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We had just moved to Moms spreading legs skirt new town, my mother and I. Moms spreading legs skirt divorce was still a fairly raw wound for both of us. My dad had been screwing around on mom, she found out they split up. Since then dad had become a raging asshole, so we moved.

The whole divorce had kind of put my college plans on hold, and I had resigned to be there for mom. Once we were settled mom lined up some job interviews and took the train downtown.

I guess she had three interviews all space pretty comfortably apart, but by the time she got home she was beat. She laid her purse on the kitchen table and headed into the bathroom. She came out with a wet facecloth and sat heavily on the couch laying the facecloth across her eyes and tilting her head back. I looked down at her sleek form, mom was almost forty, she had had me young, barely eighteen when I was born, dad was almost twenty six when I was born, and his desire for younger women had never abated, hence the divorce.

Mom had stayed firm and tone though, in high school all my friends Moms spreading legs skirt joked at how hot she was. Her dark hair cascaded Moms spreading legs skirt around her shoulders, it was disheveled, but still looked good. She had worn a suit jacket and somewhat short skirt, the way she leaned back pushed one breast up so rather than cleavage I could see the rise of one breast above her otherwise respectable cut camisole.

She never moved her head or the face cloth, and when she did this I Moms spreading legs skirt a flash of thigh that made me turn away. I got up and walked over sitting on the coffee table between her legs. She put one Moms spreading legs skirt on either side of me, on the table.

I scooted the table back a little Moms spreading legs skirt I could set a foot on my lap and began massaging it. I firmly bent her toes to stretch out her instep, and she moaned honestly. Then I started rubbing the ball of her foot and her arches. I looked up when she did just by reflex and while her eyes were still covered I involuntarily saw something that drew my attention. With her right leg lying on the table beside me and her left leg bent in my lap, her skirt had ridden up quite a bit.

I could see her panties. It was the red that had caught my eye. I figured what the heck and looked again. This time I looked closer. I had moved up to her ankle and tendons, as I stared at her crotch.

I could see the swell of her bulge and a bit of bumpiness above it that must have been hair. I felt my own crotch begin to stir. Her legs were parted only slightly further, but it was enough. In the shuffling of switching feet, her panties had shifted and a thick black tuft of pubic hair stuck out one side.

As wrong as I knew it was it was becoming highly erotic for me, and I wanted more. I worked the massage firmly, and she continued moaning and mmmming and ahhhing. This time after the ankles, I gently squeezed her calf well below Moms spreading legs skirt knee and kneaded it slightly as I did. She moaned, a little and added an mmmhmm. She was silent for a moment, panic struck she was no fool, surely she knew what I was up to! I had always run and been athletic, so I knew all about stretching and muscle groups.

I knew what I wanted to do, and it did make sense before the massage, but it was a little brazen. So I bent her left leg drawing her knee up against her chest, knowing it would loosen up her hamstring and glutes.

I held her leg up, which put Moms spreading legs skirt right above her chest near her face. I could smell the remnants of her perfume, and a touch of sweat from the busy day, and when I looked down I could see the top of her lacy bra down her camisole. I held for twelve seconds and sat back down with her leg and foot. I was quick to obey, and placed her left on the table to scoop her right and repeat the motion.

Then I saw it. She had reached her hands out to Group girls flashing ass her skirt, which pushed her breast up, and I Moms spreading legs skirt the top of a nipple through the lace of her bra, it was dark pink and looked big. I almost lost count before settling back down where I began massaging her leg starting with her calf.

I turned at a Slave girl humiliation spanking angle, which pushed her legs a little further apart, but gave me a better angle to massage her legs.

For the next one I had to reach very high up her thigh, and gathering courage Moms spreading legs skirt gently removed it too. I had come within six inches of her crotch. She said or did nothing to stop me. Beneath the stockings her legs were smooth and flawless, Hot man and woman fucking wondered why she wore them at all.

My eyes bulged. When she reached for her skirt it was to lift it up so she could stretch. The hem was now level with her bottom, and bunched up in her lap.

Her panties were not only visible, but out in the light! I looked in awe at one full, meaty, hair-covered lip. My erection was easily as hard as it had ever been. I focused on the massage moving from her calves to the top of her thighs. As my hands got higher I moved forward a little and she spread her legs to accommodate.

I was now a little too close to see her crotch without straining, so I concentrated on giving her the best massage ever, secretly hoping to draw this event on for as long as Moms spreading legs skirt. Then a dilemma hit.

She for her part was moaning quietly, but I was getting into dangerous territory. Finally about two inches below her crotch I stopped and switched legs.

Her moaning stopped for a second kind of abruptly. Something entered my mind at that point, something in her tone of voice. This idea may have been fueled by my intense horniness Moms spreading legs skirt that point, but all it served to do was make me hornier.

I laid her foot down and turned around. Again checking her face then her crotch as I began working the calf. Having said the word in my mind I greedily took the view in, and then noticed a slightly darker spot on her red satin panties.

Was my mom getting wet? I continued the massage of her leg, this time when I moved up I dared to go a little higher, as I did I listened closely to her moans. They had a breathiness to them. So I kept going and only stopped a half inch shy of her crotch. We were both silent. She stayed silent for a moment. She removed the face cloth, and I saw her look down at herself. A slight pause and she turned on the couch and shrugged off her suit jacket. Then she looked back at me.

I looked at her Zac efron nude fakes and kind of shrugged. I turned Selena gomez cute hairstyles and there she was.

Her arms were folded under her face, and her back was completely bare. My eyes traveled lower and her disheveled skirt was bunched up around her buttocks. I could see the bottom of her cheeks, and I now knew that the red panties were thongs. Gathering myself I scooted the coffee table closer and began to rub her shoulders. Now I knelt above my half naked mother, I was just above her bum, and with my erection I had to be careful not to lean forward or she would surely feel it.

I continued my massage, rubbing her shoulders and the base of her neck. She rolled her head slightly with her eyes closed and let out a thoroughly relaxed moan. Her moans were making me hotter than anything else I think. The facecloth now lay on the coffee table. From her shoulders I worked onto her back, and scooted back a little to do so. Now the swell of her behind was directly beneath me. I could feel my testicles sitting snugly in Moms spreading legs skirt crease between her cheeks.

I plied her back, and she writhed and moaned growing more and more relaxed Real nude photo pakistani ass show content. I worked my way out from the middle of her back to Instant message center adult friendfinder sides of her rib cage, and there was the edge of her breasts. I drew my fingertips lightly across each side, and then went lower on her back, now sliding off her butt between her legs.

Kneeling in this fashion right between her Moms spreading legs skirt caused her to open her legs wide. I massaged my way down to the small of her back then her lower back. When I leaned forward to work back up a little higher, my erection pressed briefly against her ass crack. I carefully sat back up and worked lower on her back, I had forgotten myself for a moment. My hands brushed against the crumpled skirt.

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