We Gardena " "in gear-dagum. The Spear-Danes in days gone by. One of the first relevant Urban Dictionary [1] definitions was submitted by user Age on April 21st, A variation of the word "what". The word what is purposely misspelt to show dyslexia and stupidity. It can also be used as a lazy form of the word "what. However, this notion has not been verified. Over a dozen entries defining the term "wat" were submitted throughout the decade, leading up to the currently top voted definition of the word, which was was submitted on September 4th, by user watwat.

Encyclopedia Dramatica [3] defines Gemma arterton three and out nude word as a response to the most confusing of statements or attempts at non-sequitur humor, as well as overly lengthy explanations in comments or posts similar to the usage of tl;dr.

On 4chan Fat old lady wat meme, "wat" is most commonly used as a response to image posts containing bizarre or incoherent media [6]but it has been also incorporated into a variety of recurring discussion topics, such as You Wat You Lose threads, Wat Do threads [7] and wat-inducing greentext stories among others. On Reddita rage comic character often referred to as "wat" is used to express a confused Big black booty fuck latest suspicious reaction.

It is often found in the f7u12 [4] subreddit, and is commonly used in discussion threads as a comment face. The term's association with confusion or bewilderment can be also found in other similar expressions like Fat old lady wat meme"what is this I don't even" and "I'm 12 and what is This? The posts gained 59 and upvotes, respectively.

View All Videos. View All Images. So the Wat Grandma has apparently died on December 17th. Can anyone verify this? Because when I search on her death, the only thing that I get are just images saying that she is dead, not any actual statements from the family.

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Magic Man Wat Uploaded by Don. Wat Uploaded by Big Bad Blob. Turkish Flying Guy - Mr. Wat Uploaded by Abodos. Donkey Sex: Fat old lady wat meme Most Bizarre Wat Uploaded by da mastur Fat old lady wat meme. Camera falls from airplane an Wat Uploaded by RChamy the Senator.

Wat Uploaded by bobsmith Wat Uploaded by madarts. Wat Uploaded Fat old lady wat meme Baxter Snowtato. Wat Uploaded by Break. Wat Uploaded by Memebot Wat Uploaded by Ihavediabeetus. Wat Uploaded by The Nutman. Wat Uploaded by Luigifan. Wat Uploaded by Don.

Wat Uploaded by Adam. Top Comments Delete. If it is real though, then may she Rest in Peace. Add a Comment. We see that you're using an ad-blocker! Infinite Scroll.

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