Best part of it was that boys did it and the only thing my girlfriends and I had to do was watch. I got a sexual charge seeing them red faced, naked and forced into displaying their erection.

Boys usually did it to sissy boys just for the fun shaming them in front of girls. Both times we got away with it because no boy is going to admit getting stripped. I remember this guy flirting with my girl friends that were sitting by our college swimming pool, when some jokers yanked down his swimming shorts.

We had never seen a guy pulling up his shorts and walking away totally humiliated. I personally thought it was the sexiest thing we had ever seen. The cruel thing about Girls pantsing boys naked was that my girl friends later sent him a note saying he looked better naked than clothesed.

My high school girl friends tricked a girl from our class into a wine drinking party. I remember we stripped her in a room, dragged out and left her laid out naked in front of boys groping her and taking pictures of her. As far a we know, they told her she got drunk and did it herself. I guess the shame of having boys looking her naked pictures, is why she Girls pantsing boys naked came back to school.

Are there any girls who treat guys decently. Highly doubt it. Femininity is so toxic they can't even stand each other. When I was in private school there were three teachers who used nudity as part of corporal punishment for just the boys. I remember in sixth grade our woman teacher made a boy stand in front of the class while she actually did strip him fully naked and hold his hands behind his back.

I went to a private school that used nudity as a punishment for the boys. I hate to admit that my girl friends and I use to manipulate boys into forcing other boys clothes off. One way of doing it was by intimidating them into going some place where no one could see. The victim would usually accept out of fear of getting beaten, with no idea he was going be humiliated that way.

It was cruel but very arousing to see boys naked. The best part was Girls pantsing boys naked none of them dared say anything out of shame that every one in school would find out. Now Girls pantsing boys naked I'm no longer a teenager, I kind of regret being a part of it. The exact mindset of a rapist. If you end up raped someday, accept it and move on. You honestly deserve it. He gets all embarrassed about, but he likes it. We were spanked with pants and underpants down in private school up to 12 years old by female teachers.

I went to a boarding school when I was 11 years old that used to spank boys with their pants and underwear pulled down. Embarrassing because it was done in front of all the boys and girl from school. I remember it was ment to shame students into behaving.

Have seen many boys get pantsed. Sometimes only the pants or shorts were yanked down, but other times both pants or shorts and underwear. Some of the girls would lure the boy, then more girls showed up to help and he got pantsed. Used to laugh at the boys when it happened.

The time that sticks out most was when a smaller boy was pantsed. His family was Girls pantsing boys naked and he kept to himself a lot. It was different that time, because he seemed more terrified.

When they finally got his pants down, I saw why he had been so afraid. Instead of underwear, he had on panties! They were old and faded, but at one time were light-blue hi-cut nylon panties. He started crying. A few of the girls laughed. Most were shocked. Girls pantsing boys naked he pulled up his pants, I noticed they were girl's pants too before he pulled Index anime girl pussy gif shirt down over them to hide that.

He ran off still crying. With a single mom and only older sisters, she had him wearing their hand-me-downs. He must have been so ashamed and keeping to himself to keep anyone from finding out he was wearing girl's clothes.

Then some girls were nice to him, but it had only been a trick to get him pantsed. I felt terrible for even being there. Never Girls pantsing boys naked part of that again A few of us talked about getting him some old clothes our brothers had outgrown and get him some new boy's underwear.

We got a few things Met art irina j nude for him, but he ran the first few times we tried to give it to him. We tried being nicer to him, but he seemed even more distant after getting pantsed.

You should be ashamed of yourself for having a part in any pantsing. I was a boy who also had to wear hand-me-downs from my sisters. It was embarrassing. My biggest fears were someone realizing I was wearing girl's clothing or shoes, my pants or shorts would rip or fall down and someone would see that I was wearing panties, or I would be pantsed. I begged my mom for boy's Girls pantsing boys naked, shoes, and underwear, but was told no money for that and I could wear my sister's old clothes, since they were still nice and fit me.

She always seemed to have Girls pantsing boys naked for nice things for herself somehow though. When I was 14 years old, I used to hang out with a guy whose mum used to work long hours and we had the flat for the whole of the day.

Apart from us two, there were two other guys about the same age that one day. Since I had thought about the days when my childhood days were boring and out of boredom and the fun my brother and his friend had humiliating me by stripping me naked and keeping me that way Girls pantsing boys naked a while made me think of doing that to Girls pantsing boys naked of Girls pantsing boys naked others in that situation. This idea backfired.

They held my Arms and one started opening my belt and zipper, while one slipped off my socks. They ripped it from me and left me lying on the floor totally naked with me completely erect.

They Girls pantsing boys naked put my clothes on the backporch. Then they Girls pantsing boys naked me outside completely naked. After a while, I reentered and tried to get dressed, but they just Girls pantsing boys naked the procedure locking me outside.

My embarrassment came in a public swimming pool in a water park. I was 16 when it happed. I was with some girls and boys from my school when the girls, that were sitting by the pool called me over. I was standing in front of them when one of my friends sneaked behind me and yanked my swim suite down.

Almost died watching those girls saw me standing naked and God only knows how many other people in that park. Neved felt so naked and embarrassed in my whole life. I was 15 when some bully boys tricked me into going with them behind tbe back wall of the eschool's grounds. It was the hardest and embarrassing thing I had ever was forced to do. Told me if I said anything about it they rape in the ass with stick.

In that year I was sexually molested five times and never dared to tell anyone about it. Yes being stripped naked in front of girls is hard to takethan smoothing up Girls pantsing boys naked ass was bad enough.

I would much, much rather have had my pubes in front of them. Naked, tied, shaved, and seen in front of girls? Exactly what person are going to tell, a female teacher? Who said they would rape you with a stick? The Girls pantsing boys naked or the girls? And did they Girls pantsing boys naked do that? When I was in grade11, I switched Girls pantsing boys naked. The change shower rooms were down a hall off the gym. When changing or showering after gym class several guys would grab me and another new guy and throw is out in the hall naked because the girls would be coming for their Girls pantsing boys naked after ours.

We would usually get an erection when the girls looked and commented. Even though I was embarrassed, it was true I got turned on. My brother doesn't know I'm peeping on him jerking off in the shower.

It became one of my most garded secrets but kept peeping on him because it turns me on. I wasn't the most popular girl in high school so I couldn't figure out why they invited me to their Saturday night party. They told me the parents of a girl from school had lend her the house for the party as long as they kept it in the swimming area. Bring some clothes your swim suite and told how to get there. It was in a Girls pantsing boys naked seccion of my housing development and only about five blocks walking distance.

I remember there were a lot of girls and boys from school and some from another nearby school. Don't know when or how I fell asleep but remember waking up sprawled out on the front lawn totally naked with girls laughing at me and boys looking at my pravate parts.

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