When I was fifteen I was staying at my cousin's house. Now, my aunt had 3 kids with her first husband, and then they had a divorce, and later in life she ended up marrying someone else. This guy had 3 gorgeous daughters, so all together, there was me, my 2 guy cousins, my one girl cousin, and my 3 girl stepcousins.

My true girl cousin's name was Jordan, and she's been my best friend since forever. Anyway, my aunt and her husband went out for dinner one of the nights I was staying with them, so it was just the 7 of us in the house. One of my attractive step cousins her name was katie; the other two were named kiley and ashley suggested we play truth or dare.

I've always loved this game so I was in. I learned later that both Katie and Kiley had a crush on me and Katie really wanted me kiss her.

Anyway, I was asked to start the truth or dare. I chose truth. Naked girl jumping up and down honestly don't care or remember what the question was. We went around the circle, and it was pretty tame at first. I decided to be daring. It was Kiley who chose the dare, and she was She dared me to play the rest of the game in nothing but a towel.

The mere suggestion made me aroused, but no one saw, and, being a naturally bold individual, I went into the bathroom and stripped off my clothes and put on a towel. I held on tight to my clothes though.

When I came out there was an exchange of giggles and awkward silences. I sat down with my clothes held tight in my lap. By this time, my true cousins were kinda grossed out and went to do something else, so I continued playing with the other 3.

Next it was Katie's turn for truth or dare. Ashley dared her to remove her panties she was wearing a skirt and sit on my lap for 5 minutes.

Katie's face flushed, as I'm sure mine did as well. It was Naked girl jumping up and down embarrasing because I had been trying so hard to hide my excitement, and I was "straight up" again. After some bickering, Katie got up, removed her panties, and sat on Naked girl jumping up and down lap. It was then my turn to truth or dare Kiley.

I was surprised when she picked dare, and decided to give her a bold one. So with Katie still in my lap the 5 Naked girl jumping up and down weren't up yet I dared Kiley to strip down to a towel as well revenge! The towel fell off after only a couple, but she had to keep jumping. Seeing Kiley doing jumping jacks naked while having Katie sitting Hot busty brunette in office my lap while I was wearing only a towel was the sexiest thing I've ever experienced.

Average Rating. Click here to add your own comments. Join the community and write your own page! Four of my friends and I were playing truth or dare in my backyard. After about 45 minutes of playing with not much happening Tim dared Jessica to do twenty jumping jacks naked with her eyes closed.

Now, Jessica is pretty good looking and has nice boobs and a great ass. You could tell Jessica didn't want to but she's always a pretty good sport so she stripped naked and started the jumping jacks. My friends decided it would be fun to sneak inside and take her clothes with us so when she finished and opened her eyes she saw us on the other Dragonball z goten and chi chi hentai of the door which was of course locked.

So after standing out there naked and begging for 10 minutes we finally let her in and get dressed. After that we quit Jake and Sarah left so we quit playing. Pretty fun Naked girl jumping up and down in all. Click here to post comments. Do You Want to Contribute to this Site? If you want to learn how I built this popular website without Naked girl jumping up and down knowledge of programming or HTML, please click the link below.

Powered by Solo Build It! Privacy Policy. About Me. Contact Us. Wearing only Towels by Dren Portland. Jun 11, Rating Sweet Revenge by: Daenerys Oh boy, you got a very naughty sweet revenge—you sure know how to Naked girl jumping up and down it. Just have fun! That really sounded hot, you were one lucky teenage boy at the right place, at the right time!

You lucky dawg :D. Naked in the Backyard by Nick Godfrey Four of my friends and I were playing truth or dare in my backyard. How to Get Girls to Play Dares. Click here to get Truth or Dare Membership. Follow dareupyourparty. Home Blog Contact. Home Home. Jun 11, Rating. Sweet Revenge by: Daenerys Oh boy, you got a very naughty sweet revenge—you sure know how to play it.

Apr 17, Rating. Wow, sounds very kinky ; by: Francis Hi Dren, thanks for submitting your story! Click Cock sperm inside me to add your own comments Join the community and write your own page!

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