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Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Includes a Dating an introvert is hard skien of pairings, Au's, and situations. Where I post all my Tumblr requests and prompts that interest me for Jungkook pairings. Request from Anonymous: Hey, I Love your writing so much, Can you write a JungkookxEveryone where he is ready to lose his virginity to his Boyfriends that are way too excited but causes them to fight with each other over who is going to take him first, and It makes Jungkook sad and nervous so he decides to make a draw and as strange as It is everyone decides to be okay with it, because they don't want to upset kook and want this to be a great experiance for him, and they all get You want to have sex have him at the end, so It's oaky :.

Jungkook lays curled on his bed, arms around his knees as he worries his bottom lip to a flush by rolling it between his teeth. Flipping over he lets his eyes fall to where Namjoon is sitting hunched over in his chair writing and Jungkook thinks that right now in this moment of him going over an idea in his head that he is grateful for the elder being preoccupied with something.

Jungkook is sure that if those deep dark and caring eyes of Namjoon's were on him that all he would manage to get out was a squeak. Clearing his throat quietly, he thinks back onto what he is about ask for and why. It's not that Jungkook is ashamed to be a virgin in practically everything, but he wants to experience something out of his comfort zone not the whole way, yet, no Jungkook doesn't think he is ready for that. All he's ever done with any of the other six men he lives with can only be romantic in context the only somewhat sexual act he has done is kissing.

Namjoon is no longer in his chair, but striding over to him slow and familiar with fond eyes equally soft touch Hot mature fucking vids when he settles beside Jungkook, hands clasped in his lap as the younger shifts to rest on his thigh. Namjoon is quiet as he thinks and Jungkook tries to pay no mind to Dating an introvert is hard skien unease building in his stomach. He knows that Namjoon is not outright rejecting his idea, but Jungkook is beyond lost in what comes after simple affection and maybe the elder is thinking how all of this might go with all the others.

Jungkook shrugs closing his eyes as long fingers play with his hair. It is true that he never had much of an interest in most things above soft and simple affection, Dating an introvert is hard skien he wants to try something new, not because he is bored with it simple things, but Jungkook thinks it will help him be more comfortable and open with men around him; experiencing something new with them.

Letting Namjoon prop him up Jungkook hides in the elder's chest nuzzling where his heart is the thump loud, comforting. Namjoon is curling an arm around Jungkook's waist as he waits for an answer. Will you go with me? Namjoon nods, standing and Jungkook presses to his side hiding behind his back since he is uncertain and wants to do this right.

It takes only a few moments for Namjoon to gather the rest of their roommates and herd them to the living room. Jimin is attached to his side on the couch Namjoon too, with an slung around his shoulders and Jungkook breathes looking at the floor.

Namjoon's hand is skating up and down his spine in a lazy line and Jungkook looks up finding nothing but adoration and gentleness. It helps get rid of the lump in his throat. I want to see what that sort of stuff is like. It's silent and Jungkook is sure that you could hear Dating an introvert is hard skien drop of water fall with how still everyone is and Jungkook turns hiding in the crook of Namjoon's shoulder ears burning from embarrassment. None of them are interested and he feels stupid for Long nails milf porn pics it probably isn't something most ask to try, but Jungkook is different he wants something slow and within his boundaries.

The horrid silence ends with someone Jungkook isn't sure who saying, "How would you want it to go? Who do you want to try something new first with? Jungkook doesn't say anything, just curls closer in Namjoon's side when other voices pipe up asking why one should go first over the other? Some voices boasting they have the most experience so it should be them. Jungkook shuts his eyes whimpering into Namjoon's throat when it turns from playful teasing and questioning to his roommates arguing.

The mix of voices is loud booming almost and Jungkook can feel something wet collect in the corner of Mature hairy pics porn eyes. He doesn't like arguments or fights of any kind, but he just started one. Namjoon is trying to wipe at his face and he can feel Jimin pressed to his back shushing and carding a hand to his hair, but Jungkook wants the arguing to stop wants to hear a civil conversation instead of, Why should you be first?

You wanted nothing to do with Jungkook Dating an introvert is hard skien he first moved in! Those words hurt like thorns prickling at his skin and the next thing Jungkook knows is that he's sobbing curling in on himself. He wants the yelling to stop the arguing everything. Jungkook is starting to regret ever having such an idea he doesn't want to try anything new if it will end with fighting.

Jungkook is not sure who, but there is a shout of, Everyone shut the fuck up! And while the reaction is not immediate hands are gripping his shoulders as a Sexiga rumpor stockholm eskorts tells him to breathe in and out, that everything is fine and then Jungkook realizes that there is Dating an introvert is hard skien more yelling.

Looking up, he finds Seokjin, wonderful, kind soft spoken, Seokjin with kind hands, wiping at his eyes, over his mouth as words whisper over his cheek Dating an introvert is hard skien his ears. We're sorry," The words are slow and another hands joins Seokjin's but they run over his shoulders. Jungkook feels a hiccup form in his throat. So just talk to us, okay and no, don't do that, we won't fight I promise.

Seokjin hyung doesn't break promises so he nods tucking close to the eldest's front while he speaks voice still wet from crying. All of us? There is a fond laugh to his left and Jungkook feels Taehyung bump their heads together as he ruffles Jungkook's hair. Taehyung doesn't even give him a chance to ask why before his cheek is being kissed as the older continues.

He feels a swell of defiance well in his chest because Jungkook does know what he can and can't handle. How would this be any different? I want to include all of you.

It's Seokjin Dating an introvert is hard skien time curling an arm around his waist while his free hand plays with Taehyung's hair. He pouts sniffing, looking at the hardwood floor as he thinks.

Jungkook wanted to do something with all of them so that no one was left out, but none of them agree with him. I wanted to include everyone. No one would fight, then, right? We just want you to enjoy this and be safe.

He hums softly and stays tucked in the large circle of people he adores before breaking away. His movements are met with whines and gripping hands, but Jungkook is set in what he's going to do—make straws. The procedure is short with only him needing to find a cup, marker and different length sticks.

After he has numbered them Dating an introvert is hard skien returned to the living room, he calls each person up one by one. When Dating an introvert is hard skien is done the others talk about what is and is not okay and Jungkook can't lie he appreciates this sit down more than they will know.

Jungkook swallows because if he is being honest, there is a fair list of things he is Dating an introvert is hard skien to do, but not against. Having actual penetrative sex is one of them. There is not much Jungkook really knows about when it comes to sexual intimacy too scared and shy to ever try anything with anyone. I don't think I'm ready for that. It's Hoseok first.

The elder had picked the longest straw and maybe Jungkook is nervous as Hoseok cuddles with him on the bed, hands playing with his belt and teasing at his stomach. Hoseok is gentle and never does anything that Jungkook doesn't like so he has nothing to worry about, but the elder's hands are ghosting over his shorts, nails skimming on the soft part of his upper thigh and it makes Jungkook quiver from Dating an introvert is hard skien nice it feels.

It's different, not unwanted and Jungkook gives a pleased little Teens wanting sex in florence alabama when Hoseok trails from his shoulder up to his neck leaving butterfly kisses. Leaning his head back on Hoseok's shoulder Jungkook closes his eyes, listening Dating an introvert is hard skien the sweet tone of Hoseok's Dating an introvert is hard skien. Hoseok's hands are now at his waistband nails tickling the skin above his shorts and Jungkook feels himself buck at the slight drag of a finger going down.

It's teasing at the inside of his thigh up, then down, then up again before sweeping Amiture xxx upskirt video his crotch not moving even though Jungkook wants to feel Dating an introvert is hard skien wonderful surge of heat up his spine and through his skin. Jungkook whines when Hoseok sucks a blooming little mark on his shoulder nosing it briefly before a hand cups him thumb stroking.

It's so much better skin to skin when compared to being restricted by clothing. Do you want me to stop? Really Jungkook can't think let alone dare to say that this is not okay. The swipe of Hoseok's thumb over his tip has him craning his head back with a whine as Hoseok comments, You're already leaking but I've hardly done anything to you. Dating an introvert is hard skien tries not to hear the pleased lilt to Hoseok's words just as he attempts to block out the words murmured near his ear.

All Jungkook focuses on is the blissful heat welling in his belly with each tug of Hoseok's hand, each swirl of a finger and then Jungkook realizes as he is flushed to Hoseok's front, back arching up to meet each tug, that his shorts are now unbuttoned and Hoseok is pushing back his hair pressing a cool hand to his skin. None of it was unwanted but Jungkook feels spent and tired from the release and Hoseok is doing nothing but making him want to sleep from lazy caress with his clean hand as he kisses Jungkook's forehead.

The bed is so much colder without Hoseok there. The next is Namjoon and while it is the next day Jungkook feels heat tickle under skin as the elder coaxes him Kendra wilkinson nude football into their shared room and then into Namjoon's chair. The leather cradles him, warm and plush sort of like a hug.

They've done this before, but Namjoon is Dating an introvert is hard skien in this chair with Jungkook curled next to his waist head resting on a plush thigh or bony knee as the elder drags fingers through his hair.

But this this is different because while their positions have switched Namjoon is still has all the control. It tickles and Jungkook wiggles when the elder starts nipping a trail through the material. That is new. That is what makes Jungkook nod. He is being asked for permission and with Namjoon, Jungkook can submit without a fight because he knows the other will take care of him.

The grin Namjoon gives him takes his breath away in a gentle sweep with the taller ducking his head down to drag his plush bottom lip over the sliver of skin above Jungkook's waistband. He scrapes his teeth along Jungkook's sides humming when each line shows stark against Jungkook's skin.

Jungkook's hands are hovering around Namjoon's head as the other teases and he wants to grab a handful of dark locks when Namjoon mouths Ass o ass gallerys through his jeans. He doesn't, even when the others tongue runs flat over him to make him whine. It's wet and should be uncomfortable, but the rumble from Namjoon's throat makes his blood simmer as a hand comes up to grab his own.

It is led to the forest of Namjoon's head where he curls tentative fingers as Namjoon's backs away to kiss his belly button. It is so surreal being fascinated with someone—with Namjoon pulling his zipper down with his teeth even as his hands busy themselves with helping Jungkook relax by running the flat of his hands over the younger's sides in soft swipes and curls, and the words coming out of the older's mouth are grunted and muffled, but they make Jungkook's body sing: You're doing well, so we'll baby so just let Hyung Dating an introvert is hard skien care of Dating an introvert is hard skien.

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