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This is my first Teen Titans story, not my first story on here but first one in like a few years so I'm going to be pretty rusty most likely so go along with me and I hope you enjoy. Rated M. It was late, about in the morning as Beast Boy awoke and sat up in bed. First thing he did it just Beast boy fucks raven naturally, not out of animal instinct but just of himself was check to see if the sleeping woman beside him was all right. His girlfriend Raven, was still sleeping peacefully.

A smile spread across his face Beast boy fucks raven seeing this, and then he started to get up when he felt a weak grabbing hold onto him. This made Beast Boy smile wide again, he knelt down and kissed her forehead and whispered in her ear.

She has always done this every so often in her sleep, she also became crimson red when it was brought up but not ashamed. Beast Boy loved all the cute things she did in her sleep, she was so beautiful to him when she slept. He then remembered why he woke up in the first place and continued to the bathroom to do his business.

After finishing up he went back to bed and curled up beside Raven and wrapped an arm around his girlfriend. She made mumbled sounds and turned over in her sleep so her head was resting into his muscular chest; god how he loved her scent and the feel of her hair in his face. Before slept overtook him he remembered a year and half ago before they got together and how Sexy girls naked with big tits had and all that happened.

He smiled and chuckled very lightly so not to wake his sleeping beauty. It was a normal day and Jump City was very calm, except for the street punks and small time crooks that the police were very able to handle and keep under control. Oh no way they are just giving shape-shifters a bad name dudes, and that just def is not cool at all. The Titans laughed at Beat Boy's rantings and enjoyed the rest of the episode, it was 11 p.

All during the show Raven would sneak looks at Beast Boy when he wasn't looking, and Beast Boy would do the same to her. Like I have always wondered what those giant books of your were about anyway? Beast Boy caught sight of this and a huge smile crossed his face, he thought he'd finally be able to get a chance to get Raven to open up and let her get to know him and him her.

No bunch of people around or anything just one on one conversation, what she liked best and what he did best. I wish you could see what my picture looks like, but a gorgeous guy like you would never want someone plain like me. Raven thought to herself. I wish I could see the beautiful picture of you Raven, but I know you would never show someone let alone me your wonderful body.

Beast boy thought at the same time. The two Titans continued talking about this and that and just about anything that popped into there heads but the cool part was how comfortable both of them were talking and being with each other. Normally, especially Raven, felt kinda awkward talking so freely with anyone. But with each other it just felt so safe and right. Raven then looked up and realized the time, it was "Oh wow I didn't even realize, we should probably get some sleep now Beast boy.

Well, ya Beast boy fucks raven what I can take a hint miss Raven. She did not however and only laughed herself at Beast Boys humorous act.

They walked down the hall until they got to Ravens room, and turned around and faced each other and stood in silence for a moment. This was actually one of the best nights I've eve had in a very long time. Raven looked at Beast Boy, she became lost in his bright emerald eyes, they were so beautiful to her.

Then Beast Boy moved in closer till the heat of his breath was on her and she could not only hear his heart pounding so fast it rivaled her out of control heart beating, but she thought she could hear what his Beast boy fucks raven and heart were telling him, and even what her own head and heart wanted too. Beast Boy angled his head and Raven Japanese housewife having sex her own and moved toward the other and they closed their eyes and kissed for the first time.

Not a sloppy one but with all the passion and love they both have been holding in for so long. They broke away from each other and just stared at the other and a soft smile was on each of their faces and the went into the others arms into a embrace and just stood holding each other in this light for just a second.

Up until raven said "Come in Beast boy I think you and I have alot to talk about. A blush went onto Ravens face but she nodded in happy agreement. The two entered room holding the others hand. Raven led Beast boy to her bed and they sat at the edge beside each other. I love you Raven. But Beast Boy was unable to finish because Raven moved in and put her lips on his again in a passionate kiss. I am just so happy to hear you say that you love me because I love you too Beast Boy.

I have for so long now but I thought you could never care, let alone love You are the most beautiful, wonderful and caring person I have ever known. A monster is Beast boy fucks raven Hindu demon thing we saw on supernatural, a monster is a murderer, a monster is Slade, a monster is someone who doesn't care about who they hurt or enjoys killing and destroying. Raven you are so far from being a monster that, your more of an angel.

Raven almost laughed at the last comment. Beast Boy Beast boy fucks raven a half demon, as far from an angel as you can get. You are so wonderful, and the real demon, Trigun, just has been trying to convince you that you are just like him all your life but he is wrong Raven, he lied Beast boy fucks raven he knows your good and pure and more powerful than Beast boy fucks raven could ever dream of being.

Raven smiled and chuckled slightly at the comment, she looked at him and fell in love with him all over again. The two leaned in together and kissed again but this time they did not break, they kept on kissing and both at the same time opened their mouths and their tongues met and Rough big tit sex pics dueling for dominance. Raven wrapped her arms around Beast Boys neck and started running her fingers through his green hair, while Beast Boy wrapped his arms around her slim Beast boy fucks raven and then starting running his hands all over her back, feeling her body's from and every curve.

They laid back with Beast Boy on top of the beautiful young woman, mouths and lips still pressed and tongues battling for control.

Both of them then started kicking of their boots and rubbing Beast boy fucks raven bodies against each other in their heated passion. Just then they pulled away from the other as they realized just where this was leading, they looked at Beast boy fucks raven other with the same question in their eyes.

I promise we can go as slow as you want. I don't want you to feel obligated to do anything you don't want to, that is, I never want to put you in a position that you don't want to be in. Beast Boy looked at the purpled haired beauty with love. Raven looked up at Beast Boy with all her love, but also all of her lust!

And it showed when she Daddy fucked by step him into a hot heated french kiss telling him that she wanted him and for him to make her his, and for her to make him hers.

As Beast boy fucks raven kissed him passionately she started to feel something hard and big poke her Beast boy fucks raven his pants, and this made her even wetter than she already was knowing she was making him hard this quickly, and without showing any skin As Beast boy fucks raven by him reading her mind he started to unbuckle Beast boy fucks raven hood and threw it down on the floor beside the bed.

She countered with removing his top half of his uniform and gloves. She pulled away from the kiss so she could get a good view of him and she practically started drooling Beast boy fucks raven his muscular framed chest and abs, along with his big but not overly big muscled arms.

Raven ran her arms all over him as if trying to memorize every detail and every inch of him. Beast Boy moaned slightly as he felt her soft smooth hands feel all over his skin. Raven was completely soaking her panties by this point and Beast Boy could smell it as easily as Raven could see Beast Boys erection. He moved his hands behind her and started unzipping her leotard and she stepped out of it and it was thrown down beside the rest of their clothing.

Raven now being in only her panties and bra, and wanted Beast Boy to be as undressed as her so she teasingly and seductively moved down and removed his pants so all that remained was his boxers with his hard on obviously trying to be freed. Raven then pulled down his boxers revealing his 9" cock, and not only was it long but thick, Raven shakily started to reach out for it and if she was not drooling over his muscular torso and arms, she was definitely drooling over his cock.

She now reached out and had a hold of it which made Beast Boy moan in pleasure. His shaft pouring out pre-cum ready for anything Beast boy fucks raven wanted to do to it. Raven gave beast boy an evil smile and started jerking his cock in her hand at first slow then faster and faster.

All this while making Beast Boy moan Beast boy fucks raven crazy. Raven moaned at the feeling of him in her hand, of her control and of the trust he gave her allowing Beast boy fucks raven to have a grip on such a weak point of his. I hope you do, but I especially hope you like this. Raven just moaned at the feeling of Beast boy in her mouth, he tasted wonderful. She started a bobbing motion on him and as she kept going she was able to get more and more of him down her throat until she was able to put all of him in her mouth in an amazing deep throat job.

She sucked hard and only sucked harder, and licked all over as if it were a ice cream cone. This of course driving Beast Boy insane. Raven felt the hot salty substance hit the back of her throat and fill her mouth to the brim, but she was very careful not to spill a single drop of his cum.

She swallowed every last drop of it and smiled, she could hardly believe it but she loved it, she loved the taste of his cum. She smiled again evilly at Beast Boy and moaned as she stood up to hug him and give him kisses. He then took Raven in his arms and started kissing all over her body making her moan in his arms. He then reached around and undid her bra and his eyes drank in the sight of her breasts.

They were to him, simply perfect. He reached for them and Beast boy fucks raven playing with them and squeezing them softly, he used his thumb to play with her now erect nipples. All while making Raven moan deeply all the while Syren de mer porn star his name. He then attacked her right breast and put it in his mouth and started using his tongue to play with her tit and sucking hard on her breast and using his left hand to Beast boy fucks raven playing with her left breast.

Then he switched and gave her left breast the same treatment after several minutes of teasing and sucking. Then Beast Boy felt it was time for his main treat, he pulled down Ravens purple, completely soaked panties at this point, and put his head down by her pussy. He stared in awe at her womanhood, it was only slightly hairy, not a bush but not shaven, and for Beast Boy that was perfect.

Raven still moaning now a little nervous about what was about to happen because she feared that he would not like her taste. Beast Boy however was soaking in her scent and knew he would love this. He started by running his hand down her pussy feeling the lips and her inner thigh flesh, this made Raven moan in a whisper at the feeling of his hand down there touching her.

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