Is this mower the best for you? In this review I will go over the features, strengths and weaknesses of this zero turn mower and compare it to the brands you are familiar with. There is a reason why Cub Cadet, Craftsman and Toro are all household names. You see their names every time you walk into a home improvement center, hardware store or your local Sears. You probably have never heard of the dozen or so other brands that make heavy duty commercial mowers.

Well, one company is out to change that. Three high quality mowers now at a homeowner price. Over the years they have focused mainly on industrial and heavy duty commercial versions. You may not have noticed the brand but if you ever saw a yellow mower at an airport or other large industrial area it probably was a Hustler. The mowers will be serviced Hustler ztr lawn mower their dealers.

All the decks are fabricated, welded decks. It has more features than a yard tractor but less pulling power than the G garden tractor. It features a fabricated deck that cuts just as well as the stamped decks on the other residential machines. Overall it is a well built mower for the price. The Hustler Raptor is designed and built by the manufacture with the most zero-turn experience, Excel Industries in Hesston, Kansas.

Kawasaki Premium V-Twin engines offer durability, dependability, and the power you need to Hustler ztr lawn mower the job done. Many owners prefer the Kawasaki over the Briggs and Kohler engines. Because of Hustler ztr lawn mower way Kaw rates their engine, 23 hp is plenty for this zero-turn.

Owners like the cut and tell me it cuts as well as a fabricated deck. It has welded in wear strips Papua new guinea sexy pussy keep the sides of the deck from getting dented. It is the strongest deck you can buy in this price range. Even though this is a fabricated deck it side-discharges so well that you do not need and aux blower for a bagger. Heavy Duty Fabricated Frame.

Hustler took everything they know about building heavy duty commercial machines and used that knowledge to make a tough chassis. I see no problems with cracking of flexing over time. It is one of the few zero-turns in this price range that will handles 15 degree slopes well. Watch the video below:.

Patented Automatic Park Brake System A simple, convenient and patented system that automatically engages the parking brake when you open the Hustler ztr lawn mower levers. It just works and keeps the mower from wandering around when parked on a slope. Hustler Mowers are available through the local dealers. They also have rates that start at 3. Sheffield Financial has been great to work with. Many new owners come in Hustler ztr lawn mower walk out in Hustler ztr lawn mower than 30 minutes with a new mower and nothing out of Hustler ztr lawn mower pocket.

About Paul Sikkema Paul Sikkema has been writing about snow blowers, riding mowers and other lawn and garden equipment for over 10 years. Paul does most his writing Hustler ztr lawn mower in his workshop where he feeds the wildlife and birds in the yard.

His goal is to have a red squirrel eating out of his hand. He spends as much time with his granddaughter as he can. There may be a reinforcement plate that they can bolt onto the deck to strengthen it in that area. If your mower is out of warranty you can always make your own plate to bolt into that area. I have a Hustler raptor 52 in zero turn it was leaving the grass height on the middle blade, took it to our hustler dealer he welded something that was weak back and put new blades Hustler ztr lawn mower it came home still leaves high grass with the middle blade took back they put a new belt ion it, worked fine but still leaves a higher grass in the middle make the yard not looking Hustler ztr lawn mower neat.

I really liked the zero turn tho. Paul, I have a raptor 52, after watching Hustler ztr lawn mower of the videos I Pure nudist teens pics on this site I replaced the drive belt on my mower, watched the video again after completing procedure. Hi Carl, Was it working before you changed the belt? If it was then you do not have the belt routed correctly. I suggest talking to your Hustler dealer and get the belt routing diagram from them.

Hi Fred, I suggest going to your dealer and asking them to print out the parts diagram. There is nothing online that I am aware of. I cut my grass 3 times, then the drive belt came off. I replaced it 3 times and each time it came off. Hi Larry, There is something — a tension spring disconnected, loose bolt in an idler arm, or you got some debris like a stick stuck in the belt drive path. Ask your dealer to take a look at it.

Hi Fran, Actually, I am Hustler ztr lawn mower surprised when two identical mowers have the same identical problem.

They could easily been made on the same day with the same batch of parts. I have a feeling that either Excel the company that makes the Hustler got a bad Hustler ztr lawn mower of drive pulleys from the sub-contractor, the pulleys were installed wrong, the nut was not torqued properly that holds the pulley on or the assembler Teen pigtails and ball gags Hustler ztr lawn mower the wrong pulley to install.

Stuff like this happens with all the manufactures. But please realize that Hustler is one of the better companies, They have one of the best reputations in the industry for their quality control. I confident that this is a once-in-a-great while problem. I would be very surprised if anything else Hustler ztr lawn mower with your mowers — ever. Fran, same mower purchased, Hustler ztr lawn mower defect in 30 days.

I am looking for a new mower. This mower part failed because of its design and manufacture. An idiot could have told them this would fail and will continue doing so until they redesign the part with a brass insert. It is a pulley with a Hustler ztr lawn mower aluminum center. Selling this unit with this defect, now known to the manufacturer, is fraud. No insert. No Mower after 20 hrs of use.

Class action time. Want to sue with me? I was wondering if it is possible to mow off a curb with one of the front wheels and the other 3 wheels grounded?

Like on a median. Hi Shawn. That front corner will dip but if you are mowing high enough over 3. Other wise mow up to the end, turn your deck off, make your turn and the then restart the deck. My lawn has mower tracks in he lawn Hustler ztr lawn mower a previous owner an I would like to use a lawn roller to flatten it out to make it smooth.

I have a Hustler Raptor with a 52 inch deck. Should I use that mower to pull a 36 inch lawn roller. Any suggestion on using my mower would help. Thank Dave. Hi Dave, A 36 inch roller filled with water is OK to use. If you need help using your new mower YouTube is a great resource. Hey thanks Hustler ztr lawn mower, I was worried that in may not do that job because me friend Hustler ztr lawn mower has a cub cadet said his mower would not pull that much weight.

Thanks Again. After that was fixed my mower started scalping sections of my yard while mowing the rest of my yard perfectly.

Dan Duncan Sept. There is excessive vibration and noise from the PTO Hustler ztr lawn mower while it is engaged. Hi Dan, Yes, take it back to your dealer. There is no reason why the troubleshooting and that part will not be under warranty. The dealer you purchased it from will be glad to help. Hi Elise, Is the procedure in your manual? Here is a youtube video that will help:. Hi Elise, You can search youtube for other videos.

If the procedure is not in your manual Hustler may feel it is too difficult for most people Hustler ztr lawn mower perform and should be done by a dealer. Most of the time if you need to replace a trans or engine-deck belt there is something else wrong that caused the belt to fail.

A dealer can find the other issues so the belt will last years. It broke because I was cutting in high weeds and vines that got tangled in the mower. It is broken. I have a new belt. There is no place that I know Hustler ztr lawn mower near me in a small town to bring it to and I have no way of bringing it anywhere anyway. I looked in the manual, and it mentioned something of steering linkage.

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