

Yes, he was out of my sight for a good portion of my meal. But l knew to trust and enjoy the gift of a peaceful meal. My son grew accustomed to other people, men and women, different colors, different body art, different languages, and a variety of international foods.

And never did I worry. These were restaurants that we frequented often and developed nice rapport with waitstaff Nudist families girls panties managers.

Not all strangers are bad but Nudist families girls panties of them can be. Maybe 1 in a million people would purposely cause you harm, but you neve know who that one is. We need to protect our kids in every way that Nudist families girls panties can while still allowing them to Anal dildos rosasidan eskort. If there were minors on the plane then the airline staff had taken responsibility for their safety.

Someone was being overprotective. I see nothing wrong with that. Nudist families girls panties rape women. Priests molest children. Kids sell drugs. People steal babies. Serial killers often seem like your average Joe. Fortunately God is a just judge and in the end everyone will be judged and given eternal sentancing.

I thought it was pretty rediculous too! And then I was reminded that Nudist families girls panties have been molestations Nudist families girls panties rapes that occur onboard planes out in Kareena kapoor sexsy back ass open!

That from my fiance who used to work at the airport. But evidently, there have been men that molest the women that they sit next to while other passengers are asleep. And there have even been rapes. The story actually starts in this post linked inside the new one as well about the Virgin-Air […]. August 12, Sure you can sit by me, little girl! K August 12, at pm. Trespassers W August 12, at pm. Mike in Virginia August 12, at pm. Heather P. August Nudist families girls panties, at Nudist families girls panties. Mom August 13, at am.

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