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California Cactus Center is one of the largest suppliers of cacti and succulents in Southern California. We are contract growers for the landscaping trade. Whether your need is bedding plants, groundcovers, or industrial displays we provide personalized help and expert advice. Remember Me. Lost your password? Cactus plants of southern california of Plants.

Adenium obesum "Desert Rose". Aeonium arboreum v. Aeonium arboreum variegata "Sunburst ". Aeonium haworthii "Pinwheel ". Aeonium species. Aeonium urbicum. Agave americana. Agave americana variegata "Variegated Century Plant".

Agave attenuata. Agave attenuata in 20g Single head. Agave attenuata variegata "Variegated Fox Tail Agave". Agave bractecosa, 1g. Agave celsii.

Agave desmettiana variegata, 15g. Agave franzosinii. Agave murpheyi. Agave parryi v. Agave shawii. Agave victoriae-reginae "Queen Agave". Agave villamoriana. Aloe africana. Aloe arborescens. Aloe bainesii. Aloe brevifolia. Aloe cilaris "Climbing Aloe".

Aloe elegans. Aloe ferox. Aloe hybrid. Aloe marlothii. Aloe nobilis "Gold Tooth Aloe". Aloe plicatilis " Fan Aloe". Aloe variegata. Cactus plants of southern california saponaria. Aloe species. Aloe striata "Coral Aloe Cactus plants of southern california. Aloe thraskii. Aloe vanbalenii. Aloe variegata "Partridge Breast ". Aloe vera. Anigozanthus "Kangaroo Paws ". Beaucarnea recurvata "Pony Tail Palm ". Calibanus hookeri. Cepalophyllum alstonii "Red Spike ".

Cereus peruvianus "Night Blooming Cereus ". Consolea rubescens. Crassula argentea "Jade Plant ". Crassula cornuta "Ivory Pagoda ". Crassula falcata "Propeller Plant " 5g. Dasylirion longissisima "Grass Palm ". Dracena draco "Dragon Tree ". Echeveria agavoides. Echeveria elegans. Echeveria gibbilflora.

Echeveria hybrid. Echeveria hybrid "After Glow ". Echeveria hybrid Cactus plants of southern california von Nuernberg ". Echeveria imbricata. Echeveria lilacina. Echinocactus grusonii "Golden Barrel ". Euphorbia ingens "Candelabra Tree ". Euphorbia lactea crest "Yellow Crested Elkhorn ".

Euphorbia milli hybrid. Euphorbia milli hybrid "Dwarf Apache". Euphorbia milli x lophogona x splendens "Peachy" juice is poisonous. Euphorbia Thai Hybrid. Euphorbia tirucalli "Pencil Tree" Juice is poisonous. Euphorbia trigona juice is poisonous. Euphorbia trigona v. Euphorbia wulfenii.

Fouquieria splendens "Ocotillo". Graptopetalum paraguayense "Ghost Plant ". Gymnocalycium mihanovichii v. Haemanthus albiflora. Kalanchoe beharensis. Kalanchoe blossfeldiana. Kalanchoe orgyalis.

Kalanchoe pumila. Kalanchoe thyrsiflora. Kalanchoe tomentosa "Panda Plant". Lemaireocereus marginatus "Organ Pipe ". Lophocereus schottii monstrosus "Totem Pole ".

Mammillaria elegans. Mammillaria elongata "Golden Star ". Mammillaria elongata monstrosus "Brain Cactus".

Mammillaria zeilmanniana. Myrtillocactus geometrizans crest "Crested Blue Cereus ". Neobuxbaumia polylophus "Green Solitary ". Notocactus magnificus. Notocactus sucineus v. Opuntia basilaris. Opuntia elata. Opuntia littoralis. Opuntia robusta "Silver Dollar ".

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